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  1. So, I recall a demo video (possibly Sweetwater?) where the guy flips between apps, streaming a metronome.


    I cannot get my Firehawk to do this? As soon as I close the app to go another, the second app won't play out of the firehawk (I'm very definitely meaning Spotify, as I am a premium subscriber and it's my main music app), and when I go back to the firehawk app, it pauses to reload all the presets again (which is a different annoying bug - surely a TOC it could check instantly for changes would be much quicker?).


    I digress - has anyone had luck streaming music that wasn't directly on their device?

  2. I have the updater installed on my work machine (I use it for updating my work devices (I'm a Technician for a Music College), though never thought to do the driver but thanks to your post I've the updater and the driver installed on my work computer now so I can bump the firmware before I leave today! ;D

  3. Andertons put a message out on Twitter saying firehawks are currently being processed and will be in the mail Wednesday morning

    Yeah that was me they were talking to, I've been pestering them a bit on Twitter :)


    They're all good to go with the courier on Wednesday at noon, UK mainland should receive Thursday, others (ie me in NI) on Friday :)

  4. ....and, they are showing stock of 10+ on their site now, and I have just received an email confirming this :rolleyes:


    Someone needs to give their head a shake at that store :D


    It's looking good for you Kevell99.


    Just noticed that! No email yet, fingers crossed...

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