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  1. I seem to have accidentally deleted 'Preset user 2' folder. I don't quite know how, but there is now no user 2 folder...


    Any thoughts please? Can I re-create a user 2 folder, or do I have to factory reset the whole unit? 

  2. Excuse me posting a question on an old thread.


    I have owned a Helix for just over a week, and am wondering, what's the formula, using a Helix cab, OR a third party IR, OR both at the same time?

    Is it supposed to be one or the other, but not both?

  3. I'm a new Helix user. Does anyone know why you can only insert a red squeeze compressor in certain places in the chain? 

    Sometimes when I try & select it, it is dim and is unavailable to select. I'm sure there's a simple answer... lol

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