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  1. The 12 string models are underwhelming and rather artificial, as you've my experience, there's little you can do to improve them. They are what they are.


    The 6 string acoustic models however, can be made to sound quite good, provided that you're listening through some kind of FRFR output... (good) headphones, studio monitors, PA speaker(s), etc. If you're playing through a "real" guitar amp/cab, you can abandon all hope of ever getting convincing acoustic tones. The frequency response just isn't there. You can twiddle EQ knobs until the end of time, and it ain't gonna happen.

    Does this include just using the power tubes in the 4cm with the helix?

  2. Finally returned from holiday.


    Thx for the input. 


    Indeed the cold from shipping messed it up alot.  After letting it warm, it was considerable better.  


    However it's still difficult to even get in tune.  I've changed strings before and always pulled them like crazy and they would stay in tune.  Here not so much. (and the Helix tuner bouncing around hasn't been helpful).   The effect from tuning one string to the others is quite significant.  I've never had to take 10 minutes to tune a guitar.  


    Is this always going to be the case? Will it "hold" the tuning until I change strings?

  3. Just got a new cherry 89F and having a hard time getting it to stay in tune.  So it's hard to even see if the alt-tunings or even the models sound good.


    IT takes time, but I can get the strings in tune, but after a little playing or any real string bends, it goes far out of tune. By a lot.  I was tuning using the Helix via the VDI cable, but that was too wobbly.  Switched to a normal 1/4" tuner and it was more stable.  


    Is there something I can do to keep it in tune?  

  4. I've noticed with mine that if I leave my rig for a little while (like long enough for the Mac to "sleep"), when I come back the Editor says No Helix connected so I'm wondering if it's something to do with the computer going to sleep...not sure if I've ever had it happen while I'm using it...don't think I have as I very often do my switching via the app when I'm at my recording desk rather than using the actual Helix.


    Yeah that happens too.  I typically reboot the helix and replug in the USB.  


    So no real solution to the app being usuable while also going into the DAW?

  5. When the Helix is phsyically connected to my Mac, sometimes it doesn't see it.  So I reboot the helix and close the helix app and can usually regain connection to the app.  


    I"ll then swap over to my DAW Reaper to record and the helix app loses connection.  Meaning I can't tweak the settings on the helix thorugh the app, only the physical helix. 


    Has this happened to anyone else?  Is there a way to keep both connections (helix and DAW)?


     It's not the biggest deal, but would like to be able to quickly select stuff using a mouse, rather than reach down and tweak.


  6. You know this thread got me thinking.   I have some issues (technical, as I know how to do it) trying to automate from within my DAW FL Studio, and things onboard the Helix itself.  Although with a little bit more mature drivers from Line 6 (which I am sure are coming at some point) and the new FL studio 12.3 midi, and loop recording stability improvements/upgrades this may be fixed for me in the near future.  


    However in the mean time... Which is what this thread gave me an idea for.  There is a song on a Devin Townsend Ziltoid album called the Planet Smasher. In this song it sounds like to me he has the gain of his amp automated to slightly go up and go down.  


    I would like to replicate a similar effect for some of my own music. Since I can't automate reliably right now over usb. I could perhaps program the expression pedal to control the amp gain setting with my personal set min/max parameters, and just control it manually in real time, even while ReAmping. 



    Sorry this doesn't help much, but I did want to say thanks for the idea Pearlfunkinjam.


    lol You're welcome. 

  7. My Current Rig - I Finally had to bite the bullet on the Helix.  Had the M9 and the POD HD500. 





    Loving the sound out of the Helix.  I don't use it for Amps - but the effects are slick and the dynamic range of the unit is RIDICULOUS.  Loving it.  I'm having some issues with noise, and other things but that's all part of the learning a new unit.




    Just got my helix setup last nite.  I'm also running it through a Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii (looks like you have the iii) and Marshall 4x12.  


    Funny, I also have that same Les Paul. ;)


    Using just the effects loop now to try out sounds and many of the presets sound great going through it.  Some sound better taking out the cab(s).  Will experiment more and setup the 4cm.

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