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  1. Wow, that is something I never would have thought to check on the SD Card. I ejected the SD Card and instantly it popped up. Thanks everyone for the responses! As always, L6 is the best community of musicians ever!
  2. I've been working to try and figure out why HX Edit isn't opening for me. I've run task manager while starting the program and I see the Microsoft Antivirus service suddenly get memory and CPU usage, so I went in and disabled it, uninstalled several programs I had installed recently, but the program still won't run. I've tried running it as administrator which does pop up the "do you want to allow this program to run" prompt, but the program never opens. I have no issue using Line 6 Updater, and have been able to update the firmware in my pedal using that without issue. Both programs are installed, but HX Edit won't open. I've disabled the AV, added exceptions for the HX Edit Process and whitelisted the folder within AV too all with the same result. This has happened with two previous version of HX Edit, and I can't see what's causing it to be blocked in loading. Any suggestion? Justin
  3. I'm looking for some advice on hooking my HD500 up through MIDI. I've never used MIDI before so the concepts are beyond my current scope. I'm about to purchase a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36, and was going to get the pedal for it, but then when looking through the specs remembered that my POD has MIDI in it. Would I be able to switch back and forth between channels using the foot switches? I want to use the effects in the POD, vs selling it and purchasing a M-13 or something so that I've got the range of other features the POD offers. Has anyone tried this? Curious about the "language" between the H&K and the POD to make sure that they sync up correctly, or does all MIDI do that automatically because MIDI IS the language? Any help would be awesome. Thanks! Justin
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