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  1. I've got some information in a thread I made about installing some P-Rails and Triple Shots that may be of use to you here:


    Here's also the wiring schematic for the JTV89f:uksBgtO.jpg

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks! I think this will at least get me into the ballpark. Did you notice any problems with your digitally modeled pickups after you changed out the magnetic pickups?

  2. It's more about how pick-ups wire into the JTV, and not so much about wiring

    in a particular brand. Too many wiring variables from brand to brand.


    Dan Erlewine may have something on his website or his book on guitar repair.

    There's a chapter on pick-up wiring. It's very well put together. Find the pick-up

    you want and then find the equivalent wiring diagram in Dan's book.


  3. I checked the Line6 Knowledge base but couldn't find anything about the SD pickup that the JTV pickups are similar to in specs.
    I would really like to know that though. The SD Custom Custom has a very unique sound to me. The highs are rolled off a little and the mids are really creamy.

    It looks like the JTV 89 pickups have all the same color leads as the Duncans.  (white, black, red, green, and shield. ) Does anyone know if they correspond exactly with each other?

  4. Check the the Line 6 Knowledge Base.

    I think the pick-up specs were meant to be similar to one of the SD humbuckers,

    I don't recall which one.


    If you go with the SD, be aware that the pick-up height adjustment will be different.

    Magnetic field pull down on the strings, can cause warbling in the signal when in Model

    mode. Even if the pick-ups are not engaged, the magnetic field doesn't go away. So

    pick-up height adjustment is essential to prevent warbling.


    Be aware that functional changes may affect or void any warranties.

    Thanks! I'll see what I can find out on the knowledge base. If I do this, I will also keep in mind the pickup height adjustment.

  5. Every guitar with a bridge hum-bucker that I have has a Duncan Custom Custom in it. It isn't that I don't like the JTV 89F pickups but more that I have all of my patches set to the Duncan Custom Custom. 
    Has anyone else changed out the bridge pickup in the 89F to a Duncan?

    If so, any information, pictures, schematics, directions, etc., on how to do this would be greatly appreciated?


  6. Hey guys,

    I'm completely green to Line 6 and for the most part the digital modeling world.  I have been playing through a Mark V:25 / 1x12 Boogie Thiele cab for the past 2 years but wanted a "one stop shop" for gigging in regards to hauling gear and setting everything up.


    I received my Helix this past Tuesday and ran direclty into my Presonus Eris 4.5 studio monitors and the sound was mediocre at best.  I sampled many of the presets, downloaded many patches, and found that most of the distorted and OD tones were very harsh.  

    I then tried running through the front of my Mark V:25, and the sound quality improved, but still nowhere near what I expected, nor what I have heard through watching numerous demos online.  


    Today I borrowed a friends EHX 44 Magnum and ran from the Helix > EXH 44 Mag> Boogie Thiele cab > Great Success !!! (for the most part). The cleans are absolutely brilliant.  I went back through many clean presets and made a few patches of my own and couldn't believe how responsive and "real" the tones feel.  The only issue I still face is experiencing slight harshness to the overdriven amps and pedals, such as the OCD and Minotaur. 


    Does anyone have any suggestions to bring out more warmth to the aforementioned tones ? (beyond adjusting basic eq.. bass/treble/mid/presence). Sorry to be long winded, but this piece of gear is unbelievable in terms of editing and possibilities; just looking to get the best out of it can.


    I should mention my main guitar is a Dean Zelinsky private reserve Strettavita.. SH-4 JB / SH-1 Neck...


    Thanks !!

    I have owned a bunch of digital gear over the years. At first they were all grainy sounding and had to be "warmed up" with other things like tube preamp, tube power amps, different speaker configurations etc. The newer stuff like the Helix is at another level as far as processing power is concerned. If you apply the way technology progresses in most case you will see that at first new technology is very expensive, bulky, and doesn't work very well. Think about fax machines, cell phones, TV sets, cameras. They all went down this same road. As the technology progresses, it gets smaller, less expensive, and works perfectly. The first digital cameras were very pixilated. Now they are very clear and the pictures are beautiful. This is the same with digital processors. At first they sounded "pixilated" because the processors were not able to manage the huge amount of information to fill in the sound gaps. Those needed to be "warmed up." 

    The hardest thing for me to get in my mind has been that the present state of guitar processors like Helix do not need compensation in order to sound right. Now here is the real problem in my opinion. FRFR is a label applied to a group of speakers and amp combinations that may or may not be full range flat response. I have found that there is a great disparity in the word "flat" in this context as there is using the world "full." This is why headphones all sound different. Almost all speakers and headphones "color" the sound. When you download a patch or start your own with an amp model, someone had to load that in and tweak it with their version of an FRFR. When you put it in your machine through your FRFR and it sounds harsh, it could be that your FRFR isn't as FRFR as the the first guy's or visa versa. This will require you testing and retesting until you find a sweet spot in your own FRFR world. The good news is that once I found it, I realized that the high end digital guitar processors of today like Helix actually do work the way that they are supposed to work without a lot of ancillary gear.

  7. First off, I'm not official Line 6 support, so I'm afraid I can't tell you anything other than to go through the official support channels. Either open a ticket here: or give them a call at 818-575-3600.


    Thanks for the quick reply! I just didn't know how to proceed correctly. I will open up a support ticket and get started. 

    BTW, I agree with your previous post in that no product is free from a certain % failure and what matters most is what they do to make it right.

    I'm sure they will do their best.

    Thanks again.

  8. I don't think you can actually ascertain anything as to what the total number of units with problems are. I suspect that compared to the total number out there, it's low. Of course, if you happen to have an issue, that doesn't matter to you, really. What matters is how Line 6 responds. I've seen nothing to suggest that they aren't taking every issue seriously. If you're asking for a company to produce a line where there are no problems, well, that's a unicorn. It doesn't happen. Any electronic item produced is going to have some number of failures.


    I was at a well-known theatrical lighting manufacturer's factory, and the owner of the factory put a sign up with a quote from the company who did the roof of their building. It said, "I guarantee your roof will fail, but when it does, I'll fix it." That is how this particular manufacturer views their product and reputation. They can't guarantee their product won't fail, but they'll do anything within their power to make it right.

    Hi phil_m,

    I thought as one of the experts here maybe you could help me figure out what to do next. I copied the above post for you to look at but I haven't heard anything from Line 6 on it yet. I would like to get it to the correct person but just not sure how to do that. Thanks

    Here is the update on this issue:

    Unit was seen and reportedly repaired at Sweetwater within just a couple of days.  :)  They told me that it was a factory defect having to do with the cable that goes to the screen. I asked if there was a way to get reimbursed for the $71.40 for my shipping costs due to the extremely short time before the unit display failed and I was told that I would have to take that up with Line 6. So if anyone from Line 6 is reading this, would you please tell me what the proper procedure is for making that kind of a request? 


  9. Here is the update on this issue:

    Unit was seen and reportedly repaired at Sweetwater within just a couple of days. :)  They told me that it was a factory defect having to do with the cable that goes to the screen. I asked if there was a way to get reimbursed for the $71.40 for my shipping costs due to the extremely short time before the unit display failed and I was told that I would have to take that up with Line 6. So if anyone from Line 6 is reading this, would you please tell me what the proper procedure is for making that kind of a request? 


  10. Surely they are going to reimburse you for the shipping costs!?

    I sent an email to my Sweetwater rep to ask him if he could do anything about that but I haven't heard back yet. The tech guy there said that the policy was to pay only for the return shipping. So that is all I know at this point. 

  11. Thanks for the input from everyone. Sweetwater agreed that it was a hardware issue. Sent it back today fully insured via UPS for $71.40. Not happy about that after only having it since October this year.  But the unit is pretty much non usable without a screen so I didn't have a choice at this point.

  12. Man I'm sorry to see that, I've never seen anyone with that problem yet. Pretty major.  Sweetwater is ligit though. I got mine from them. Pre-ordered in August. Either they fix or replace it your covered. Not to worry.

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for the reply! I am trying a reset right now after reading a bunch of posts. Hope it works.


    By the way, I bought your custom patches online a while back and they are great! I think my favorite one is the Mik Marz patch!

  13. I am having trouble with my screen display. Started out as strange colors during start up. Progressed to lines on the screen followed by strange colors, and now it has morphed into a totally blank screen for about 2 minutes followed by intermittent lines and then strange color patterns. All this clears up after about 10 minutes and it works fine after that until the next shut down. The tone is never I called Sweetwater today and they sent me a return authorization number to send it in for repair but before I do that I just wanted to know if anyone has had this problem and may have found a simple fix for it?



    **Click on the picture to enlarge.

  14. ben adrian has a couple on there...chad boston as well...they're not so much string as pad sounds - join helix user group on facebook if you haven't...lotsa ideas & links there

    Thanks! I'll check them out.

  15. Anyone come up with a good synth patch for Helix that sounds like strings? Looking for something to run along with other conventional guitar tones to thicken up the sound with a background string pad.

    Looked in the tone sharing area but haven't seen anything yet.

  16. I have other processors already set up from 1-128. I want the Helix to control the rig the way it is.

    Been using  Art X-15 controller for years with banks of 10 numbered 1 thru 10. Also have Kempers that I want to run with the Helix and all of the patches were configured using 1 thru 10. The Kemper has an option to run either 0-127 or 1-128 in order to be compatible with

    different midi controllers. Just thought Helix should have that option as well to allow easier integration with different systems when used as a

    master controller.

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