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  1. Had issues with 2.80:

    Firmware update fail- had to scroll the forums for the footswitch 6&12 power on update mode. Managed to get working. Then:

    Rebuilding Presets EVERY with power up.

    Effects drop out (noticed modulation and reverb so far). - You have to jump back into patch to get working again. Niether ideal, especially for gigs.

    Just updated to 2.81 and the Rebuilding Presets issue persists as well as a glitchy 70/71% reading on the EXP2.

    Yet to see if the effects drop out is still an issue.

    Can we revert to 2.7 easily enough?? the new drive pedal is ace but no new effect is worth having key effects drop out or waiting for it to scan 400 presets mid gig  if there's a brief power outage onstage etc.

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