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    Ernie Ball

    When setting up the volume block I change the default sweep setting. I find you can be more accurate with the volume level.
  2. jaamoe

    Ernie Ball

    I would agree.
  3. jaamoe

    Ernie Ball

    Has anyone had the jr pedal not work immediately? I use it as an expression pedal. I have the 250k. I have to move it a bit before it starts working.
  4. My issue was purely my own fault. I did the update without fallowing the written instructions. I had the same issue with my variax with their last update. I just downloaded the update and ran it. When I got the error on the helix I had to install the update a few times before it worked. I restarted it multiple times and put it in recovery mode (I think that's what it's called) multiple times before it finally worked. Again for me I knew it was my fault for not fallowing the update instructions. Maybe the update has an issue and maybe it doesn't I don't really know. Ii know your upset and believe me I would be as well. 'd suggest sleeping on it then try again in the morning.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. Safe mode saved my butt. My helix gave the boot error message and the only way to save it was to put it into safe boot and then run the 2-12 update. Thanks again.
  6. jaamoe


    What is the pickup switch and knob setting you are using when you say direct?
  7. jaamoe


    I just got a T5z and I haven't gotten a good acoustic sound from the helix. The hd500x had a great acoustic amp in it. I have a crate ca60 from the 90's that just sings with the Taylor expression system. I'll give your settings a try and share my thoughts.
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