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    Helix + Outdoor Gig = Questions

    Visit Toys R Us and fine a kids umbrella. They have'em in everything from Hello Kitty to Vampire and Skull themes. Gaff't to an old gooseneck mic-stand base. Looks cool, makes a statement, fun.. I don't generally play outdoors, but I might get one anyway..
  2. On paper (spec sheet) these look pretty nice.
  3. So this happened on two completely different laptops. After clearing all the Helix apps off the PC's (due to the problem I'm about to explain) I install Helix which installs the drivers, helix app and updater 1.04. I run the updater. It immediately states it needs to be updated to ver. 1.07. Here where it gets wierd. If I update it to 1.07... it no longer can be loaded. In Task manager is shows up, but using 0% CPU and 10.9 MB RAM and it just stays that way. It never opens. Reboots, reinstalls... same result, two computers. If I ignore the updater update, and just use the Updater version 1.04 that downloads/installs with the installer... It opens just fine, sees the helix unit and allows me to update to whatever firmware I select. Bottom line. the "Updater ver. 1.07" does not work on at least two windows 10 installs. One is a brand new (couple of months) ASUS Laptop and the other is an older Samsung Netbook N150 Plus I had been using cause it's small and convenient just to backup patches and do updates. And to be clear... if I unistall all Helix stuff, and reinstall the version 1.03 Helix APP which installs the Updater ver. 1.04, all is fine I just need to ignor the "Updater needs to be updated to ver 1.07" or else it doesn't work. Miles
  4. mileskb

    any thing in helix you think sucks?

    I think we're zooming in on this issue. If the technology was built into the Helix to accommodate microphone axis... I highly doubt it would be just a $1500 unit any longer and as many people, I dare say most, are rather happy with what's built in, they may have been going for what they can in a price-point. In other words, while you and I (yes I was surprised to not see the axis control until I realized what it would entail),... I'm guessing the average joe wouldn't want to pay $1,800-$2,000 for that feature. There is also another layer in that I know pro artists that have their IR's, that's what they use. So maybe it's a go-big or stay home kinda thing and maybe that factored in as well. But at the core... yes, it would be a great, feature, but I don't think enough people would be willing to pay for it.....
  5. Yes FRFR. Blending Mag pickups with the model might do the trick. I hadn't really thought about that. It's frankly a personal "challenge"... I know I can do it with the mag pickups and the helix with an IR.... but it would be nice to get there from the Variax. I'm gonna go try :)
  6. So I've been pretty impressed with my JTV-89F with everything except the Acoustic guitars. I've been trying to re-create the sound of my Adamas, but all of the acoustic sounds already in the Variax sound dead to me. No boom on the bottom, no sparkle on top. I guess they sound like the guitars they are modeling, which is fine if you are into that. I have come close using pickup configurations on a couple of the Jazz style guitars. Where I run into the issue is I can't seem to set the volumes for the strings separately on the different pickups. As example... I want to use the neck pickup primarily for the lower tone strings, and the neck pickup for the higher tone strings. I found two pickups that work great, but I can't see to set the string volumes for each pickup, that seems to be a global setting. Any thoughts ? I could just use a preset on the Helix with one of the single coils, but it seems the Variax "should" be able to reproduce the sound I'm looking for.
  7. mileskb

    any thing in helix you think sucks?

    One word... Ownhammer (as an example really, there are many others) I like that Line 6 made a bunch of CABS and that they have mic models that are flexible. But I also like that they had the foresight to see that there are companies out there that are dedicated to creating IR's in every shape and form, including custom. The term "plays well with others" seems to apply to the Helix on a variety of levels from the interface and routing to being able to use IR's from 3rd parties...... but at the same time... what's on board works kinda nice too.
  8. mileskb

    any thing in helix you think sucks?

    Well the question was if there was anything that "I" think sucks, and truly... I don't think ANY of it sucks.. I just wish they spent a little more time on certain things and maybe provided a couple of features that I would like. It is after all... all about me :) (that's actually an inside joke).
  9. mileskb

    any thing in helix you think sucks?

    I haven't read most of the comments... but there are only a few things I find lacking in the Helix.. 1. Two Expression pedals built in. For other similar units it might not be as important, but with the flexibility of an expression pedal being able to control so many individual parameters, it seems like a pretty obvious choice to me, especially with the use of snapshots. I see many MANY pictures of the Helix and seems on cursory glance, more than 50% of people use a 2nd expression pedal. 2. Lack of standard USB for import/export/backup. This too, seems a bit like a no-brainer. You really do not need a computer attached to use the Helix. I'd almost go so far as saying it would be nice to just plug a keyboard into the helix for typing names and scrolling and such. But with all the power built in, and the amazing UI, seems odd you have to hook it up to a computer to get updates, and manage presets and IR's. 3. Speaking of IR's... IR Management. Just seems like the good folks at Line 6 didn't realize what an important roll IR's would play, especially with Snapshots where you could load 4 IR's for EACH snapshot on ONE preset. (I think... I know it's a lot... Scott has one Preset that has like 12 IR's in it, two three or four per snapshot.)
  10. So this came up. I was modifying a patch that actually came from the Fremen pack. Really liking the Engl tones... I wanted to get rid of the Volume control on the pedal, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what else the pedal was controlling. I removed the Volume block but the pedal was still adjusting something. I ended up doing a "clear all controllers" and that worked in this case, but is there any way to reverse engineer what parameters in what blocks a controller is controlling?
  11. I stand by what I stated for lengths under 30 feet or so. Wire per se doesn't have a "bandwidth" restrictions or bandwidth anything... it has guage and length, and has insulation and separation. And you can abso-freq'ing-lutely (see what I did there) use speaker wire for a radio antennae, even for transmitting, if it's cut to the correct length. I don't know much, but I've been doing network installs since there were networks, and I was installing antenna's (using proper materials) for about 40 years. I'm sure Mr. Lampen didn't have the complete details of the conversation or he would have never said that. Using his logic, the Analog signal from the pickups shouldn't be able to be on Cat5 at all. The "Frequency" standard is a rating and based on insulation and separation of the wire. In simple terms... Cat5 cable is just too noisey to run GB signals over... however.. If you're just using it for a patch cable (less than 2 feet)... and it's a decent cable.. it will likely work just fine. I can point to several data closets that have cat5 patch cables on high bandwidth networks. Granted, they "shouldn't" and there could be packet loss.... in fact there SHOULD be loss... just haven't ever witnessed it. When we do installs, we always use the highest/best quality cable available that the client can afford to ensure they don't have to upgrade their cable at the next jump in network speeds. And this topic feels to much like work... so I'm back to music..
  12. I just had to tell someone. Well, I told my other half, and she just rolled her eyes. Some of you saw this and rolled your eyes, but I know it was for a different reason :) 1. Anything I should check upon arrival (not the usual stuff, but stuff specific to the guitar) 2. VDI Cable. I ordered the Line 6 cable, but I have seen references to other more robust ones. Unfortunately the links are old, so looking for any recent recommendations. 3. Same with a hard case. Looking for a recent recommendation. Thanks in advance.
  13. Cat5. Cat5e and Cat6 are identical except for the insulation and separation of each twisted pair. Actually Cat6 would "technically" be better, but the only way to know or tell the difference is compare them at 100 meter (328 feet) runs. For our purposes... doesn't really matter.
  14. mileskb

    Guitars (or Guitarists) are Weird!

    That pretty much sais it all.
  15. mileskb

    'amp in the room' setting

    It's NOT a hard concept to grasp. There are some things you can do with the Helix that satisfies some folks taste, but that's NOT what it was designed for. It was designed to reproduce the sound of amps as they would sound when recorded with an array of speakers and microphone combinations. The Line6 Firehawk amps are probably more appropriate because they are designed to sound like "amps in a room" cause... well... it's an amp.... and can be used... in a room.. (trying to shed humor here).
  16. mileskb

    'amp in the room' setting

    Preach it brother !!!! Ayyyyyyyyyyymen !!!!!
  17. mileskb

    Who wants more IR slots?

    Yeah, the whole IR management thing has got to get better. I have confidence it will based on other stuff they have done... but please... I hope it's soon. For IR Management I numbered all my IR's and then, because I had gaps, had to take IR's and just rename them to fill the numbers... like 077 Blank, 078 Blank.. so I could just grab the whole IR folder and import. It works, it may even be clever, but it's just plain silly on a unit that can do just about everything else before you even know you want to do whatever it is your thinking of. Additionally... the whole bit of the Presets IR name, not relating to an IR File is pretty pathetic. I use 3 Sigma IR's mostly and I get a lot of Freesets and Presets from TheHelixChannel. I can't just load a preset, I have to then go in and select the IR's, because eventhough I have the IR's already, I don't keep my IR's in the same slots as his...
  18. While I had a minor electronix issue when my JTV-89F arrived, I am glad I did not get the USA version. YMMV If I paid this price for just the guitar, no Variax electronics, it would have been a good deal. Build, fit and finish, this guitar is FLAWLESS. For perspective, I'm comparing in person to 6-string and a 10-String hand made MCS guitars, Ovation GS (think super strat) from the 80's, and other Hamer custom shop, BC Rich etc.. I have owned. I do not banter words like "flawless" around. The highest grade I have ever given a guitar is 9.9, because I can always find something. This guitar gets a 9.9. I haven't found any flaws, but I count other things too such as I can't get the tops of the pickups to be perfectly parallel with the bottoms of the strings, and I think they surround on the bridge pickup should have a steeper angle to match the body. These are things most people don't care about... so while for me it's a 9.9, it's really a 10. The neck plays like buttah... the frets are perfectly rounded/tapered to the neck. The finish is gorgeous. I would expect this kind of fit and finish from a guitar in a much higher price point.... I have actually paid more for other guitars that were NOT as good as this one. Trust me, I'm not being a fanboy. I had a Carvin that was a very similar guitar, USA Made, cost at least twice as much, had nearly everything I like in a guitar, my favorite pickups, frets, neck etc etc.. I never warmed up to it and sold it. This JTV-89F has moved into the #1 spot on day one.
  19. mileskb

    'helix how add sustain without increasing gain'.

    Messing with the amps sag and bias settings can really add a lot of sustain.
  20. Yeah, I just got my first Variax... JTV-89F, and I spent some time yesterday making a guitar.... I wanted to mimic my MCS Bich 10-String. (Think B.C. Rich Bich, but built for me by the master himself, Neal Moser). I found the Les Paul style body with Lester pickups (at least for the bridge) work best and set the alternate tunings just like Bich with B & E in Unison, D & G are Octaves and E & A are singles. After much messing around, and really just going through each pickup selection and moving pickups around and turning them etc... I think I have just about nailed the sound of the 10-String. I used positions 1, 3 and 5 to emulate the three pickup combinations and positions 2 and 4 to emulate a 6-String Bich. But here's where it got fun.... While Kahler actually does make a 10-String Tremolo, I've never seen one in play and as good as they are I can't imagine keeping it in tune as easily a 6 strings that just sound like 10. But then.... Drop tunings and Alternate tunings at the twist of a knob !!!! This is IN-FREAK'N-SANE !!!!! That's all I gots ta'say....
  21. Hi, I was going to do a video, but in the long run I'm glad I didn't cause after a lot of wow, nice, cool, neat.. there was WTF !!!! and Geeez!!! The fit and finish of the guitar itself is great. First impressions (although I have held one before) are things like nice build, nice paint, nice features. I think I may even like the Tremolo as it feels a bit nicer than a standard Floyd Rose and I'm a Kahler guy. It was boxes nicely, the "soft case" is actually pretty nice, not what I expected at all. I like the everything was packed. I'm glad I purchased the Variax cable separately. The little piece of... well nevermind. I'm glad I bought a decent cable. Now for the fun.... not.. So I plugged it in.... Right off the bat, the 5-Way switch is flakey as all get out. I tried spraying some tuner cleaner from the front, and although there was some improvement... I ended up opening up the back. After I got that working, I starting going through the models and noticed the rotary switches were not engaging all the tones either... so with the back off I sprayed tuner cleaner in any switch and worked them well. That "seemed" to clear things up... we'll see. So I got to playing, and noticed it needed a serious setup. No neck relief, bridge too high, etc.. Not sure what the deal is there. Easy enough to fix, but for $1000+ I kinda expect playable out of the box even if not "my" setup. So I installed necessary software and checked out the interface and decided to get the latest firmware update. Ran Monkey and it sees the Variax, asks to update, do I wanna keep patches... (tried both yes and no options) and after a few moments it fails asking to check that I didn't disconnect anything. I thought it might be because I was going through the Helix, but when I just used the USB interface, it recognizes the interface but not the Variax. So that's where that sits. I just like to keep things up to date, and that's not working at the moment. Bottom Line I like the guitar. After waiting many months for the funds to happen, I'm a little disappointed that I have to fuss with it to make it work. Also while the guitar itself feels solid, the Variax controls and 5-way seem... well... cheap. Looking at the parts, they look proprietary, but they sure don't look like they are designed for heavy duty use. It looks like if I have to, I can replace the 5-way, but the other switches don't look like anything I'd be able to upgrade. I'm sure they'll be fine, just expected a little more "precision." If this was a $3000- 4000 guitar, I'd be downright pissed. Well that's all I have for now. I'm excited to have it. Can't wait to create my first custom guitar which will be to imitate my BC Rich Bich 10 string. I wish I didn't have to break out the toolkit on a new guitar to make it playable. If anyone has any thoughts on updating the firmware... I'd appreciate the input.
  22. Lol.. If they are using any 1/2 decent call tracking software (and it seems they are) it's recorded weather they like it or not. :)
  23. Completely off topic... but in my field when I was in the Navy we used to envy our counterparts in the Air Force. In the Navy we'd start as operators, then once good at that become techs, then once almost good at that became analysts, get that just about figured out and become senior analyst, and then supervisors essentially never seeing what you were trained for again. The AirForce... If you came in as an operator... 20 years later... best damn operator there was. Came in as analyst... 20 years later... best damn analyst there ever was... The Airforce folks envied the fact that we got to grow and change, we envied them because they got to excel in their field. By the way... I heard from the Support Ticket I created. Nothing to report really. Basically told me I shouldn't have fixed it myself cause of warranty, but thanks for letting them know about the issue. What I expected.
  24. That's a corollary on The Peter Principal. "In an organizational structure, assessing an employee's potential for a promotion is often based on their performance in the current job. This eventually results in their being promoted to their highest level of competence and potentially then to a role in which they are not competent, referred to as their "level of incompetence". The employee has no chance of further promotion, thus reaching their career's ceiling in an organization."
  25. Said no one ever !!!!! LOL well I guess you just did.. :)