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  1. Great update. Me and a friend were auditioning all the new effects on our respective machines (Helix and HX Effects). Inspiration for days! I had to do the firmware update twice, but the second time it worked and didn't erase my presets. Thanks, Helix team!

  2. Thanks for sharing the information in this thread. I really don't know they haven't created a support article specifically for this issue and possible fix (deleting the Line 6 folder in Roaming) as it took a bit of searching to find this thread.


    Anyway, it worked for me so far. I really like the Helix Native plugin as it's a very inspirational creative tool that I'd recommend trying on every track, not just guitar or bass, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when it stopped working.

  3. I hope some of the users on here will post some videos or audio clips with their Helix once it they get their hands on one. I like the idea of an all-in-one floor unit, but haven't found any that sound good so far (disclaimer: I've never used Axe FX), at least, not as good as a couple of analog pedals and my Deluxe Reverb clone.

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  4. So, if you were wishing for more compressor choices, what would the be? The effect list shows three: a Line 6 original, an LA2A and an MXR Dynacomp. I think an 1176 would be nice, as it's another studio compressor that I've heard works well on guitar. Perhaps some of the newer boutique pedals, such as the Keeley four knob or an orange squeeze type.

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  5. I guess I need to ask more specific questions..


    Is there a compressor(s) and how flexible are they?  I want to assume it would be as flexible as most of the line 6 effects but I haven't heard anyone speak of a compressor specifically.

    Found this PDF:


    Looks this there are three flavours - a Line 6 original, a Dynacomp, and an LA2A. I'm hoping they took as much time as they did with modelling the Univibe.


    I'm also curious to see if there are any controls that aren't on the original units. The LA20, for example, only has 2 pots and one switch.

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