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  1. 1 hour ago, datacommando said:


    My apologies.


    Didn’t realise that this issue was directly addressed to you, I just picked it up and ran with it.


    I hope you don’t mind too much, as we both appear to be in agreement about how to proceed with this.




    No issues, don't care who answers these if it helps the forum user get quick assistance.

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  2. 9 hours ago, CakeEater said:

    Hi @HonestOpinion,


    There seems to be a bug with the Looper placeholder block in Helix Native.

    I understand that the Looper isn't functional in Native, but when I have a patch where the Looper block is in the signal path, the block seems to duplicate the audio output.

    Removing the Looper results in a quieter, clearer sound. Presumably the Looper block should have no effect whatsoever in Native.


    For reproducibility, I have the Looper block as the 2nd last block on path B, followed by a stereo-return bock (used as an aux in on the Helix), but I'm not sure if the placement is a factor.


    It's a minor issue, but it means I have to remove and re-add the Looper when going between the Helix and Native.



    5 hours ago, datacommando said:



    A couple of points.

    1. Helix Native has a “Hardware Compatibility” function inbuilt. This allow Native to strip out any unused hardware functions from a preset. For example: Looper, FX Loop, Send and Return.
    2. I would suggest that you work on a copy of the preset designed to function specifically in HX Native, with all extraneous blocks removed.
    3. Also it may be advisable to upload a copy of the problem preset to let someone else run an eye over it for a possible solution.

    This may not be a “bug” as such, but simply a problem with the signal routing. As you are already aware there are certain functions that will not work in HX Native, which makes them unnecessary. Always work on a copy - therefore you don’t have to keep removing and re-adding the Looper between Native and your Helix. You could differentiate between the 2 versions by adding NL (no looper) to the file name for use in Native.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.


    I concur with datacommando's advice. This is exactly how I would proceed. If after experimenting with a simpler preset with basic, and I would suggest mono routing, and minimal blocks, you still get the same results with the looper hopefully someone else can confirm your results from an uploaded file. At that point opening up a ticket with Line6 describing the potential bug would probably be the way to go.


    Btw, when you test this with a simpler preset, if it does not demonstrate problems with the looper, you can build the preset back up, block by block, to resemble the preset that is having problems with the looper. This approach might help you determine exactly what causes the looper to impact the preset when used in Native.


    Have you tried removing the looper in that preset directly on the Helix(rather than Native) and seeing if the sound changes?  If it does the issue is probably not with the looper but elsewhere in the preset or even on your device. Could be anything from something off in the routing for that preset, a wider problem with your latest firmware install, or mismatched versioning of HX Edit, the firmware, or Native.


    It is important that you check your versions of HX Edit, your firmware, and Native and make sure they are matched. Otherwise moving presets between the Helix and Native is bound to manifest issues.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Belandriel said:

    Hi everyone...


    I bought my Helix LT just some weeks ago and I really like it.


    Now I've got a problem: sometimes the display just freezes. I still can play and also change presets. I also can activate the tuner, which is then visible. But everything else doesn't change the display. Anybody had this problem yet?


    Edit / What I did so far: "Factory Reset" with buttons 9+10 (although it really isn't a factory reset) and right now I'm rebuilding the presets with buttons 10+11. If this won't help, I'll try repatching the latest firmware.


    Also check in HX Edit under 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' and make sure your firmware and editor version are matched(e.g. 3.11).

  4. 50 minutes ago, thedaver8 said:

    I love all the new models in the latest update! BUT...


    I get a really bad clipping sound with the Dynamic Hall reverb. It's not just a little. It's REALLY bad.

    I have a default patch that I swap models in and out for preference, and this is the only model that clips. I can get around this, but I have to drastically reduce the levels before and then after the reverb. I looked to see if there was a "headroom" control in the model to reduce the clipping, but I didn't see one.


    Does this happen to anyone else? This model is an incredible reverb and easily my favorite. But it really needs a headroom control. Unless I am doing something wrong, of course!


    If you upload your preset someone here, someone will more than likely take a look at it and might be able to pinpoint the problem.

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  5. 15 hours ago, jwoertz said:

    On my Helix, I'm having this weird issue. I only use the expression pedal for volume, and I set that volume to EXP1 instead of the default EXP2. So I save my presets and all is good for a while, but then the volume pedal stops working even though the volume block is enabled and pointing to EXP1. Has anyone ever seen this before and how do I fix it for good? It's OK here at home but on a gig (Sunday morning) I can't have this happen. Thanks!


    As you are aware, the Helix sets the volume block to 'EXP 2' by default. My suggestion is that as a best practice, you leave it at the default unless you have an incredibly compelling reason not to use that setting. Fighting it is prone to user error and It seems to often lead to problems with assignments. It also means you can't go with the default assignment to 'EXP 1' for example when you add a Wah block. Why put yourself through those gyrations?


    It is also worth checking to make sure your global settings --> 'EXP Pedals' -->  'EXP 1/2/3 Pedal Position' is set correctly to your preferred behavior.

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  6. 1 hour ago, roscoe5 said:

    After owning Helix floor since 2016, I finally broke down and bought a used L6 Stagesource L2t from GC (with service plan).   HX cabs sound GREAT through it!  Better than Powercab + IMO (had one, sold it).  As I think I've seen in other posts here, Line 6 must have designed and tested those HX cabs though Stagesource speakers.  A duh moment for me as I'm sure many of you have known this for a long time :)


    I was an HX cabs basher and did everything I could to avoid them after hearing them in studio headphones, studio monitors, PA, and even Powercab +.  I've spent hundreds of $ on IR's, made my own IR's, bought and sold the Powercab +, and even a bought a Two Notes Cab M+ pedal to get around the HX cabs.   I drove myself crazy and even put the Helix away for a while to play my real amps again.


    Those Stagesource L2t's are great for the wife and I to play acoustic and sing through too. 


    They don't seem to handle my 5 string bass well though.  Quite a bit of buzz / rattle / flapping on low E and lower to B.  I contacted Line 6 support to see if this is normal.


    I have to clean up my past and apologize to Line 6 for everything bad I said about HX cabs :)  




    LOL, I have had and used both the L2m and L3t speakers with my Helix for years and I am actually preferring my Powercab+ right now due to its innately more traditional guitar cab vibe along with its hybrid FRFR approach. Who knows though, maybe at some point I will switch back.  They all work well with the Helix.

  7. ^^This!


    Update your firmware to 3.11. You should be able to do that via the 3.11 version of HX Edit you installed.  Look for an update in the bottom right hand corner of HX Edit or go to 'Help' --> 'Check For Update'. Do a backup, global reset, and restore, as detailed in the firmware update notes. Check 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' and make sure the firmware and HX Edit versions are the same when you are done.

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  8. On 7/23/2021 at 7:28 AM, Meiannatee said:

    I'm building a synth-like patch, with the built-in Helix expression pedal controlling the high-cut (low-pass) frequency of the Low and High Cut block.


    With the pedal min at 1kHz and max at 11kHz, there's not enough fine control at the low end. If I drop the max range of the pedal, I won't have enough highs with the pedal fully down. If there's an option for a logarithmic sweep like in the Volume block, that will solve the problem. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do that. Care to help?


    And yes, I've tried using the Wah blocks, but all of them have a very pronounced resonance peak at the cut-off frequency of which there's no control to cut out.


    Side problem: Is there a low-pass filter block that goes lower than 1kHz?


    As far as I know there are no EQ blocks on the Helix that have a low-pass(high cut) filter that goes below 1khz. The only thing I can think of that might work is somehow using the 'Split Crossover', which goes down to 25Hz, to maybe rig something up to your liking.


    I guess another approach would be to get tricky and have the expression pedal work two or more parameters simultaneously on the Parametric EQ. The 'Tilt EQ' also has a 'Center Freq' parameter that can be set as low as 100Hz.


    Don't know of any way to explicitly set the curve to logarithmic for any block other than 'Volume'. 


    Note: The Helix EQs do have the high pass(low cut) filter available down to 20Hz but you were probably already aware of that.

  9. 4 hours ago, OmegaGhost said:

    Hi everyone. Can anyone please help or shed some light on what might have happened? the chain of events was..... I was working on a preset that contained the Mandarin Rocker as a separate amp with a separate cab block using HX Edit with my Helix LT...... all was fine, I finished, saved it and moved on. Whilst setting up the next preset from scratch I saw the Mandarin Rocker was missing from the Amp List not only as an amp but also as an amp and cab block also... I went back to check the previous preset and there was nothing where the amp block had previously been and the same for any preset where I had used the Mandarin Rocker. I tried reloading a previous backup but it was still not there! Any suggestions or ideas as to what happened? I have checked for updates and it says I am fully up to date. 


    Thanks fellow Helix users.


    My first notion would be that you have the wrong version of HX Edit loaded. Were you working on HX Edit or the LT when this happened? Check 'Help' --> ' About HX Edit' in HX Edit and make sure your HX Edit version matches your firmware(3.11 hopefully).  Load up the correct version of HX Edit if they are not properly matched. Don't forget to do a backup, global reset, and restore afterwards. If you do have the correct matched versions of the editor and the firmware you could also try a backup, global reset, and restore.

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  10. 8 hours ago, ILikaGoFast said:

    Thanks so much guys!


    I truly appreciate the helpful replies!


    So then a FINAL question for clarification:


    If I setup a patch/preset that uses snapshots--the blackface clean, switching to a Marshall with a tape echo delay-- will I STILL be able to have the delay trail INTO my clean sound within that same patch?


    (I DO understand that having trails means I can only have 1 signal path, and not a split stereo path)


    8 hours ago, ILikaGoFast said:

    If it helps to know, my signal path (Order of fx) is REALLY simple:


    High gain sound=

    Guitar>tuner>Helix>Helix fx loop 1 (ep3 preamp>Tube driver>) Marshall type amp+IR> Helix fx loop 2 (Maxon AD999) > out to powered speakers

    Clean sound=

    Guitar>tuner>Helix> blackface amp + ir > ep3 sim > dmm sim > Chorus Sim > out to powered speakers



    You can have trails when switching snapshots to, for example a clean sound within a preset. The easiest method is using one of Helix's onboard delays and set the trails parameter on.


    If you rely on the Maxon in your loop for delay then per your post regarding your routing, if you switch to a snapshot that does not include the loop with the Maxon delay then of course you will be cutting of your trails as well. Perhaps there might be a way around this by putting the Maxon's loop on a parallel path so that when you switch to the clean snapshot you could turn only it's send off but leave the return on allowing the Maxon to continue sending any trails but not receiving any new signal in the clean preset. This might allow whatever was last sent in the previous high gain snapshot, before the switch to clean, to trail through. Don't know, have never tried anything like that.

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  11. 1 hour ago, theElevators said:

    omg.... I just set my presets with whatever setting there was.  And don't intend on messing with anything at this point.  It's done and done for me.  I think that this auto impedance is kind-of going overboard... could always tweak the EQ to get the same result IMO. 


    I actually think this setting was a welcome and extremely useful addition.  I used to assign my impedance('Guitar In-Z) value to snapshots and switch it according to which block was the first active in the snapshot, so for me the 'First Enabled' option gave me an automated and more elegant solution, active in every preset/snapshot, that does not require additional snapshot editing.

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  12. 4 hours ago, dutdog said:

    Hiya - sorry for not being clearer.  The snapshot windows are there, 1 to 8, but no info in them, ie it's the same sound on all 8 snapshots.


    So, if I had a preset with, say SS1 = rhythm, SS2 = cleaner (less gain on the amp), SS3 = solo (more gain on the amp, wetter delay mic, increased reverb level).  I save that and/or export the preset.  Then copy it or load it from the exported file - when I load/copy to a fresh location, no snapshot specific info is held.  Just whatever is on SS1, replicated for the other 7 snapshots




    Seems like snapshots are working on some presets so this is probably not the problem but just to check the basics... Are you sure the parameters that you are changing from snapshot to snapshot, e.g. the Drive on an amp, are assigned to snapshots? If they are properly assigned they should be showing up with square brackets "[ ]" around the parameter's value. 


    Hate to offer up the usual procedure but if all else fails I would try a backup, global reset, and if that does not fix things then download HX Edit again and use the Line6 Updater to reflash the firmware, again followed by a backup and global reset (Update: just noticed phil_m suggested this as well).


    It is a best practice after importing presets or even copying them to restart the LT and let the new presets go through the rebuild process before editing them.


    Also, check in HX Edit under 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit', and make sure that both your firmware and HX Edit version are matched.

  13. Things have changed since the earlier impedance discussions in this topic. As many are aware of, later firmware versions added a global setting to allow the player to set the 'Auto Impedance' parameter to either 'First Enabled' or 'First Block' ('Global Settings' --> Preferences --> 'Auto Impedance').  

  14. On 7/10/2021 at 10:49 AM, themetallikid said:

    You can do the same 'effect' as RD2RK mentioned with the output level at the end of your chain, however I find it easier to just engage a Gain block for my lead snapshots or presets rather than assigning snapshots to the output level and jumping between 2 different settings sometimes.  


    Although as you mention you can change the Output block's level with snapshots you can also change it without switching snapshots. First assign the 'Level' parameter of the Output block to a footswitch and then, for example, set the 'Min Level' = "0.0 db" and the 'Max Level' = "+3.0 db". Clicking the assigned footswitch on will then boost the Output block's gain in any snapshot to +3db.  That approach works well for me as I have my switches set to 'Snap/Stomp', top and bottom row respectively. 


    Nothing wrong with using a 'Gain' block either though. Some players prefer, at least for some presets, using one in front of their delays or reverbs as bypassing or activating the Gain block then does not impact the volume of the reflections or repeats for the last note(s)/chord(s) played before the 'Gain' block is activated/bypassed.

  15. Just don't get something less than you need or expect to need in the near to mid term. I have the Helix and have never regretted getting a model with all the bells and whistles. The Rack is appealing too. If cost is not the determining factor, you love scribble strips, a heftier and slightly larger build, headphones level knob, and you think the additional I/O options might come in handy get the Helix. If you don't need the options unique to the Helix Floor/Rack, get the LT, it is less expensive. Can't go wrong with either IMHO and they both have the same processing power.

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  16. On 6/1/2021 at 6:12 PM, johncenaaa said:

    Hey guys, I'm new to the helix and am loving it so far, however I'm having trouble using the 4 cable method with my mesa boogie single rectifier. I believe the single rec has a parralel FX loop and while I'm playing around with different sounds etc there seems to be something wrong. My gain channels sound weird and I don't think I'm getting the most out of it. I've watched lots of videos on configuring. Maybe I have things plugged in the wrong way? Any helpful information or links to videos on how to set up well would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    One piece of advice I have seen when dealing with a parallel loop, don't know if it will help, is "When using a parallel effects loop, you’ll want to be sure your effects are able to be run 100% wet". So on an HX device that might translate into any effect running into the amp's parallel loop having the Mix parameter at max. Maybe also on the Helix set the 'Dry Thru' parameter on the Send to 0.0db and the Mix parameter on the Return set to 100% (=wet) as well. Don't know if these or some combination of them will do the trick but worth experimenting with. I don't run 4CM but maybe someone who does can run with these recommendations and further elaborate.



    For the DIY'er:

  17. On 6/26/2021 at 1:16 PM, wilkinsi said:

    I am looking for specific factory presets. One of them is called Doom Vacuum. I can't see it in FACTORY 1 or 2 in Helix Native. Is there somewhere online I can find such presets? i don't want to overwrite my user presets, just import the factory presets I need. Thanks.


    And don't forget to run the 'File' --> 'Extract Files From Backup' command in HX Edit before each time you upgrade your firmware(and any other time you please) to keep your own Factory and User preset archives going forward. It will automatically extract all your device's individual presets into well ordered directories from any backup.


    Btw, this command has the almost unique distinction in HX Edit of being able to be run even when your HX device is not on, connected, or even plugged in!

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  18. On 6/29/2021 at 10:22 AM, cruisinon2 said:


    EHX Bass9... thank me later. ;)




    Worth noting with effects like this, and you see a bit of this in the video, is that anything you can do to adapt your playing technique closer to one that might be used with the instrument you are trying to emulate will really help to improve the illusion. I have found the same principle applies when using a guitar synth to emulate instruments other than the bass. For example, playing a passage with a crisp fast attack when trying to emulate an instrument that is usually played with a more legato approach is inherently going to sound less convincing.

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  19. 17 hours ago, PierM said:

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, but hard reboots, with a shut down in the middle, are typically referred to hardware problems (you are not reporting a software crash, just a random shutdown/reboot, so I do agree the firmware reinstall doesnt make much sense), and the more you use it, the more the risk to damage more parts, if the issue is related to current leaks, shortages, supply problems or even just a defective controller, etc etc etc...It can be LOT of things, but I doubt it's just software level. Of course the support guys from l6, have to try the standard procedures, like firmware reinstall etc, before to proceed with other steps.


    Helix are just fine products, but as any other electronic/digital device, they can face issues. Good news is they can be repaired, or better, replaced. Send it for repair. GL!


    Exactly, start with firmware/software, eliminate that as a possible cause then move on to hardware. Have to say though, I can't begin to count(a lot) how many users I have heard proclaim with 100% assurance and finality that they suspect or definitely have a  hardware issue only to find out it is related to the update process not being executed properly or some other non-hardware related issue. In this case I agree though, looks like @Maxy71 did what he needed to do on the firmware/software side and this is quite possibly a hardware problem. Just pays to eliminate the stuff you can do yourself first that may save you a return/repair and downtime on your device. It would be interesting to know what percentage of devices returned for repair or even refund, are simply victims of a failed update.  Grateful to everyone on this forum who shares their knowledge and experience. What a great resource!  Oh, and thanks for the entertainment during the quarantine!

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  20. 6 hours ago, Maxy71 said:

    TechSupport suggested to do at first a factory reset and then to reinstall firmware 3.11. I've done this and everything seemed to be fine until I was trying to switch among factory presets. Both in presets mode and stomp modes, using foot switches to activate or deacatived single effects in factory presets. Consider that I've not done a restore at the moment, so my Helix is empty. No user presets, no IR, nothing! Only factory resets.  
    However, today I tried to create a user preset, just adding some blocks via Helix Edit (version 3.11)... Suddenly the same issue. Helix unit has switched off and reboot many times!!  It's really random..... The only recurring condition I noticed is that this happens when dealing with user's presets......... But I cannot sware this is not just a coincidence!!    So I rised another ticket and they answered this could be an hardware problem, so I went to reseller and now they will send it to assistance center.... Let's see.... I'm not confident at all because it's really hard to recerate the conditions.... and even if they let the unit running for 2 days.... the issue could not occur..


    I noticed you said you did a factory reset and then reinstalled the 3.11 firmware. You also need to follow a firmware update with a factory reset and restore. Otherwise, weird bad stuff can ensue. Looks like you already took this in for repair but you may or may not have needed to depending on whether you did the reset/restore after the firmware upgrade. 


    I think the next step in the ongoing evolution of the Line6 update process should include an automated factory reset and restore. Don't know if is possible for them to do an automated factory reset via the update process(rather than the user initiating it by holding down switches and powering up) but if it is, this would cut down dramatically on users reporting issues. Remarkable to me how many people neglect to do these steps after a firmware upgrade.

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  21. 50 minutes ago, kdrottar said:

    When stuff stops working as expected, it's easiest to blame the last thing that changed. Although the issue was not encountered before the band switched to HX Stomps, you all have convinced me the only sensible path to resolution is treating it as a mixer gain staging problem, nothing intrinsic in Helix. I am grateful. Thanks!


    An eminently rational and sensible conclusion and one with a high percentage chance of aiding you in tracking down the source of the issue. Happy troubleshooting!

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  22. 2 hours ago, kdrottar said:

    Thanks for the continuing discussion and suggestions. It's a Mackie 808 mixer. Converting HX Stomp line level output to balanced line (mic) input to PA did not remove the distortion. Turning my question around... Has anyone on this thread actually used two HX Stomps through a PA in a live music performance? Did it work for your band? Was there anything special that needed to be done? 


    I was suggesting changing the global settings 'Ins/Outs' --> 'Output Level' = "Inst" on both of the HX Stomps. This sounds like you changed to a different input on the PA(which is also worth trying).


    Have you tried any of the other suggestions? You should be able to run several HX Stomps at the same time. If you haven't had the opportunity yet it is worth walking through the HX Stomp to PA setup step by step as well as the settings on the Stomp and the mixer and systematically eliminating possible causes. Not saying it isn't possible but looking for a magic bullet in someone else's dual Stomp setup may or may not yield results.


    The usual suggestions regarding eliminating ground loops, perhaps fluorescent lights, and other sources of noise apply. DI and hum eliminator boxes have been a solution for some users with noise issues. Also worth trying plugging both stomps in the same power strip or different strips. There are several topics around here on the subject of noise if you can search them up. Good luck with this!



  23. 16 hours ago, sbland said:

    I play in a covers band and use a different snapshot for each song so I’m constantly clicking! I’ve got the buttons set to ‘press’ not ‘touch’ because that seemed to send it into a frenzy sometimes. It’s a recent thing so I’m wondering if it could be a update thing?

    love the sounds on this thing but really not sure about it now!


    Hate to ask but if you did a firmware update did you do a factory reset and restore afterwards? If not, start there.

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