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  1. 1 hour ago, ledvedder5150 said:

    So, a couple concerning things happened with my HX Effects during rehearsal last night. A few times, the screens would start flipping back and forth between my patches and the tempo screen. And also, at one point, my expression pedal stopped responding. Both things went away by restarting my HX Effects. Has anyone else experienced these issues? 


    If this has never happened during practice/rehearsal and does not happen again my first suspicion would be poor power or a loose power connection on the device or at the wall at the venue .You can always get a power conditioner as a preventive measure for the future.

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  2. On 3/5/2021 at 9:22 PM, kohit8 said:

    Title pretty much describes the problem but I'll give more details about the setup.


    I'm using a focusrite 18i20 gen 3 for the interface and the clock master. I'm using S/PDIF sends to the focusrite and using its clock out to the clock in on the helix. I just bought a new 75 ohm BNC cable because I thought the old one was the issue but I'm still having the same problem. Every clock setting seems to work with this setup besides 96khz and that is unfortunate because that is what I like to use! Has anyone one experienced this issue or am I just an idiot? Let me know if you have any questions about my setup.


    Helix firmware is at 3.01 and the focusrite was just updated using the latest Focusrite Control version on their website.


    If after exhausting your own efforts and others' suggestions you still can't get this to work I would open a ticket with Line6. If there is a way to get this working hopefully support will provide it and if not perhaps it is a bug they can work on resolving.

  3. 7 hours ago, theElevators said:


    1. Should I mix in my vocals into the signal that goes to the FOH


    No. Keep your guitar and vocals feeds from the Helix separate.


    7 hours ago, theElevators said:


    2. Not mix in my vocals, but run my mic through the chain and out the FRFR


    I would run my guitar out via 1/4" to my FRFR and then send use the XLR output on the Headrush to send a feed for the guitar to the sound man.  Use the XLR output on the Helix to send a second and separate XLR feed for the vocals


    7 hours ago, theElevators said:


    3. In general, what should I provide as outputs: e.g.: left XLR is vocals and right XLR is guitar?


    I would not split the left and right XLRs on the Helix like this. That will force you to cater all your presets to a dual mono approach. Instead use one path on the Helix for guitar and a second path for vocals. Send your guitar from the 1/4" output(s) on the Helix as indicated in my response to point #2 and send your vocals out via XLR and provide separate discrete XLR feeds for respectively vocals and guitar to your soundman. This approach will result in your soundman having an XLR feed direct from the Helix for vocals and a second XLR feed from the output on the back of your Headrush for your guitar. You can monitor your vocals through your sound system's vocal monitors(assuming you have them) with a feed direct from the board and your guitar from your Headrush.  Note: If the run is short enough you could send your soundman a 1/4" feed for your guitar directly from your Helix instead of the XLR feed from the output jack on the back of your Headrush. Your choice.


    This approach will free you from having to worry about left/right routing/panning in your presets, allow you full control over your guitar monitor, and put the vocals in your face the way you want them with a feed from the board to your vocal monitors.


    The one drawback to this approach may be that changing the volume you send to your Headrush onstage may also change the volume your soundman is receiving for your guitar. This is a compromise you make when you use the Helix for both vocals and guitar in this particular live setup. That requires having your presets leveled properly for the gig and finding a volume for the Headrush that works for you onstage and then leaving it alone so you don't keep changing the level sent to the mixing board. Essentially you want to use your master volume as a "set it and forget it" control. Btw, I would assign the volume only to the 1/4" output which will send the vocals out at unity but allow you to control the guitar's output level to the Headrush.


    If the restrictions for this proposed setup prove to be too problematic then you could proceed with your approach of sending the guitar out one XLR output and vocals out of the other but you will have to play close attention to your routing/panning in every preset to prevent mixing vocals and guitar into the same XLR out(L or R). What a pain.


    Just the way I might approach things. Maybe someone else has a different/better recommendation.

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  4. 4 hours ago, marcb1974 said:

    Hi all, 


    new to Helix, recently got myself a Helix Rack.

    Great separate volume control for headphones level, but even with that at max, I don't get a lot of volume out of my headphones.

    I wear a pair of Beyerdynamix DT990 Pro of 250 Ohms.

    I had my Rack hooked up to the laptop via USB as I had been installing the recent update and sound from YouTube came through at much higher levels.

    Have been looking at global settings, but can't find anywhere where i can adjust heaphones out level.

    Am I missing something?

    Many thanks



    The rack is designed to get adequate volume with higher impedance headphones. Not sure what is going on here. Some suggestions might be tor turn up the volume somewhere in the preset, add a headphone preamp(kinda redundant and not the best option), or try another set of headphones.


    Another more novel approach is to use the Global Settings --> 'Ins/Outs' --> 'Headphones Monitor' setting for a separate feed for your headphones. If you are not for example using your XLR outs you can use this parameter to send only the signal from your XLR out to your headphones and then set the volume level for this path's Output block louder.  Not sure whether it is reflected in the headphone feed but you may want to set the output for your selection for the 'Headphones Monitor' setting to "Line".  I think I would opt for just trying a different set of headphones though :-)

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  5. 6 hours ago, sbroersen said:

    I did not run it both. But starting HX edit enabled the usb driver in some strange way.  I first stopped HX edit, and then started Updater again.



    Cool, just wanted to make that clear as many newer users are not aware that they should have HX Edit shut down when they run the Updater and consequently can't understand why the Updater is not seeing their device when both are up. Generally it is the installation, not the running of HX Edit, that will enable the USB driver as part of the installation of HX Edit is to install the latest driver. It is part of the install package.  I find it interesting that you seem to have observed that just running HX Edit changed something on your computer.  Not sure why that would have made any difference. Wonder if some process was hung that was able to shutdown properly after you started and stopped HX Edit?

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  6. 6 hours ago, sbroersen said:

    I tried all options above, but my PC does not see the Helix. When I instert the USB it shows Helix, but the updater does not see it. I tried with windows and mac, but both do fail.

    When I start up the Helix with switch 6 and 12 pressed, is says Entered update mode. I tried 3 usb cable's, but no effect. I am hopeless, what can I do?????


    I tried some more, so I tried to start HX edit again. This didn't work and could not connect to the helix. But after quiting HX edit, something changed. The updater now saw the helix, and I was able to install the firmware. For some reason, the updater does not install the right USB driver, but the HX edit did correct this.




    You do NOT want to have HX Edit running while you are using the Updater. It will prevent the Updater from seeing your HX device. Use one or the other but not both. That is why quitting HX Edit is the first step in SaschaFranck's directions.

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  7. 49 minutes ago, Petrucci-fan said:

    Gig tomorrow night. I'll make note of the patch and see if it will do it again at home. I play in a duo and we have about 250 songs in our list and I do a patch per/song because of capo, or alternate tuning. Granted a lot of my patches are slight variations but I also use Onsong and having it pull the same patch every time that song is selected is the bomb !!!!

    Perfect example is Kashmir:

    Snap 1 - Acoustic 5 down tuned -1 DADGAD

    Snap 2 - Lester 1 down tuned -1 DADGAD

    Snap 3 - Lester 1 down tuned -1 Standard

    Snap 4 - Lester 1 down tuned -1 Standard for phased lead out at the end.


    A lot of my patches change Variax models per/Snap and that's why it's such an issue for me. I will say I'm pretty sure it's only happening on the first Snap that is brought up for that particular song. Once I lean over and change the Variax model on rack to the correct one and hit save the rest of that patch works as expected. I can then switch patches and back to that exact patch and it will have changed back to Dobro :(  but, not every time!!


    If you do locate a preset where you can make this issue occur with regularity you may want to upload it so others here can see if we can recreate the behavior you are seeing. Btw, that is a substantial repertoire!

  8. On 5/19/2021 at 9:09 AM, brue58ski said:


    So I haven't experimented with this but do you know what the differences are between the Per-Preset setting and Global setting for the Variax? How does it control the Variax differently? The manual is vague about this at best. I get what Per Preset does but how do the Variax settings react differently when in Global?


    The manual as you say is vague but I read it as essentially saying that every Variax setting on pages 2,3,&4 of the Input block are impacted by the 'Variax Settings' parameter, either globally, or on a per preset level. This setting does not for example have an "Off" option that ensures only the controls on the Variax guitar itself will make changes. You can set the individual Variax parameters in either mode, "Global" or "Per Preset", in such a way that it ensures only the guitar has control.  If you for example run this setting in "Per Preset" mode, and most will, each time you change presets the Variax will change to the settings you have in that preset, contingent on which parameters you force, as you would expect.


    Changing this setting to "Global" causes every other Variax preset to reflect any Variax parametes you change in the current preset but not edit their previously stored Variax settings. Under the covers all your presets will still have the Variax parameters you originally saved them with, you just can't see them at the moment and they are not active. In practice that means now every other Variax preset you go to will have the settings of the preset where you switched "Global" on, for example the same model and tuning. If you jump to another preset(with 'Variax Settings'="Global" still on) you will see for example that preset now has the model and custom tuning from the preset you were in when you turned "Global" on.


    Here's where things get interesting. If you switch to another preset and change for example the model and the tuning, when you jump back to the one you initially set "Global" on in, it will now reflect the Variax settings from the subsequent preset where you made the changes. Setting 'Variax Settings'="Global" changes every parameter setting from pages 2-4 that is "forced" into a global setting. It doesn't matter which preset you set them in. See caveat in next paragraph.


    Caveat: The parameter 'Global Variax Tuning' must be set to "Custom" in any preset you jump to for the tuning to reflect the behavior of the parameters you set in the preset where you turned on  'Variax Settings'="Global" . Although I operate in the "Per Preset" mode I always leave 'Global Variax Tuning'="Custom" anyway to ensure predictable tunings. Including all presets with standard tuning. 


    Let's say now you decide to return to 'Variax Settings'="Per Preset".  All of your Variax presets will revert back to displaying the parameter values you assigned on the Input block from pages 2-4 when you first designed and saved the preset and before you changed the  'Variax Settings'="Global".  In other words, all the Variax parameter changes you made while you were in "Global" mode are ignored in all presets and all presets revert back to the settings you had saved while in "Per Preset" mode.  "Global" is in effect a temp mode that does not edit your underlying presets' saved Variax settings.  The Variax settings you change while you are in "Global" mode are in effect only while you are in the "Global" setting.


    Fairly complicated behavior and overall the easiest way to go is just to leave  'Variax Settings'="Per Preset" which gives you maximal "remote" control over the Variax while using the Helix/LT.


  9. 48 minutes ago, Petrucci-fan said:

    I had tried the export/import and no change.

    I do have a new VDI cable. Will try :)


    Please let us know how it goes. Also curious if this happens on presets created from scratch on the latest firmware or only older presets from previous firmware versions.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, Petrucci-fan said:

    Yep, first thing I checked when it started. Seems to be random :(


    Only other things I can think of at the moment is to either export and reimport the presets where this is happening and checking and reseating the Variax cable or even swapping it out. You can use a standard Ethernet cable temporarily(and carefully) for testing if you don't have a second VDI cable.  Also important that last time you upgraded you did the recommended backup, global reset, restore.

  11. On 5/17/2021 at 7:12 PM, rockridgerec said:

    Definitely HXEdit is at 3.1, and I definitely did the factory reset and restore for both units. And beyond that, I did additional subsequent backups to make sure I had good ones.


    So I did a factory reset, then a restore of everything other than the presets. I then exported/imported the most resent preset I made on the Floor into the LT - this preset used the Floor-only feature of having a Command Center assignments to switches 1 & 7. When I brought it up on the LT everything looked fine, but when I pressed the MODE switch, the LT froze and had to be power cycled. So next time around, I edited the preset to remove those assignments, but the LT still hung.


    I then did a factory reset to the LT, but instead of performing any kind of restore afterwards, I just imported that preset. No problems whatsoever.


    I then did a restore from the same original backup, but ONLY restored the presets (no Globals, IRs, etc.). Restore completes successfully, and no problems with the new preset.


    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, Favorites, and Presets only. Restore FAILs with -8609 error.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, User Model Defaults, and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.


    I was able to reproduce this behavior on subsequent attempts.


    Since it's relatively easy for me to rebuild my Globals by hand, I'm ok for now since my presets all restored and work fine if that's the ONLY thing I restore. I think it's appropriate to submit this as a normal bug report.




    I find it interesting that you got the -8609 error in the four restore tests you ran  only when you tried to restore the Favorites. I can't think of any reason that a Favorite would have a setting exclusive to the Helix Floor that is not shared by the LT.  Was that test repeatable? I will be curious to see if others will confirm this error on cross-device restores that include their Favorites.


    It occurred to me that it looks like you actually found two issues here unless they are somehow related and I can't see how at the moment. One issue with the -8609 error when you tried to do a cross-device restore of Favorites. A second bug that looks like a cross-device translation error where a preset from the Helix Floor hangs upon usage that has been saved with Command Center options not available on the device it was loaded to(LT). Btw, did you do a restart after restore and let that preset rebuild before it hung during testing because as you stated it did seem to translate properly when imported rather than restored? I am curious if the rebuild process after restore/restart would have fixed it and if not why? Glad you opened a ticket on this. Your efforts here will probably save some other users a lot of head-scratching.

  12. 3 hours ago, Petrucci-fan said:

    Have an open ticket as this has been going on for quite a while, at least the last 4 updates. I assign a Variax model to a Helix patch. Sometimes it is correct when I select that patch saves and other times when I select the patch it will be something way off. Say I have Lester 1 saved and it will select Dobro. No rhyme or reason and very random. Just sucks big time when you are ready for a big Les Paul waling lead and you get a Dobro or Sitar!!! A distorted Dobro is not for the faint of heart :)

    I have reset/reloaded the firmware in the Variax and also reupdated the Helix many times. again the issue still exist but not all the time. Maybe 3 of 5 times it works flawlessly, then goes on a rampage and screws up 4 or 5 times.

    Anyone else having this issue?


    Do you have 'Variax Settings' = "Per Preset" on the second page of the Input block's parameters?

  13. 3 hours ago, mjl58g said:

    Hey guys, just got the HX Stomp XL, and I'm loving it so far. One thing I've noticed however is that many of the effects such as the delay and reverb effects work poorly when I use the distortion channel on my amplifier (Egnater Renegade 2x12 combo), so I want to try and do the 4 cable method to utilize the effects loop that also allows some of the HX stomp's effects to be in front of the preamp, and others to be in the effects loop. I also have other guitar pedals that I want to integrate in as well, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to work right. The general order in theory would be:


    Wah - EP booster - gain changer - algal bloom fuzz - HX stomp effects (compression, distortions, ODs) - preamp - fx loop send - HX stomp effects (delays, reverb, etc.) - dispatch master - fx return


    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for hooking things up correctly. Thanks!


    Check out this video.


    Or this one.



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  14. 29 minutes ago, rockridgerec said:

    Definitely HXEdit is at 3.1, and I definitely did the factory reset and restore for both units. And beyond that, I did additional subsequent backups to make sure I had good ones.


    So I did a factory reset, then a restore of everything other than the presets. I then exported/imported the most resent preset I made on the Floor into the LT - this preset used the Floor-only feature of having a Command Center assignments to switches 1 & 7. When I brought it up on the LT everything looked fine, but when I pressed the MODE switch, the LT froze and had to be power cycled. So next time around, I edited the preset to remove those assignments, but the LT still hung.


    I then did a factory reset to the LT, but instead of performing any kind of restore afterwards, I just imported that preset. No problems whatsoever.


    I then did a restore from the same original backup, but ONLY restored the presets (no Globals, IRs, etc.). Restore completes successfully, and no problems with the new preset.


    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, Favorites, and Presets only. Restore FAILs with -8609 error.

    Factory reset again, this time I restored the Globals, IRs, User Model Defaults, and Presets only. Restore completes successfully, but new preset hangs.


    I was able to reproduce this behavior on subsequent attempts.


    Since it's relatively easy for me to rebuild my Globals by hand, I'm ok for now since my presets all restored and work fine if that's the ONLY thing I restore. I think it's appropriate to submit this as a normal bug report.




    Well that sounds like due diligence to me and glad to hear you have a workable solution. Btw, when you say you are on "HX Edit 3.1" are you talking about 3.01 or 3.10? Sorry to ask but they are different versions of the editor and I think some users on the forum have been getting the two versions confused. The latest HX Edit version as you may be aware is 3.10.

  15. 25 minutes ago, rockridgerec said:

    I use a Helix LT as a spare/backup to my Helix Floor. I have always made all my updates on the Floor, done a full backup, then restored to the LT to keep them in sync. Yes, certain things don't translate (like 10 snaps, FX loops, etc.), but it has always worked well as a safety net.


    Today, when doing the first restore to the LT after upgrading the Floor to 3.11, and taking a backup, upgrading the LT to 3.11 and attempting to restore from that backup, I am receiving an error in HXEdit (3.10):  Error occurred during the restore: Unrecognized or unsupported model in preset data. (code -8609). 


    Any thoughts? Have I just been lucky up to this point, or is this backup/restore from Floor to LT still supposed to work?




    Yes the backup/restore should still work although I don't have both units to test this. Have you checked HX Edit's 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' to make sure you are actually on HX Edit 3.10 and the 3.11 firmware on both units?   If not I would take another backup and download and install HX Edit 3.10 manually as well as making sure both devices are on the 3.11 firmware.  Also, did you do the factory reset and restore on both devices after upgrading per the release notes? If not that is the first thing I would try after getting fresh backups. It might be advisable to restore each device's(LT and Floor) with their own respective backups before trying the cross-device backup. More tedious but it might get you there in the end.  I would then try the cross-device restore again with your fresh backups or even get yet another set of backups after your global reset and restore and try with those.


    If this doesn't work I would probably do individual setlist exports from the Helix Floor and then try importing them to the LT.



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  16. 6 hours ago, djsfdale said:

    Hi everyone; I use HELIX NATIVE it on my Mac (with Logic Pro X) and it's like a year old, I installed it when i bought the Helix Floorboard. Is is it worth UPDRADING my HELIX NATIVE SOFTWARE??!! Will I lose the Preset Sounds I use/ have on my Logic Projects? Any guidance appreciated and thanks!


    Definitely worth upgrading although you didn't mention what version of Native you are on.  If you have been keeping your Helix up to date, not updating Native will be a recipe for having issues if you try to trade presets back and forth between the two. It is generally a best practice to keep your HX Edit, firmware, and Native versions in synch.  Hopefully that will eventually become part of the new more comprehensive updating process in HX Edit or be a similar process incorporated into Native.


    Btw, if you haven't made one before you can backup Native by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the Native plugin and clicking 'Export Bundle' on the 'Presets/IRs' tab. As you may already be aware there is no 'Create Backup' command in Native. As mentioned in the previous posts though the upgrade should maintain your current setlists.


    Btw, while you are there , if you have not checked it in a while you may want to take a look at the 'Hardware Compatibility' tab as well which has some interesting options. 

  17. 1 hour ago, yawnie said:

    So... @HonestOpinion... this is kinda weird... tried with another cable... didn't help... (tried the "programming on a different switch", also didn't help).
    Then I restored from another backup (from nov 2020, lost track of which FW version), also didn't help. THEN went back to latest backup (which I did before 3.11).

    AND NOW IT'S WORKING!!! Thanks to everyone who gave me input (special thanks to @HonestOpinion ). 


    Great to hear it is working! Would love to know why or what specific setting got changed. On the other hand you know what they say about gift horses...


    I would immediately get a fresh backup now that you have it working again, maybe with a note in the comments section like "MIDI working properly".

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  18. On 5/16/2021 at 10:37 AM, datacommando said:


    When the Update completed, did you perform a Factory Reset and restore from back-up as mentioned in the Release Notes for the Update?


    If not - then do it now. When unexpected weirdness happens, a reset usually fixes things.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.


    On 5/16/2021 at 8:57 AM, PierM said:

    It's in the manual. :)


    Global Settings----->Preferences------>Joystick Encoder; Determines the joystick behavior when a block is selected within the Home screen - signal flow. For “Model” (the default), turning the joystick knob scrolls through available models for the selected block. For “Selection,” turning the joystick knob quickly navigates selecting blocks across the signal flow. SHORTCUT: Pressing while turning the joystick reverses the current joystick behavior.


    On 5/16/2021 at 9:20 AM, markblack77 said:

    Thanks for the replies.


    @PierM yea I tried that - after an initial google search changing that has no effect.




    Looks like you have tried all the usual suspects. Just in the way of clarification, when you say that changing the Joystick Encoder setting has "no effect" did you mean that you are unable to scroll through either models or blocks?


    Another thing you might try is the Helix's Test Mode to get further into the hardware layer, perhaps helping to eliminate the firmware as a possible cause.


    Test Mode on the Helix

    1. First unplug every cable from the Helix - USB, XLR, Variax(VDI), 1/4", etc.. This might seem unnecessary but for example if I leave my USB cable plugged in the Helix test mode does not operate properly which can be kind of alarming.  Maybe different brands or types of cables cause problems where others don't or maybe it is just the USB. Just pull 'em all.
    2. Hold down FS 3&4, turn on the Helix, and keep them held down until it enters Test Mode.   Note: Strangely enough holding down FS 4&5 will also get you into Test Mode which may have been the case in all the firmware versions but definitely works in HX Edit 3.10, firmware 3.11.  The FS 4&5 combination is not documented in and I have seen some confusion over which combination to use on the forum in the past and now I know why. Both combinations seem to work. I use FS 3&4 as it seems to be the one that is better documented.
    3. After you come up in Test Mode click the joystick down to enter into the '> UI Test' option. 
    4. Turn the joystick and look to see if the 'ENCJ' entry in the lower right hand corner turns green. The green indicates at least some measure of proper operation. You can also check the number under it to see if it is responding properly. Clicking the joystick up/down and right/left should also cause its corresponding entry in the list to turn green. If that has not been enough fun you can check the rest of your knobs, switches, and expression pedal.


    Note: There are several other testing options in addition to the '> UI Test' in Test Mode. I find I have to turn the Helix off and come back into Test Mode if I want to use them though after I have run the '> UI Test'. Most(all?) of the other tests allow me to move between them without having to restart in Test Mode. Maybe there is a trick to doing this with the '> UI Test' as well but I have not found it.  It might be as simple as checking every single item in the list under the UI Test.

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  19. Just one more thing to add. Although there are different opinions on this subject, if you haven't already, try setting your fader at unity and then adjusting the trim. Again, there is a good chance it will have to be set fairly low with perhaps even a pad engaged if your mixer channel has one. The problem with turning the fader way down for example and boosting the level on the trim is that small movements of the fader then result in much larger decibel swings potentially making it more difficult to dial in the correct level and possibly resulting in higher noise levels.

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  20. Any chance that a footswitch on the MC-6 has gone bad/sticking? Unlikely if both the up and down switches are not functioning properly. Have you tried switching presets with different footswitches on the MC-6? Probably did this but try switching out MIDI cables or at least reseating them and checking the connections. 


    Also, did you do the factory reset, restore your global settings from when this was last working, and restore a backup? I know everyone is tired of hearing this recommendation but it is just a very good place to start.  Also never hurts to doublecheck HX Edit's 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' to make sure your editor and firmware are indeed on the versions you think they are(HX Edit 3.10, firmware 3.11).

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  21. 4 hours ago, jmarnott said:



    I am a new Helix user.  Love the power.


    I have researched this topic, but not found any resolution in the forums or online.   So, please forgive me if this was solved.


    I am plugging the XLR out of the Helix into the PA Mixer.  No inputs on the Helix.  New Patch with nothing in it.   The main volume is at zero.   The helix has an steady white noise hiss that is high enough to make the unit unusable.    This happens on all outs.  The XLR outs are set to MIC.   If I unplug the XLR cable from the helix the noise goes away.  If I plug a microphone into that cable directly into the mixer, there is no noise at all.  The ground switch doesnt make a difference.   Phantom Power on the mixer is OFF.


    I want to be clear,   There is only one cable plugged into the Helix connecting from the Right XLR out to a MIC channel on the mixer.   There is no signal.  Just alot of HISS.


    Any ideas?






    What happens when you plug the Helix directly into an FRFR or amp without the mixer "in the mix"? Do you still get the hiss? The first thing I would eliminate is the possibility that something on my board was causing the hiss like an unused channel being left on accidentally or a bad cable.  Have you tried swapping out the XLR cable? Tried different channels on the board? Adjusted the trim/gain level on the mixer's Helix channel(s)?  On many mixers you have to set the trim way down to use the Helix, even when it is set to Mic output levels.

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  22. On 5/15/2021 at 4:09 PM, music_tech said:



    Thanks for helping me! 


    Sorry for no talk in the video.

    I did what you asking me:

     - Factory reset; I did not restore because i'll make every preset from the scratch again.

     - Remove every connection from Helix to prevent any external problems.


    I dig a little bit more the problem and create this simple attached testPreset.

    I figured out that is a problem happens when i have a return block in the chain, the layout split like 4 presets / 4 snapshots and the Preset Spillover ON.


    Please try this to see if you have the same problem.

     1 - Import testPreset (in attach)  to your board;

     2 - Turn the Preset Spillover to ON

     3 - Select the Preset Mode Switches to Snap/Preset


    To deploy the problem:

      - Select the testPreset (in attach) by pressing the switch in your bottom row;

      - The snapshots must work fine in the top row at this stage;

      - Now reSelect testPreset by pressing the switch in your bottom row again;

      - The snapshots stop working in the top row;


    Other way to deploy the problem:

     - Snapshot switches stop working if you just press in the bottom row the testPreset switch two or more times.


    And even another way:

     - If you import this testPreset to 2 different presets (let's say 01A and 01B) and switch between them the snapshots switches does not work.


    Note: Always with Preset Spillover to ON and  Preset Mode Switches to Snap/Preset. If you set Preset Spillover to Off everything works fine.


    Please let me now if you need any more information, and your test result.




    TestPreset.hlx 9.24 kB · 1 download


    On 5/15/2021 at 5:19 PM, rd2rk said:


    Did a quick test as I'm on my way out. Recreated the preset with the settings you specified, got the same results as you.

    Removed the Return, same results as you.

    Restored the Return and turned OFF Spillover, works fine.

    It seems that the problem only occurs when BOTH the Return and Spillover are in use.

    Also, HX Edit freaks out, which is to say the preset with both the Return and Spillover can only be dealt with directly on the box.

    Very strange indeed!

    On my way out, but looking forward to seeing what @HonestOpinion comes up with.


    Ran the test again and got the same results as rd2rk and music_tech. It locked up on me as well. I missed the fact that music_tech specified that 'Preset Spillover' needed to be on in my initial tests, despite the fact that it was right there in front of me in black and white. I think you have found a legitimate bug and your subsequent posts did an excellent job of laying out the steps to replicate this behavior. A really fine job of troubleshooting. I believe you should open up a ticket with Line6 to hopefully get this addressed in the future.


    I guess the workaround for now is to not switch to the same preset you are currently on but this is a bug that definitely should be fixed. I don't see this issue when I switch to a different preset and then come back to the preset.  Doing this also restores proper snapshot operation if you already locked things up. Do the snapshots continue to work properly for you as long as you don't switch to the preset you are currently on, or as you also reported, a duplicate of the same preset?


    I'm actually kind of shocked that I have not seen anyone else post this bug before. I have only played around with the 'Preset Spillover' function as I generally need both paths for my presets but it is surprising that others using Return blocks with 'Preset Spillover'="On" have not run into it. 

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  23. Strictly speaking and I am sure accurately addressing the question as the OP intended the above posts are correct. At the risk of being "that guy" there are three exceptions that I can think of that can be set from HX Edit worth mentioning if for no other reason than as a reminder of their somewhat unique placement or exception as global settings.


    1. The global tempo settings can be changed in the upper righthand corner of HX Edit
    2. Under the Variax tab on the Input block for a Variax preset under the 'Variax Settings' parameter you can set "Per Preset" or "Global". Although this is set in a preset it actually is a global setting and will be reflected in all other presets set up for the Variax.
    3. Under the Powercab tab on the Output block the 'Remote' parameter you can set it to "Off", "Preset", or "Global".  Again, every preset will inherit your setting automatically.

    I also find it interesting that in the case of the Variax and Powercab settings, despite the fact that they are located within a preset instead of the global settings, you don't even have to save the preset for your selection to be persistent and be reflected in every other preset; even when you switch away from the preset without saving. They act just like global settings but just happen to be located within a preset.

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  24. 9 hours ago, music_tech said:


    Hi thanks for reply guys.

    I think it's a bug that's why i posted here.


    When i say "snapshot stops working" - I can't use them anymore. I can switch between snapshots (see the video).


    If i remove the send/return block everything works fine.


    So my

     Device - Helix Floor

     SW version - 3.11 (but try other versions and have the same problem)



             Preset Spillover - On

             SnapShots Edits - Discard

      Editor - HX edit 3.10 (it happens when is not connected to pc has well)


    Conected to my amp by 4 Cable Method (that why i need SEND/RETURN block)


    The youtube link is a video of what appending.


    The preset (atached or here)


    If you need more info please let me know.

    Clean.hlx 19.41 kB · 1 download


    Thanks for posting the video, preset, and details. Without a bit of narrative during the video it is still a bit difficult to tell exactly what is triggering the issue for you but I do see that the snapshots appear to stop switching properly at some point(perhaps when you switch to another preset and back), or at least the blocks stop reflecting the proper bypass state.  My first question would be did you run the factory reset and restore of your backup after you upgraded per the update release notes? If not that is where I would start.


    Does this happen on every preset or just the one? I will load up the one you attached and test it.


    Update: I loaded up and tested your preset and although I don't have everything hooked up 4CM everything appears to be working properly at least as far as the switching goes. I cannot get your preset to fail as it does in your video and the snapshots seem to be working properly on my Helix. You may want to try reloading  your preset and testing it with nothing connected to your Helix to eliminate cabling and external hardware as a potential source of the problem.


    If the above test does not get things working normally I would start with a backup, factory reset, and restore. Make sure you let all your presets rebuild afterwards and do a second restart of your Helix when that completes to ensure you are not getting any additional rebuild messages. That may just fix your problem unless something arcane is going on with your cables or external hardware. 


    I don't think this is a bug but I could always have missed something.

  25. 23 minutes ago, titchyblackcat said:

    I'm connecting my Helix LT to a mixer before it goes to a Native Instruments KA6 USB interface and then into my PC.

    I'm coming from the Helix with 1/4" jack cables.

    My mixer has Microphone in channels and Line In channels.

    So should the Helix be plugged into Microphone channels or Line In channels ?

    Also should i be using 1/4" jack cables or XLR cables ?


    Although either type of channel can be used I connect my Helix to the microphone channels with XLR cables although 1/4" can work if the run is not too long.  Too long and you are likely to get unwanted interference.  If you do connect via XLR to the mic channels set the LT's global settings 'Ins/Outs' --> 'XLR Outputs' = "Mic" and remember to turn the phantom power for those channels OFF.

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