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  1. Probably not the issue but just in case something in your globals got changed after the update, also wanted to draw your attention to the manual entry regarding 'Stomp Select' under Global Settings --> Footswitches. Might be interesting to try testing after changing this setting from, for example "Both" to "Touch", or vice-versa.


    "Stomp Select When set to “Touch,” touching a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s), but pressing doesn’t. When set to “Press,” pressing a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s), but touching doesn’t (helpful if you insist on playing barefoot). When set to “Both,” either touching or pressing will select the assigned item. The default is “Touch.”" 

  2. On 11/9/2022 at 2:55 PM, CraigGT said:

    I'd say it's a hardware problem and it's a coincidence about the firmware update.




    Probably right about a hardware problem but I would still try doing a backup and factory reset and backup restore anyway. If that doesn't help I would follow-up by repeating the entire firmware update with factory reset and backup restore. That doesn't do it, contact Line 6 support.

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  3. On 11/9/2022 at 4:26 AM, PierM said:

    Line6/Yamaha goal is to keep the Helix family still attractive in the market, as much as they can - to make good money and pay the team involved. This means the obsolescence will never be artificial, like it happens with computers, laptops and smartphones, through the various OS update. If you buy an iPad/iPhone today, will feel quick as a blink of an eye and smooth as silk. In 4 or 5 years will start glitching, lagging, slowing down and at some point it will be flagged as legacy, and won't receive new updates...there you go, you are "gently" forced to buy a new one to get back THE SAME efficiency you had with the "old one". That's the only way they have to keep an oversaturated market alive; making a perfectly fine piece of hardware, looking and feeling old as soon as they can. Audio DSP hardware, thanks the lord, never worked that way, so you can still use a Pod, or first gen Fractal, or a 20 years old Eventide rack, same way you were doing when they came out 5, 10 or 30 years ago.


    Long Live to Line 6 and Helix. ;)






    On 11/9/2022 at 9:17 AM, SaschaFranck said:


    Pretty much depends whether you have to use software along with that stuff. For instance, many older audio interfaces simply don't work anymore as there's no actual drivers anymore. The same could happen to the HY family, so using them as interfaces or using HX Edit will not work anymore. Which would also result in not being able to load IRs onto them anymore. So it's really not *all* that different.


    Both your points are well taken. There is absolutely a dependency between certain devices (e.g. digital modelers) and the computer that can hobble the device if OS upgrades or hardware changes on the computer no longer support the older device. At least there is the option to keep an old OS version around on one of your computers to keep your older drivers and apps still working. I have had a few devices along the way that I have made the decision to do this for. That way I can upgrade my hardware on my own schedule and have multiple computers, a more current one for current devices, and one which is designated for legacy devices. PITA but I have found it necessary at times.


    Also agree that the way OS upgrades work with their resultant driver and application incompatibility in the Windows, iOS, and even Android universe to some extent, is absolutely geared towards forcing you into a constant, and IMHO too frequent, hardware upgrade cycle for tablets and phones and sometimes even computers.

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  4. On 11/9/2022 at 2:04 PM, jeffjohn said:


    Anyone else found this after installing the 3.50 update? I done a back up before instal then restored back up and all my global settings had changed!!!



    If you restored a backup that you took after doing a factory reset, you can end up with the default factory global settings. Another possibility is that you unchecked the Global settings when you restored your old backup.

  5. Btw, it would be great to see a post from Line6 with links for the new factory/template setlists each time they get updated. Something like the post below that @Line6Tonyput up for the 3.0 firmware would probably be helpful and nice to have around as a sort of factory/template setlist archive. Again, this is from the 3.0 firmware, not the current 3.5.



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  6. The high likelihood is that when you restored your backup you also restored your old Factory and Templates setlists. Try the procedure detailed in the video below.


    Make sure you get backups first! You may find this video helpful, particularly starting at about 5:10 in. He demonstrates the method for doing the factory reset (on the Helix, use the one specific to your device) and then restoring the user setlists without overwriting the new Factory/Template setlists.


    Start with a factory reset after getting backups. The trick is, after opening a restore backup session, to expand your setlists and uncheck the ones you want to be restored to Factory from your new firmware. Often the two 'Factory' setlists and maybe the 'Templates' setlist as well. Alternately, any setlist that is checked will be restored from the backup file you selected.


    Worth mentioning - it is the factory reset that loads the new Factory and Template setlists for your current firmware level to your device. To elaborate on the above, if you then proceed to do a backup restore (as per the firmware release update notes), and do not uncheck the factory/template setlists, you will be restoring the old firmware's factory/template setlists, from your previous backup. This has applied to pretty much every firmware update. Whatever you decide, to retain your old factory setlists, or overwrite them with the new ones from the factory reset, you absolutely should restore your setlists, don't skip this step!


    Note: As the fellow in the video mentions, individually extracting any Factory or Template presets you may have edited "in place" is a good idea during your initial backup if you want to reload them after the factory reset loads up the new factory/template setlists. If you neglect to do this though, you can always use the 'Extract Files from Backup' command, on your previous backup, to recover individual prior factory presets.



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  7. On 11/7/2022 at 1:53 PM, DushanS said:

    I have the same problem with HX Stomp. In case someone else who wrote in this thread reads this, did you have any kind of additional foot switches plugged in?

    In my case it started happening sporadically, and with different firmwares. The unit would seem to be working fine but there would be no sound at all. It was obvious that it is not a hardware defect with ins or outs, or something with cables because as soon as unit is turned off, sound of amp (I am using HX Stomp in the amp loop) would be back. In the beginning the problem would go away after one or two restarts, but recently at soundcheck for a gig, it just stopped working and no matter how much I restarted there would be no sound. But, when I went back home, surprise, unit was working again. I have tried it both without and with Behringer footswitch that I am using as fs4 and fs5 switch.

    So, at least in my case there happens to be a pattern. Sound cutting out ALWAYS happens when unit is in a bit colder environment - at a gig soundcheck or rehearsal. (THere is also slight possibility that unit is working fine in my house because of good power and has problems somewhere else, but it seems a bit strange that all those other places have bad electricity)

    I have also read on different forum that someone has apparently learned it is a relay problem and this explanation seems to checks out. In my case, I have noticed that sometimes when problem appears tuner screen may pop out even if it was not activated, and then tuner screen would disappear but sound wouldn't come back. Also, issue seems to happen most often when unit is turned on for the first time in new environment. So it may be an issue with relay turning sound off as if tuner is activated. Also I have found an explanation that relay is turning sound off temporarily while unit is initializing so that there is no noise or pops and then turns it back on - and it is exactly one of the cases where issue seems to appear.
    Also, some people have found it helpful to plug in USB connection, change input to USB and then back to analog - it supposedly forces relay to reset and sound comes back. I didn't have a chance to try that in my case as sound was back when I tried unit again back at home.

    Also I wouldn't rule out a possibility that this issue is much more frequent than it appears - a lot of users (including myself in the past) won't write about it or use support ticket if simple restart has helped immediately. I started to bi worried only after the unit couldn't be revived when this happens.
    I also have to rethink this situation. I had literary every generation of Line6 hardware and it was always solid. I simply can't rely on something that may stop working randomly. If this is the case with all Helix products, I may have to get something else. For now I have an old HD500 as a backup, but it doesn't have greatest ad/da conversion so I kind of dislike to have it in an amps loop in serial mode.

    If I learn anything else, I will write back.


    That relay theory seems to have some supporting, or at least correlating, evidence. Thought I would throw the following out there as well.


    Don't know if this applies to this problem on the HX Stomp (does it use ribbon connectors?), but improper seating on many devices that use ribbon connectors internally can cause intermittent issues. Changes in temperature, being transported, or a slight bump, such as the one caused by a footswitch can cause the cable to move in relation to the contacts' "seat".

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  8. On 11/5/2022 at 10:53 AM, patrickcapaul said:

    Fist of all, sorry for my poor english...


    I just did the 3.5 update on my HX Stomp. Everything went through. The HX Stomp says Firmware 3.5.00. But no sounds. No matter what preset or amp or effect I activate, I can hear only the bypass sound. And on the HX Stomp screen are two weird square symbols. I tried all the different resets, but it is still not working. Any idea what this is?


    Thank you!!!

    150 B · 3 downloads


    Have you resolved this yet. Maybe something in your global settings has changed. I can't open the .php file you uploaded. Can you upload a screenshot instead?

  9. On 11/5/2022 at 10:53 AM, patrickcapaul said:

    Fist of all, sorry for my poor english...


    I just did the 3.5 update on my HX Stomp. Everything went through. The HX Stomp says Firmware 3.5.00. But no sounds. No matter what preset or amp or effect I activate, I can hear only the bypass sound. And on the HX Stomp screen are two weird square symbols. I tried all the different resets, but it is still not working. Any idea what this is?


    Thank you!!!

    150 B · 3 downloads


    Did you create a backup, and then do a factory reset and backup restore?

  10. On 11/4/2022 at 9:40 PM, stooxie said:

    I think also that people don't appreciate how difficult it is to work with embedded systems and DSP programming like the Helix. The fact that it doesn't have some super pretty update process doesn't bother me at all-- in fact, this two-step upgrade process makes me think they had to do some pretty cool acrobatics to shoe-horn in the substantial update. I was impressed!


    People's expectations are just totally out of whack these days about everything. As soon as it ain't pretty or perfect, and there's a commercial operation behind it, people grab the pitchforks and torches at the slightest thing.


    Maybe it's because I've been deal with computers my whole life... I always breathe a little prayer of thanks when any kind of update actually works. The chances for something to go wrong are infinite.




    I'm in the same boat, after a career in IT, the Line 6 install seems incredibly simple and laudably straightforward to me. That is not the case though if you are not particularly computer savvy, have connectivity issues, have a language barrier, or have problems with the outcomes on things like science experiments and recipes :-)


    Can't take the time to read the release notes for an update. Be prepared to potentially spend hours unraveling things after it fails. Much easier to take five minutes on the instructions. And yeah, if you embark on an update without a backup, on a device you have spent countless hours programming presets on, well welcome to the wild, wild, west. You are definitely tempting fate. Just don't do it!


    All I can say is that the forum community has been incredibly good at assisting users in making it through the updates unharmed if perhaps a little traumatized on occasion. Users can take comfort in the fact that the odds of bricking a Line 6 device during an update are incredibly low. Low as in, I think it almost never happens. Also, if tussling with an update is the price for getting a device that has just steadily improved by leaps and bounds for years now, I think most of us should gladly take the hit.

  11. On 11/4/2022 at 11:58 AM, acousticglue said:

    a preset that was modified from a Line6 one saved to User 5 area 1B kept resetting to New Preset name, parameters were there and was only called Jmp45


    Did you do the factory reset and backup restore after updating HX Edit AND the firmware?

  12. On 11/4/2022 at 3:17 PM, craiganderton said:


    I didn't want to use up forum bandwidth for something that could appear to be self-serving, so there's a dedicated support forum for all my Sweetwater Publishing books in the forum section of musicplayer.com. I just posted in the Helix thread today.


    Please note this isn't only about me posting stuff about when to expect an update!! Feel free to post suggestions about what you want to see covered in future updates, any problems you encounter with any of the tips, any typoze you find, anything that's not clear, and of course, anything you particularly like so I'll keep going in that direction. 


    The thread has quite a few views, but people aren't taking advantage of the two-way nature. Remember, I'm writing these books for you, so the more I know about what you want, the better :) 



    An unselfish view of the forum and a very much appreciated invitation to musicians here to provide feedback about what information might be most helpful to them as well as providing a feedback loop for keeping content accurate and up to date. Wanted to make sure forum users, particularly newer ones, were aware that a 'Follow' feature was available for any content/topic they want to keep up on. In fact, I just clicked the button myself :-)

  13. The only way to get a truly bulletproof update process is for it to require no update release instructions whatsoever. If something fails, the process stops, without hanging, and the device rolls back to a stable state before the update was started. Bad example I know but think about how a Windows update proceeds.  Can you imagine how many calls Microsoft support would get if every update actually required people to follow ANY instructions other than pushing the update button, or horrors, their computer was in an unusable state after a failed update (yeah, I know, that never happens - heavy sarcasm). Microsoft probably has a team of people who work on nothing but the update process. Line 6 does not have that level of development resources and even if they did, we would not want their time spent solely on the editor/firmware update process.


    The update process does not force a one button, no instructions, update. It is close, but not quite there. There is still sometimes no recovery back to steady state when something goes wrong. Thankfully there is the Updater using the flash/firmware file locally that recovers proper operation for 99.9 percent of users. If Line 6 could find a way to integrate it into the automated update process, under the covers, after returning to the device's pre-update state with no user intervention, that would probably reduce the failed update threads substantially. Can the factory reset and restore be integrated into the automatic update? Skipping this step probably increases the number of failures both during subsequent operation, and updates, for users who fail to execute these two operations.  Is the LOA required to incorporate all this into an automatic update worth the return? Perhaps in the long run it is.


    Line 6 has put a lot of time and energy into the update process. I have reservations about how much more development time I want to see them spend on it. What percentage of users even experience a failed update? How much time would be required to streamline and bulletproof the update process for large core changes like the 3.50 update, such that for example they don't require a simple "Resume"? I would hate to see fundamental changes to the Core delayed substantially just to make sure they can be handled seamlessly by the update process when following a couple of simple directions generally works just as well.


    Anyway, the map to getting to a smoother update process seems fairly clear if not easily implemented. Have to assume that they have made some decisions regarding resource allotment, or we would be there. If that is not the reason, time to find an update coding guru.


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  14. On 11/4/2022 at 5:51 AM, cumminsn said:

    Hi Forum,

                     At least two of us have reported the same scenario,ie Cakewalk hangs with what appears to be an ASIO comms problem when connecting to any project or trying to create a new one.Reversion to previously functioning v3.15 also doesn't clear the issue,neither does reloading of the v1.97 Driver file or a move forward again to v3.5.


    Strange thing is that other tools that use the Line6 ASIO driver are working normally,and Cakewalk also works normally with other ASIO drivers,so something very specific to Cakewalk's interaction with the Line6 ASIO driver seems to have happened with the new firmware,and also regressively impacting the previous build.


    All the ASIO settings in Cakewalk are as before and work fine using other ASIO drivers.


    Support so far have just suggested going back to v3.15,which doesn't fix the issue,Cakewalk support have referred us to Line6 as they don't test 3rd party hardware,so stuck in a loop now.


    Any suggestions?


    Many Thanks,



    Did you remove all Line6 software/drivers before reverting back to 3.15? Did you reinstall the 3.15 version of HX Edit as well as going back to the 3.15 firmware? If that doesn't work maybe reinstalling Cakewalk might work. Might even be worth trying a Cakewalk reinstall after the Line6 HXEdit and firmware 3.50 install/update.

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  15. I'm wondering if some people are updating the firmware before or without updating HX Edit. Could see that as one potential point of failure.


    Another is people not reading the release notes and therefore not hitting "Resume" when it pops up in the editor. Instead, they maybe reboot or restart the install process.


    There are probably a few other ways to screw it up as well as going directly to using the Updater, instead of starting the process by updating the editor from within HX Edit and then the firmware.


    Poor internet connectivity interrupting the process.


    Then there's problems that show up later, after the fact. Like ignoring the instructions to do a factory reset and backup restore, and subsequently having presets or backups that hang or misbehave.


    Problems with reauthorizing Marketplace downloads that can probably be caused by busy servers or poor internet connectivity.


    Still not a bullet proof process but reading the release notes and following the directions closely will get most people through with no hassle. My install went exactly as the release notes directed. No issues.

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  16. Love that this firmware update upped the cabs sound quality! Hope they decide to get comprehensive and get around to upgrading the rest of the legacy cabs as well in a future update. Wouldn't want to trigger any OCD by only seeing the current partial selection from the legacy cabs in the new upgraded cabs list. Right now though I am way too busy seeing how many extra blocks I can stuff into every preset thanks to the DSP optimization in the new cabs and IR management :-)


    From release notes:

    "Due to further improvements to Helix Core, new Cabs and 1024-point IRs use roughly 66% less DSP as in 3.15 or earlier. Even the new IR > Dual block uses less DSP than a single IR block in 3.15. 2048-point IRs use roughly 80% less DSP, although they still use a lot of memory, so they're still limited to one instance per path. NOTE: Older Hybrid cabs use the same amount of DSP as in earlier firmware."

  17. On 10/29/2022 at 6:09 PM, dcrowell said:

    I am having the same problem and I can no longer use HX Edit on my Windows 11 machine. Has anyone found a solution or a workaround yet?




    On 10/30/2022 at 7:02 PM, MusicLaw said:

    Current workaround/remedy/solution: IGNORE Win11's Device Security Notification!


    Leave the Core Isolation Memory Integrity (CIMI): "OFF".


    Be sure that you are running a sufficient Malware Protection Product on your system.


    This message probably means you already have CIMI set to On. Set it to OFF as @Musiclaw indicated by typing "Windows Security" into the Windows search box under the Windows icon, select the 'Device Security' icon, go to the settings and turn off 'Memory Integrity'. I feel like a disclaimer is required so, as stated here already, this may introduce some vulnerabilities to Windows so have the proper alternative security measures in place. Whatever those may be? Hopefully Microsoft and/or Line6 will get this resolved at some point.

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  18. On 11/3/2022 at 6:49 PM, audiojunkie said:

    Before updating, I tried creating a backup but was unable to due to a web server authentication error -1109.  So I left it as is because I had an earlier backup that had the same presets,etc, but after updating I can't import my own IR's with the same error occurring.  Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?


    Are you talking about being unable to load IRs purchased from the Line 6 Marketplace.  Check out this thread:



  19. On 10/31/2022 at 7:59 PM, MesaSean said:

    Hi folks, I fired up my Helix after not using it for about a year or so. I did the signed in and did the updated to 3.15.


    I wanted to fire it up to test out the Das Benzin amp based off the Diezel but it is no where to be found on my Helix. I see in other YouTuber videos the amps are just above the Line 6 Amps but mine just has the Revv amps above the line 6 amps.


    Am I just dumb or do you have to buy them or something? Any advice on why they are not appearing on my Helix?


    Thanks so much in advance.


    Well, the new firmware 3.50 is out so you will probably be upgrading to that. In general, whenever you can't see models that are supposed to be there, either in HX Edit, or on your device, unless you are looking in the wrong category, chances are you have not upgraded to the proper version of either HX Edit, or the firmware. See @datacommando's 2nd link above.


    If you go to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' in the editor, the dialog will show you both the editor and the firmware version. Good idea to check them after every update.

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  20. On 11/2/2022 at 10:44 PM, CampNowhere said:

    I plan on running the helix via the 4 cable method but was wondering if it is possible to add the send/return blocks automatically to all my presets. 

    I have a few dozen presets so I could add them manually but was just inquiring if there was an easier way of accomplishing this.




    If you want to be daring, you could always do a mass edit on the backup files and restore them. Buyer beware! First be sure to get a good backup, or three. I would recommend adding them via HX Edit or the device though. Shouldn't take that long.


    For new presets, create a template(s) that includes your send/return blocks as your default signal chain and just copy it over when you create a new preset.

  21. On 11/3/2022 at 7:57 PM, datacommando said:

    S’truth, Tingley!

    Do they still prop up their dead at the bus stop there?


    Yep, Cleckheaton - I used to go there to get drunk with Alan Holdsworth in the back room of the Royal.




    I remember seeing Hawkwind (when Lemmy was still with them), and also Led Zep at St. George’s back in Jan ‘73 - your ticket was a quid, IIRC Zep was 75p. He, he,he!





    Freakin' love Hawkwind, saw them here in the States, years ago!  Never understood why they (and Budgie for that matter) never got more traction here.  Lemmy probably had more success here with Motorhead.

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  22. On 11/3/2022 at 4:23 PM, ingen63 said:

    I am on firmware 3.15 and cant update to 3.5 due to a failing update, Errorr -8212. I already tried the follwing things


    Exported all setlist

    Have overwritten all  presets with empty presets in HX Edit

    Factory reset with button 10&11

    Factory reset with button 9&10

    Factory reset with button 5&12


    but creating a backup still fails either at 17% or 100% during user model defaults


    I even tried to restored a backup from Dec 2020 created with v3.0, which worked, but creating a a backup afterwards again failed.


    any idea, what to do next?


    Download and install HX Edit 3.50. You can try the update from the editor (update link in bottom right). If that's not working, proceed to next paragraph.


    Download and install the Line6 Updater.  Make sure HX Edit is not running, e.g. if in Windows, check the Task Manager. Run the Updater and update your device. If that doesn't do it, download the firmware file and try the Updater again using the local firmware file.  


    Whichever method ends up working for you, make sure to do the factory reset and reload your presets per the release notes when you are done.

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