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  1. 8 hours ago, jbreher said:


    I was reading through this thread from the beginning before posting my woes,

    I followed the update instructions to the letter. Global Settings have NOT been restored from the backup (although my user patches seem so far to be good). 

    As but one example, Base MIDI channel has been changed. But that's the least of my woes. I rely heavily on MIDI automation for my gig. I've just had a live show utterly destroyed by this flaw.

    How can I get my Global Settings back?


    Sounds like you restored too recent a backup. Perhaps one from after your update. To restore your old global settings, you needed to restore one that was made either during the automated update process, or a prior backup. Looks like you got it worked out though so onwards and upwards.

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  2. 2 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


    They could issue a green one for St. Patty's Day, and call it the Gaelix...


    There's a name that would Gaul everyone.

  3. 21 hours ago, Prostheta said:

    Well this has been an entertaining thread for so many reasons. I found it purely wondering if an H2 release has been speculated with good reasoning, so thanks rabbithole.

    There is definitely a lot of misunderstanding and assumption on a number of subjects, which to be honest I'm unsure have been clarified....I started getting thread fatigue after page 2 :-)


    BEWARE: I am likely wrong or have not fully thought out the points in this post. I hope it clarifies a little or brings bluesky thinking into a more real context in some manner. That's my intention anyway.


    Regarding the capabilities of the Helix over the previous generation HD products; the Helix runs two 4th gen. SHARC ADSP-21469 DSPs versus the single 3rd gen. ADSP-21369 in the HD. The power here is not simply a clocking upgrade, even though the architecture is fundamentally similar between both generations. The 4th gen. can access faster external memory (DDR2) than the 3rd (SDRAM). It's not a magnitude of difference, but not merely an incremental one.


    To throw one out there, the 5th generation of SHARC DSP chips are a similar gear shift such as the capability to model 3D space natively which might be a poor thing to be chumming the waters of this thread with. The same power and capabilities being under the hood of the entire H range will likely translate to the H2. Improvements in grunt will likely be in line with that of the Quad Cortex; four processors rather than two would seem a reasonable assumption in that particular sausage-waving arms race. Sticking with two 5th gen. SHARC might seem a little backward even if the power upgrade would still be significant by comparison. I wouldn't imagine that the Helix lineup would be fragmented between say, something like a dual DSP LT and quad Rack/Floor models....that would be incredibly detrimental in my view.


    The discussion about touchscreens and other physical interface points is a worthwhile discussion. I'm of the opinion that the more complex something becomes, the more that there needs to be an upshift in durability. This is more of an issue for floor models since they see the most physical abuse with stomping, dirt and transport. I would personally like to see HX Edit become less of a desktop-only application and also see it on iOS and Android portable devices for deep diving with a very similar physical control space as current. The Helix floor has always struck me as the most durable and use-appropriate modeller for gigging, so adding in more fragile complexity would undermine that. Replaceable external deep control through devices feels like it allows for a robust powerful workhorse; fragile stuff can be outsourced to phones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth or other wireless protocol.


    The absolutely valid comment about developers reach being deeper than their grasp says a lot, and unfortunately I think this was either missed, or worse dismissed if it didn't align with any particular view. I'd add that this reach is into a space that is constantly evolving and moving away from one's grasp so no one "perfect" unit or modelling paradigm can ever exist. Suggesting that there is a single goal is fatuous at best. Every solution and every update to that will always have development that can be done, with the market changing and providing new requirements. I personally haven't latched onto the Quad Cortex as I feel it wants to try and be some sort of end run pioneer ahead of the modeller market trend when really, we're not that much into innovation on the whole. Certainly a case for the slow reliable tortoise than that new-fangled hare thing. Pioneering might reveal new ideas and direct trends, but they tend to be pretty unstable platforms with a high miss ratio.


    For what it's worth, what my Helix floor does today will likely be just what I want it to do in ten years. This is perhaps Line6's biggest problem in that the devices out there are going to be hard to replace with an H2 unless it again ups the standard of solid hardworking devices. If it goes into gimmick territory, I think we'll end up divided between accepting the fluff to stay in the ecosystem with the hardware we like, move on to Kemper (or whatever is ticking the boxes at that time) or more likely stick with the Helix we have until it EOLs in preference to current market lineup.




    A separate conversation about what I'd like to see in an H2, or what I'd want it to be.


    Visually, black is nice. The durability angle of the Helix floor really should be the same or better. That said, under this desk everything blends into one dark mass. Ring lights and backlit buttons that can be universally controlled for brightness (colour would be a gimmick bonus) with a switch to mute/light the lot, activate when using controls and fade out after 10s or other would be great. I like that my Helix can be unobtrusive but that same thing can make seeing things a chore. I like the controls as they are for the most part, but the joystick can be a bit hit and miss.


    Dual expression controllers with the option for switchless activation. Dual is perhaps less of a priority, especially for those that don't even use one. Being able to powerfully assign the switchless activation flag to other blocks or even snapshots would be immense; simply putting your foot on the pedal to turn on the wah that also changes up amp and effect settings? Nobody has that right now. 


    Tone matching would be excellent. I have a swathe of IRs I created with plugins in my DAW, so having this brought under the Helix software roof would be fantastic, especially if its integrated well rather than being a satellite "feature". Capturing a tone from a recorded piece, comparing that to me playing the same thing with my "best guess" and the IR transform being generated is crazily fun. A more out-there extension of this might be GAN AI analysis in software to suggest this-verb, that-EQ, etc. plus a generated IR. This is definitely more a desktop GPU thing, possibly Helix Native-angled?


    "Studio blocks" leveraging the 3D audio processing capabilities of the 5th gen. SHARC DSPs would allow for movement beyond simple stereo into modelling more complex spaces. This is more chumming of course. I don't fully see how live floor users would find that much application for this, but certainly it would add to the production capabilities of the rack. Perhaps this would bake in too much of the sort of thing that would be done DAW-side but hey.


    External pedal power output?


    Okay, I'm out of steam guys. This has bitten into my Sunday more than I expected :-D


    Be constructive and realistic in response to anything written.


    There are a few points here I don't necessarily concur with but also many I do. A technical, thoughtful, and thought provoking writeup with plenty of good ideas and speculation.

  4. On 2/26/2022 at 10:17 PM, Briand135 said:

    Hi guys, I'm trying to update my Helix floor to 3.15 and when I try to create a backup it goes through the process but instead of creating a backup I get a message that says "HX Edit was unable to backup some of the presets because the required licenses were not found.  The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace.    *65022"         Any clues as to what this means and is there a work-around?  I bough this unit used a year ago and it had a lot of user presets already installed.  Yes, I've already updated HX Edit.


    It sounds like this is some sort of licensing issue and I would contact Line6 directly to see if they can sort it out.


    9 hours ago, Percy71 said:



    Same for me. HX Edit 3.15 wont create any back up. Nothing happens when while clicking on Create Backup. not when choosing Restore... or Extract... either.


    Not sure if this is the same issue @Briand135 is having. Did you buy used or have software installed from the Marketplace that requires licensing?


    In the event, for either of you, that this is an erroneous message caused by a technical issue I would probably do the following. You can skip to the last paragraph immediately for a possible resolution, but I would go through the checklist first.


    1. Did you do a factory reset per the update instructions after updating to 3.15? If you haven't done the factory reset and you have a decent prior backup already, then do one and attempt a restore.
    2. Ensure that your version of HX Edit and firmware are at 3.15. Open the 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' screen in HX Edit and check the top and bottom version numbers for the editor and firmware. If they are both at 3.15 and you still can't get a proper backup or restore, move on to the next paragraph.


    Try the following solution If you updated to HX Edit 3.15 directly through the automated update within HX Edit and still can't get a backup and restore. Instead, download HX Edit 3.15 directly from the Line 6 website and install it. Now try your backup/restore. If you want to be thorough, uninstall your Line 6 software first before doing the reinstall of HX Edit 3.15.



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  5. 3 hours ago, GuitarGuy19 said:

    @HonestOpinion Thanks for the quick reply! For context, I use the EXP1 or EXP2 position bypass for a different delay block (either Ducked Delay, Ping Pong, Transistor Tape, or Vintage Digital) on various presets—not Wah. On any preset with a Wah block, the Wah is set to EXP Pedal Toe bypass. Responses are inline.



    Thanks for the incredibly detailed reply! As, or if, more of these posts pop up, maybe we can start to see a pattern as to why different users seem to be getting different results. As with so many other features or bugs where there are variances between the reported behavior, it often it seems to be related to users having different settings, or sometimes amounts to no more than differences in the way people describe what they are observing, or actual differences or errors between various testers in their testing methodology that go unnoticed. 


    I tested my Helix with all of the global settings set to be identical with yours, even set up the volume block on EXP 3 with an external expression pedal per your settings. I was unable to replicate your results. The 'Behavior' setting always stays persistent for me, no save required. One thing I noticed during my test, across snasphots or presets, the 'Behavior' setting stays persistent per EXP (1, 2, or 3 on the Helix), but each EXP can be set differently (Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down). If you have bypass/Wait set up for example on both EXP 1 and EXP 3, then the 'Behavior can be set to 'Toggle' on EXP 1 and 'Toe Down' on EXP 3, but it will be the same for that EXP in every preset/snapshot. So, what I am finding is that the 'Behavior' value stays persistent for the EXP number(1, 2, or 3) that it is set on, with only one 'Behavior' option available at any given time on that EXP. The set value is the same in every preset/snapshot, however, it need not be identical across different EXPs.


    The reason I mention this, besides it being another relevant detail of how the 'Behavior' parameter works currently, is that it can skew the results of your testing if you don't keep a close eye on which EXP the block you are examining is assigned to. Is it possible that you were looking across EXPs during your testing?  I noticed when I did this in error a couple of times when running the tests (with your described setup) it would appear as if the 'Behavior' was flipping back to 'Toggle' when actually it wasn't. I was in fact comparing the 'Behavior' on two different EXPs when I switched presets/snapshots, rather than comparing the values on the same EXP. 


    Anyway, the more I test this, as I have mentioned previously, the more I notice how many individual scenarios need to be tested - different EXPs, every combination of pertinent global settings combined with all the new 'Behavior' options, legacy and new presets, HX Edit preset/snapshot switching as well as manual switching on the device, ensuring that HX Edit reflects the same value as the device, and other stuff I haven't thought of yet. To be thorough, all of this needs to be tested across setlists, banks, presets, and snapshots. Makes my head spin. This really is one of those features that is complicated enough to be best vetted, systematically with a test harness by Line 6 that can run through a ton of possible variations and check to ensure proper and repeatable results.


    I imagine Line 6 has been, and continues to test this in-house, as well as looking at the reports of user experiences with it in the wild. If not, then I hope they will. The 'Behavior' option would benefit from further clarification/documentation, and perhaps a fix if it is not functioning as intended.



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  6. 6 hours ago, BAmartin said:

    I have no inside knowledge whatsoever on which amps are coming in the next 3.2 firmware, but I do hope those models stay in the Catalyst.

    First reason: We want the Catalyst to sell a lot of units and including those amps in the Helix would definitely translate into less sales. The more units sold, the more money Line6 make, the more they can invest in R&D and staff. That would give them the chance to still add free updates to the Helix like they did from the beginning (excellent).



    While I agree with the rest of your post as well as the bit in your "First Reason" regarding investing in R&D and staff, it is hard for me to see how not keeping these models only in the Catalyst will cause significantly reduced sales. The Catalyst is different enough from the Helix that it will hopefully hold appeal in other ways. One of the biggest pluses, often lauded, about the current crop of HX devices is the "ecosystem", its inter-connectivity, and the ease of transferable knowledge and even presets between devices and also, Native. IMHO the sharing of code, models, features, etc., across devices is to be encouraged. It helps to keep them all current, encourages updates which can be leveraged throughout the entire lineup, and I believe ultimately increases sales for all of the devices. If you like a model or feature enough to purchase a Catalyst to get it, maybe you will purchase additional HX devices that possess that model/feature in other form factors as well for greater flexibility. 

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  7. On 2/26/2022 at 9:05 AM, Laujo46 said:

    Hi! i try to use the updater of my HX effects in two differents computers ( win 7 and win 10 ) and i have the same error... when i try to open the program ... never starts... 
    I don't know why.. i install the drivers  correctly, the two computers recognice the multieffects pedal

    Thanks for your help


    Download and install HX Edit 3.15 first to install all the necessary drivers and software. Make sure you don't have HX Edit up when you start the Updater. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, LesSand said:

    Thanks for putting some thought on it, @HonestOpinion! What you described is EXACTLY what I was thinking too, but wanted to hear from you folks first.


    And I too was wondering about differences between L6L and AES/EBU protocols, whether a passive solution would even make sense or if would need to look for a digital splitter (if that even exists; would I then need to worry about clocking... a potential rabbit hole), but it didn't occur to me that there could be actually physical malfunction caused by it.


    Thanks for bringing this up, this perspective now gives me some extra pause.


    And all of this because I'm trying to avoid using two simple analog cables... Ugh. Just saying that makes me feel dirty. I wish I could digitize my ears and listen to zeros and ones. (-:


    Agree with all of this. Even if damage to any devices involved is unlikely, I would not wholly discount it as a possibility. I also wondered about the specifics of how to go about splitting the signal. It could be relatively straightforward though.


    Sescom SES-AES-EBU-Y Impedance Matching AES/EBU SES-AES-EBU-Y (

  9. Actually, I do have one incredibly far-fetched thought. I wonder if anyone has ever tested splitting the output from the L6 Link output? This doesn't really address using S/PDIF and L6 Link simultaneously, but if it it worked it could allow simultaneously using L6 Link and AES/EBU. The outlandish experiment proposed below would still keep you in the digital realm.


    If the L6 Link protocol is close enough to AES/EBU, perhaps you could send one side of the split to your PowerCab, and another to an AES/EBU input on another device, and it would ignore any additional L6 Link data? Of course, it might just cause the Helix or any attached devices to go poof in the night with attendant smoking and burning. So, I am neither recommending this nor responsible for the possible consequences. Enter at your own risk or just - DON"T. Another possible issue is that the Helix might default to AES/EBU rather than L6 Link if two devices were connected via a split - one to L6 Link and one to AES/EBU. Have no idea and nowhere near the digital expertise to even hazard a guess. "Hazard" being the operative word here.

  10. 22 minutes ago, LesSand said:

    Has anyone found any creative ways (other than using USB) to have a Helix (Rack) connect to a PowerCab 212+ via L6 Link and still allow for some sort of digital output (into a soundcard, for instance)?


    I use a Helix Rack + PC 212+ alongside a Clarett 8Pre and am bummed that switching on my PowerCab (connected to the Helix via L6) disables the S/PDIF output - I use the latter to intake the Helix signal, keeping some analog channels open and staying in the digital realm.


    I quickly perused the forum, but didn’t find any ideas that’d specifically address that scenario.





    Can't offer a solution but just had to say that is a hilariously humble post and topic title :-)

  11. On 2/25/2022 at 9:41 PM, GuitarGuy19 said:


    Interestingly enough, I am experiencing essentially the opposite behavior (more evidence this is a bug): After saving a change to the new Behavior parameter, upon leaving and returning to the preset, the "saved" change is reverted / was apparently not saved.


    This occurs for me on all presets with an EXP bypass.


    Hmm, thanks for posting, if you have a moment, more details please. Will help in figuring out why different users seem to be getting different results:


    Which HX Device do you own?

    Are you using the attached Wah pedal or an external one?

    Did you do a factory reset and restore after your upgrade to 3.15?

    Which EXP(1, 2, 3?) are you using for Wah?

    What is your global setting (Global, Per Snapshot, or Per Preset) for 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP * Pedal Position'?

    What is your global setting (Discard or Recall) for 'Preferences' ---> 'Snapshot Edits'? Is the Behavior setting persisting between snapshots? Between presets?

    What is the 'Behavior' setting (Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down) that is not persistent when returning to the preset? Or is it any/all of them that behave this way?

    Do you click the expression pedal toe switch to use the Wah, or is the preset/snapshot already on the EXP(1,2, or 3) setting corresponding to the Wah? 

  12. 23 minutes ago, lespool79 said:

    Thank you .  Great responses.  I'm terrified this is too complex for me.  


    Modeling isn't for everyone, it can be a little daunting at first as there is a learning curve, but the Helix is designed for mere mortals, and you will most likely find yourself wrapping your head around it soon enough with some initial effort. After that point it becomes very rewarding! As you design your presets at home, you will get better as time goes by at anticipating what will work once you hit the stage, regardless of what you are using to monitor them. The advice already presented here holds though. The closer your volume is to performance levels, and your monitor equipment is to a PA speaker, the more direct the translation will be, and more likely fewer preset adjustments will be required for that transition from home to stage.

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  13. 3 hours ago, TimsonVomDach said:

    Thank you again for your effort!

    I at least understand the different parameters better now.

    Just have to go with little more trial and error and I'm pretty sure it will work after a little more corrections ;-)



    Good luck and keep us posted if you think you have spotted a legitimate bug. This firmware is still brand new and the interaction of the various parameters with the Wah, global, per preset, and per snapshot, are relatively involved. There are a lot of new potential scenarios with the addition of the 'Behavior' parameter, and even more so if you are using the 'Per Snapshot' global setting. A lot of potential permutations to test. The sooner the Line 6 community spots any issues the more likely they are to get resolved in an upcoming firmware release.

  14. 3 hours ago, Ifalejan said:

    Hey everyone, first post here! So before the update, I was able to use the command center to assign FS 4 on my HX Effects to send midi commands to my bigsky to change between multiple reverbs for each of my 4 snapshots. When I found out I could do this, i was so stoked. Now, after I just updated my HX Effects with this newest update, this feature is not working whatsoever even though all settings are the same. Are there new settings I need to change or something i need to do different?


    Did you follow the update with a factory reset and backup restore? This will restore your global settings to what they were before your update?

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  15. 29 minutes ago, siddharthsinha said:

    Thanks everyone for the responses!


    I did fire up the helix yesterday - updated to 3.15, factory rest and restored from backup. Then added a couple of presets which were shared by a friend.


    The next time I started the helix (a day later) it said something on the lines of “resetting the presets” and then the count went from 1 to a big number (not sure how much) 


    restarted it a couple of times after that as well - but now boots up immediately. 

    any clue why the reset happened again? 


    It is a normal part of the upgrade process. No worries. You may see some specific presets rebuild here and there again upon restart if you import or copy them but not the full post-upgrade rebuild.

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  16. 3 hours ago, soundog said:

    ...Make sure you get all the footswitches and effects blocks you think you might need. Size might also be a factor for you pedalboard, so consider that as well. ...


    ^^^ This!!! Personally, I don't think anything in a lifetime of trying different pedalboards and modelers (other than crappy sound), has pushed me to switch devices more quickly than lack of adequate footswitches or effects that make up my usual signal path. If you are intending to use snapshots(scenes) you might want to keep that in mind as well as it relates to available switches or alternatively adding a MIDI controller.  All of the advice here is good, but this is basically a subjective decision that hinges on how you will be playing now and the foreseeable, but not distant future. There will be new devices available in the distant future.


    Budget, form factor, max # simultaneous effects, amp/cab modeling, simplicity, ease of use, whether you intend to retain your other pedals, whether you will employ a MIDI controller - all figure into the calculus of selecting the best suited device(s). You know the drill.

  17. 8 minutes ago, onager said:

    I was getting ready to update to 3.15 on my Helix Rack. Tried to do a Backup and received an error message" Error occurred during the backup: Operation failed due to DSP overload. (code-8611)"

    Tried 2 different computers, usb cords, usb 2/usb 3, same thing.

    Any ideas on how to remedy this ??

    Thanks in advance



    Are the HX Edit and Firmware versions the same? Check the versions on each. Having a firmware version that is more recent than the HX Edit version can cause issues with backups. Also, did you do the factory reset after upgrading HX Edit and the firmware to 3.15?

  18. On 2/24/2022 at 9:05 AM, TimsonVomDach said:




    And second, contrary to video you attached in your last comment when I change the behaviour of the bypass in HX Edit, change the preset and go back the behaviour always goes back to toggle. This happens in both of the presets and even when I save it.

    So maybe this bug causes that my changes are not taken over correctly which leads to this mysterious manner.


    DRUM SCHELLN.hlx 12.26 kB · 2 downloads MOTORSAECH.hlx 12.32 kB · 2 downloads


    The first thing I noticed is your 'Position' parameter is set to 0% in these presets. You might want to consider changing that to something like 5%. Otherwise, any minute problem with pedal calibration or failure to press the pedal all the way heel-down may cause the bypass not to function properly. Noticed also you have your Wah's Level parameter assigned to the expression pedal. Can see that being potentially useful.


    I uploaded your presets and began testing them. When I change the 'Behavior' in one preset it also changes the 'Behavior' in the other(s). I am referring to the actual value, of the parameter e.g. Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down. This occurs with or without a save. This is as described in the video @theElevators posted. If you are not seeing this happen, I would recommend doing a Factory reset and restore. This is just addressing how the 'Behavior' parameter should be seen to act in the 3.15 firmware(bug or not). We are not yet addressing the issue of when the Wah engages/bypasses.



    On 2/24/2022 at 9:05 AM, TimsonVomDach said:




    The pedal should come up bypassed when changing to one of those presets.

    DRUM SCHELLN.hlx 12.26 kB · 2 downloads MOTORSAECH.hlx 12.32 kB · 2 downloads


    There are several factors that impact the bypass state of the Wah in the preset when you either switch to the preset, or when you first start the Helix. One of the most important is how you have the 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' set, since you are not using snapshots yet, let's limit the discussion to "Global" or "Per Preset"

    Let's use EXP 1 for global settings and the 'Behavior' = "Toggle" in the following examples per your presets:


    The global setting --> 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' = "Global"

    When the value is "Global" then the Wah will come up in the bypass state dependent on where the expression is set currently. This will apply whether you are first starting the Helix or switching from another preset. Additionally, the bypass state will be dependent on the value you have set in 'Behavior'. 


    Just to throw another wrinkle into things, it would appear that if you use the Bypass button to manually set the state of the Wah while the 'Behavior' = "Toggle" and save the preset, that state will be remembered and your Wah will come up in the state you saved, again, dependent on the position of the expression pedal. In other words, Toggle can either bypass or engage as you rock the from heel-down to toe-Down and back, depending on how you manually set the state of the Wah with the Bypass button. The Helix will remember this after a save. 


    I guess the thing to remember is that in the Toggle setting, depending on how the bypass state is set when you save, you can inadvertently reverse the expected bypass behavior on the expression pedal, next time you start the Helix or return to that preset. Helix remembers whether physically moving, for example, to the toe down position, was causing the Wah to engage or bypass! This applies whether you are set to "Global" or "Per Preset". Sorry to repeat this but it is not the behavior I would have anticipated. Before the 'Behavior' = 'Toggle' setting existed, you would have had do something like reverse the Min Value & Max Value under 'Controller Assign' to see behavior like this. This is new, and I suppose a shortcut of sorts.


    The global setting --> 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' = "Per Preset"

    When 'EXP 1' is set globally to "Per Preset". The bypass state of the Wah should come up in the state(and position) it was last saved. Regardless of where the pedal is physically positioned when you either first start the Helix or if you are switching from another preset. As far as the Helix is concerned, regardless of the physical position of your expression pedal, when you switch to a preset with your global set to "Per Preset", the virtual position of the expression pedal is where you last saved it.


    When you are set to "Per Preset" most/all (?) of the same rules detailed in the "Global" section above apply to the Wah bypass state, with the exception of the fact that until you move the expression pedal, your bypass state is following the virtual position of the pedal in your last save.


    Anyway, I could literally spend an entire day just troubleshooting/testing the Wah behavior, so I will stop here. If I had been formally tasked with testing this feature, I would spend considerably more time to ensure my results are accurate and persistent, but this is the best I have at the moment. I hope it helps cut through at least some small measure of the confusion. I will have to figure out how to trim this down in a more concise manner in the future.


    Btw, I was able to have your presets behave in a predictable manner governed by the rules listed above if that is any consolation. I did not test as extensively with restarts as I did across presets, but the restart bypass states in the tests I did, looked correct to me. As I stated further up though, you may want to consider moving the 'Position' up to something like 5%. I should also mention that sometimes there is some slight latency that exceeds the Wait time when it is set low. Nothing that problematic but it just seems like on occasion it takes slightly longer than for example a set value of 300ms. I would rather expect that with many pieces of hardware, and I have not timed it, so it could just be my imagination.


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  19. Maybe not the specifics you were looking for on the Helix but there are a lot of good tips on how to get the DNB sound at the site below, certainly some/much of which can be translated to the Helix. Starts at the section entitled "Step 2: Bass".  Might be worth considering combining whatever sound you derive from your Helix with some additional processing from a DAW with some plugins, or a guitar/bass synth, played live. A more complex setup with some potential latency but it might get you closer to your intended sound. Still avoiding using a backing track that way. If you can pull it off with just the Helix, I hope you upload the preset.


    How To Make Drum & Bass: The Complete Guide - EDMProd

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  20. 21 minutes ago, siddharthsinha said:

    My first post here and can see the forum has a few keyboard bullies :) 


    Not that you would be entirely wrong about that, but your question was legitimate and thank you for the opportunity to see a little humor injected into the forum. There's usually room for a quip or three as well as an informative technical response. I don't think any insult was intended and it made for a more entertaining topic. 

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  21. 37 minutes ago, theElevators said:

    I'm seeing this behavior (also posted in the bugs thread).  The 3.15 "behavior" parameter value gets auto-saved and sometimes applies to unrelated presets. 



    Yep, I am seeing the same behavior you detailed in your video. That means that at least in the 3.15 firmware, it appears at first blush, that setting the 'Behavior' in any preset will set it to the same value in all other presets where the wah is set up for auto-engage/bypass. More testing required but it is hard to understand why this would be intended behavior. Looks like a bug. At the least, something users need to be aware of.

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  22. 1 hour ago, theElevators said:

    I'm seeing this behavior (also posted in the bugs thread).  The 3.15 "behavior" parameter value gets auto-saved and sometimes applies to unrelated presets. 



    Wow! Haven't tested this behavior between presets yet myself but if this is consistent then the 'Behavior' parameter is acting like a global setting from within a preset. We have seen that before with the 'Variax Settings' parameter on the Input block and the 'Powercab Remote' setting on the Output block, also similar to those other "globals within a preset", 'Behavior' doesn't seem to require a save to affect all other presets. Unlike those parameters though, this one would probably qualify, as you point out, as a bug. Good catch! Going to run some tests and see if I can replicate your results.

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