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  1. I got the Helix 3 days ago and started replicating my presets from my other rigs.  Pretty quick learning curve as promised. Actually able to come very close, as well as improve - adding some dynamics/response I didn't have.


    Holding opinion overall but only disappointed in 1 effect at this point - the filter. 


    Using the filter for an auto-wah and it's pretty bad honestly.  Tweaked and tweaked...got close enough but the high frequency end goes into the dog whistle range.  The filter overal is pretty thin sounding regardless of where I put it in the chain or which preamp/amp used.  Staff please put it on the list for an upgrade.


    The only other issue is getting the PC ap to run,  It nstalled and ran on my Win10 laptop fine, but locks up on my Win7 desktop in my studio.  Reinstalled but no change.  Any answers/suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Got my unit 3 days ago.  Have the same problem.  The ap runs on my W10 laptop but not on my W7 studio desktop, which is where I'd prefer it to run.  Have reinstalled a few times, no difference. 


    Also noticed my user presets do not convert to stomp box mode.


    Any help staff?



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