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  1. Yeah, this also worked for me!I just put it to minimize to tray so I don't see it on my taskbar and it works flawlessly! Line6 needs to hire @jinxjinxsen for tech support!
  2. I tried you "Fix" and it still doesn't work unfortunately. :( I feel like I'm just going to be stuck using my phone instead of my PC. SMH. Where the heck is line 6 with support on this issue?!?!?! SMDH!!
  3. So no "moderators" can see this and comment on it? Lmao what a joke.
  4. I'm having the same issue on v2.02 But if I connect it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ it works completely fine. IDK whats up with it. Anyone have a fix for this stupid problem yet??
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