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  1. Yep... $399 on its own, $99 for Helix owners.

    That's a real solid, considerate move from Line6. I worry about how much I'd end up using my pedalboard if I buy it though? Yes I still have some stomps I love mostly SlideRig Compact Deluxe, Cornish P2 fuzz, King of Tone and EHX SuperPulsar, but the reamplifying capabilities speed up my workflow exponentially with a Helx plugin AND automated Helix is the stuff dreams dream of!


    I've never felt this torn over a software release, lol. I'll probably be losing sleep tonight pondering the possibilities.


    I'm curious though, any of you guys who use Helix mostly for recording, will you be thinking of selling your unit and picking up the Native version?

  2. Holy crap! I didn't see that one coming! Did they mention an estimate release date or suggested price?


    The ability to automate Helix sound so exciting yet somehow makes my floor unit feel less special. Stream of consciousness here but I find it all bittersweet lol. So hard to please!

  3. Thanks you guys. Not only is this exciting and great news, it might save me some cash in purchasing any new IR's while seeing where things go. Those new Celestions sounded tempting. Just a few hours to go before we find out the whole truth I guess!

  4. It seems like there's a very cool thing heading our way. Maybe the news got out beforehand, but I'm really looking forward to the next update. I'm sure it'll take Helix to the next level!


    Just waiting for Line 6 to say it officially :)

    What are you unofficially referring to markman?

  5. Is it the Revstar Variax?


    Please tell me it's the Revstar Variax

    That would be wonderful, except for the fact that I bought my first JTV a few months ago and I'd boil in frustration because the Revstar is gorgeous. Imagine Variax 2 Ultra HD with brand spanking new bagpipe, unicorn whinny and kazoo models!

  6. There won't be new Helix FW available for download at NAMM. Doesn't mean we won't have Helix-related news, however.

    Yes! That's more than good enough for me. Thanks D.I. ! While I fully appreciate the fear of getting drowned in new additions to the Helix, for me , it is a wonderful playground where there more toys to play with, the better. Mind you I spend 80% of my time playing/recording a new album, the other 20% I goof around, often times leading to inspiration for new music or new parts for songs I'm already recording. Bring on the news!

  7. Although I'm halfway across the planet from NAMM, the gearhead in me always gets excited for the new releases and content coming out of there. Is there a chance Line 6 drops any Helix-related life changing surprises at NAMM? Here's to hoping!

  8. As far as I know, and although they are not considered "tone guys", Garbage is using Helix's live. With Butch Vig on board, I guess that counts as respected pro's using it(even if he's not on guitar).


    Slightly off topic, when speaking of gear selection you can never forget the bias most people have towards vintage gear. Even if you could scientifically prove that at some point digital emulations have fully cloned their analog counterparts in all ways, many people will prefer an original fuzz face for the validation, hip, realness, organic, better than thou, ears of gold, rock god qualities that are tied in with it. I'm not saying technology is quite there yet, but I feel it's getting close.


    The other point worth mentioning is thatI find way too many musicians; guitarists being the worst offenders, blaming gear for their own technical and/or artistic deficiencies. The don't suck multi effects box still doesn't exist, and even if you could afford David Gilmour's full setup, with Eric Johnson's guitars, Ry Cooders Magic slide, and Jimi's wah, if you suck, it's best to spend time wood shedding on the guitar and not browsing through sweetwater for your next purchase that is bound to turn you into Buckethead.

  9. Hi everyone,


    Just bought a JTV-59 and wanted to try workbench HD, but the software does not see my guitar.


    Running on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.11.4

    I installed the monkey, updated everything.

    Connected the USB interface to the computer.

    Connected guitar via VDI to the USB interface.

    Connected 1/4 inch to guitar output.

    Interface is both lights solid green.

    Guitar volume is at 10.

    Modelling is off.

    Workbench HD does not see the guitar.


    Any ideas to help a workbenchless brother out?





  10. Hi everyone.


    I'm running an Apogee Duet and Helix as an aggregate device on my MacBook Pro. When recording I track the dry signal via USB 7, my problem comes when attempting to reamp as I don't have active sends from Protools to Helix. Can any of you kind souls point me in the right direction as to how to achieve this?


    Your help is much appreciated,

  11. After lusting for way too long, salivating over how it would integrate with Helix, and starting to record my new album I couldn't help myself from purchasing a JTV59 tobaccoburst. There were none available in town so I bought her online, should be here around Wednesday. Should I absolutely love her, I'll be looking to add a Bigsby as I remember someone on here already did successfully.


    Just thought I'd share the joy! Axe should be here on Thursday!

  12. Hey Dave, Dave and Dave,


    Thanks for getting back. I'll be tracking everything 48/24, mostly at home, with some studio interventions along the way, as well as very possibly getting some extra musicians on there, most likely online session players. It should take a while but I'll be happy to share once I'm done, give it a decade or two!

  13. Hey all,


    I've finally completed the whole writing and song selection for my new album, and it will be my first time using Helix for proper recording. To those of you already using Helix in a studio setting, any particular tips you'd like to share to capture studio quality tones using the amp sims in Helix? I'll be recording dry takes of everything just in case I feel like reamping later as well as leaving all delay/reverb for the mix stage, but other than that any other suggestions for great tone and easier problem solving in the future?


    Thanks ahead for any knowledge shared!

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