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  1. You can sort of do this now by using pedal edit mode, then using switches 10 and 11.

    Indeed you can duncann, good call, I am just looking for something more immediate, right on the "main board" i do lots of switching of the sorts live and it would be helpful.

  2. Assign footswitch to scroll up and down note values when controlling effects with tap tempo




    Its great that the opto trem now got Tap tempo. The next step, is to be able to assign a footswitch to incrementally go through different note values.

    For example:

    starting and 1/4 note

    1 stomp leads you into dotted 1/4

    2 stomps leads you into 8th note subdivisions

    3 stomps leds you into dotted 8ths and so forth

    The ability to assign another footswitch to cycle back through subdivisions would be also required.

    This can currently be done via the expression pedal but this is not very precise.

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