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  1. I received my Shuriken yesterday from Zzounds and to my dismay, the A string is dead when using any modeling. I have a return authorization, but decided to just look and see if there were any obvious loose connections. Everything looked to be in order, but I did see one solder joint that has bridged 2 points on the PCB. Anyone know if this is normal? I just hate to send this thing back in and wait for the replacement. Sooooo bummed.


    Disregard. I used a small screwdriver and moved the wire under the piezo for the A string and behold, sound. Appears there is a loose connection under the saddle. THAT I can deal with. 


    Mod, delete this if you wish. 


  2. I apologize for the complete newb questions. I've read the manual and the forums and I just don't get it. I have the Ernie Ball MVP pedal and I'm not sure how I can use it with Helix.


    1st, what is the best way to hook it up?

    2nd, it's normally a volume pedal. Can it be used as an expression pedal with Helix?





  3. I had one on order and couldnt wait any longer. I got lucky and found one on eBay for just a hair over the new price was used for an eval. Still had the protective tape on the scribble scripts. I'm NOT good at waiting. This thing is worth the wait if you have to. OMG, it sounds and responds amazingly. 

  4. I am still waiting on my Helix to ship. They've been on backorder for a while now with zZounds. In prep though, I found a Yamaha DXR12 and a DXS15 floor model at Guitar Center that I am really digging! Plus, since the sub was a little beat up cosmetically they gave me a deeper discount. Out the door was $1,100 for the pair. Even withouth the Helix, these things sound amazing. The punch and the clarity even at loud volume is great. The DSP really makes it a viable option for a guitar.  I hooked my Boss ME-80 and I get some pretty cool sounds. I cant wait for my Helix!

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