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  1. If you look at pg 28 of the manual, it tells you how to get to Signal Flow View. Once in that view, you'll be able to see all 9 blocks in your preset. Turn the big knob to go to an empty block location and select the FX loop block (FX Loop 1). You'll want to move that block to where you want it in the signal flow. Any blocks before the FX loop will be in front of your amp and any blocks after the loop will be in your amp's effects loop.

    Ok so I’m totally confused,I plug the NX via 4cm,(Amp I was testing with is the Mesa TA30) I go to the factory patches all of them and get no sound mute nada,I go to an empty preset same no sound,I Place a send return loop in the chain,I have sound now good,I place a Minotaur O/D before the loop all good,but any time based effect mod effect etc is not heard after the loop it’s driving me mad

    I have a FX8 in 4CM works no probscant understand why I’m having so much trouble with this.


    The other problem is Amp channel switching can’t seem to get that happening either,I’m the sort of bloke that needs visual instructions,so if there are any vids please let me know

    Totally frustrated

  2. The editor portion of HX Edit isn't supported by the HX FX yet. That will be coming soon... Right now, only the preset librarian and IR loading feature work with HX FX.


    As far as the 4CM, it sounds like you need to insert the FX Loop block in your patch. Hooking up the cables to the send and return jacks alone won't do it.

    Okay I’m a noob don’t really understand inserting a fx block in my patch,the factory ones don’t also work

    Could you also explain how to channel switch my Amp TRS jack into the Pedal/Amp atm I have now no sound leads are all good

    Very frustrating,is there a video that demos how to setup for Amp switching.

  3. I have received NX,I’m having trouble getting the editor up and running,I can see the preset list,and change the presets via my Mac,so it is communicating But can’t get the full editor.

    I know there is a tab that expands it,there is no tab on my editor,while it’s making its connection the full screen is visible,it disappears once it’s connected.

    Everything updated to latest Firmware etc


    My other problem,I connected it with the 4cm,to my Friedman Deluxe 50,with the volumes all off I was getting sound

    Can someone please explain exactly what I should be doing.My FX8 works flawlessly on the same amp same cables

  4. I've been trying to purchase a helix in Australia,everyone I have called say they do not have stock.

    Perhaps someone from line 6 could chime in,for an eta of Australian helix stock,or perhaps you may know of a retailer who has stock.

  5. HI All,wondering if any can instruct me thru,switching channels on my Royal Atlantic,I get as far as Menu/Command centre/selecting a footswitch,toggling to Ext Amp and then selecting ring,tip etc

    While I'm selecting its not actually changing channels,not sure if i should be seeing changes at that point,regardless I can't get it to switch any channels.BTW i have the little blue triangles above the command footswitch but no action.Where have i gone wrong?

  6. For the moment I'm using my Royal Atlantic power section into a 2x12 cab,I'm modifying some existing presets,I take out the amp block and cab blocks,and replace it with its preamp equivalent,by doing this I notice a significant drop in volume even though I reajust volumes etc.

    Am I missing something ? Other question is there any metering for clipping.

  7. The send/return block is where your input (from send on helix) and loop out (to return on helix) of your amp goes.  The block becomes the preamp section of your favorite tube amp.

    This is so confusing,saw the vid posted above,he has a send/ preamp/return /block

    I'm running thru an amp,and want to use its preamp section.Is the configuration still as per the video? Not understanding the presence of a preamp block.No in depth explanation on the 4CM anywhere

  8. Nearly got rid of it just wasn't doing it for me,I tried it thru a Matrix amp,with a Matrix Q12 passive frfr,didn't like it,then thru Powered QSC not impressed,thru the matrix amp and a Mesa lone star 4 X 10 Jenson cab bit better,but not satisfied.Started to pack it up for Sale,but then a thought !!!!! I'll try the power amp section of my Mesa Royal Atlantic, into my port city 2x12 OS cab loaded with V30 BINGO LOVE IT,have a Mesa Power amp on the way.Once my amp comes thru I'll start programming.


    Guys the above are my opinion,what I hear is not necessarily,what anyone else may like,I come from the valve amp era,and trying my best to grasp the new technology,albeit that I'm using 50% of the modern technology at this stage,it's a far cry from the past,where I would turn my nose up at anything modelling.

    This unit however is convincing me,

    To the Team at Line 6 I congratulate you all,I'm certain with commitment you will outshine your competitors

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  9. This is how I've done it - there's more than one way! Starting with a new patch use your top line in the display for pre and set the output (circle at the end of the line) to one of the sends. Next on the line below set the input (left circle) to the return that matches your send and then this is your post line and make sure the output (circle at the end of this line) is set to the main output.


    So then (sorry if you already know this - it may help others)...

    Cable 1: From your guitar to the guitar input on the Helix.

    Cable 2: Your send from the Helix (you nominated 1/2 or 3/4 for the first line, so put the cable in 1 or 3) goes to the guitar input of your amp.

    Cable 3: From the effects loop send of your amp put that in to return 1 or 3 on the Helix.

    Cable 4: From the output (left/mono) of the Helix in to the effects loop return of your amp.


    This saves using two blocks for send/return and is a nice way to reference everything when in the heat of a gig :)

    Sorry I'm a complete noob,I'm currently wired up as per your description,I'm still not understanding,whether or not I need a send/return block,and if so where. Still not grasping how to have pre and post effects.maybe a diagram would help me understand,I think I'm further confused,when you say I won't need a send/ return block

  10. Hi all new Line 6 user,trying to get my head round the Helix,I've pretty much been a pedal guy,this unit is daunting to say the least.Im trying to understand the placement of the send/return blocks for the 4CM

    Correct me if I'm wrong

    I would have all my drive type blocks then insert a send block after it,put my modulation and time based effects followed by the return block

    So let's say for simplicity's sake 3 effects pre and 5 post



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