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  1. I"d go Powercab 212 Plus ...

    I own a 112 plus which sounds awesome and don't think the 212 is much heavier as it's loaded with  2 onboard 12 in  Eminence Neodymium speakers..... 

    That can be paired-up or swapped out with one of the 12 speaker models as of the  2.00.1....   

  2. On 7/26/2019 at 11:06 AM, rd2rk said:

    575 words to tell us how if only L6 let everybody in the world be beta testers (as suggested in a previous rant) then this horrible crappy update would've been SOOO much better, but L6 doesn't care, just a bunch of incompetent money grubbers. The only people who like this upgrade are amateurs (bedroom and church players), and here come all the brown nose butt kissing "protectors of the realm" to hate on poor me for having the nerve to tell the unvarnished truth!


    You just don't get it. DI keeps a list of everybody who posts mean-spirited, know-it-all, critical rants. The SW is designed so that when they (you) try to install it, it fails and has all sorts of bugs, thus confirming your speculations and contributing to your sense of your own personal worth. How many companies care enough about their customers to do that? And for FREE!


    I generally try to keep my rants positive and informative for this exact reason! 



    On 7/20/2019 at 2:12 PM, ECmaj7 said:

    For those of you who have a Powercab Plus, the Grammatico (default setting) into the Powercab set to LF-RAW is absolutely amazing!

    Turn off any cab or IR and let the Powercab do it's thing.... 

    Add the KOT or Zen Drive and OMG.

    Finally feels like a real amp and can really compete with my Mesa Lonestar Special.

    L6 Link to control the Powercab Plus is FANTASTIC!


    The Powercab sounds Killer to me, really happy with the 2.00.1 update. The tone, feel and overall playing experience is awesome. 

    Flat mode- Raw, LF Flat and FRFR are also great.... And of coarse the 12 stock speaker models listed below.



    • 6 New Speaker Models 
      • DINO – Based on* the Eminence Cannabis Rex™. Uniquely constructed with a hemp-based speaker cone material, the Cannabis Rex is described as having a smoky, smooth high-end definition, and boasts a full, clean tonality, with lots of body and sparkle. (pronounced "di·no")

      • LECTO – Based on* the Electro-Voice® EVM 12L. Designed for professionally precise, fully overdriven, punchy tones and brilliant cleans. They are a signature component of the classic Mesa/Boogie® sound.

      • HERALD – Based on* the Celestion® G12H(55) Heritage. Featuring a heavier magnet than the original G12M Greenback, this speaker replicates the sound of the original G12H.

      • BROWN – Based on* the Celestion® G12 EVH®. While the Greenback 20 played an essential role in the sound of Eddie Van Halen's unmistakable sound, this speaker was the based on the 60s version Greenback and used in his signature amplifier.

      • SHADE – Based on* the Mesa/Boogie Black Shadow C90. Custom made for Mesa/Boogie by Celestion in the UK, this speaker provides a tight and controlled low end, aggressive midrange attack, and strong high-bass / low-mid punch. They are a feature in many Mesa/Boogie amps.

      • JETSON – Based on* the Jensen® C12K. The C12K is often paired with Fender® amps for great for a heavy mid and solid, straight forward, slightly darker tone. Can also present bold and heavy overdriven tones.


    6 original speaker models



    VINTAGE – Based on* the ubiquitous Celestion Vintage 30 which, despite its name, is commonly used and beloved for "modern" tones.

    GREEN – Based on* the Celestion Greenback speaker, typically paired with vintage Marshall® Plexi amplifiers for a signature classic rock tone.

    CREAM – Based on* the Celestion G12M-65, a higher powered version of the ceramic C12N with a brighter top end.

    JARVIS – Based on* the Jensen® P12Q, often paired with Fender® amps for great rich, full clean tones.

    BAYOU – Based on* the Eminence Patriot Series Swamp Thang™, which provides big aggressive bottom end with classic American tone, perfect for blues and jazz.

    ESSEX – Based on* the Blue Bell speakers often paired with Vox® amplifiers and Class A style amps for a "chimey" tone

  4. 15 hours ago, Marekski said:

    Has anyone heard anything more about release Dates of 2.8 and 3.0 Updates??



    Hey Marekski,

    I wish I could tell you but I'm anticipating  2.80 will be released soon!!!! 

  5. I'm guessing Helix 2 is at least a year away.. Since line 6 has been integrating their complete Helix line into Helix core  / Helix  ,,LT ,  Helix Stomp , Hlx Effects and Native and with 2.80 and 3.0  firmware updates coming out soon.... Helix 2 should still be a while yet imo ,,,,. Line 6 has also introduced the Powercab & PC + that's still fairly new on the market, so who knows what's next but looking forward to some great things from L6 in the next few years!!..

  6. On 1/7/2019 at 5:10 AM, knoxdaz10 said:

    wow i just tried the LF Raw , omw! sounds so good


    On 2/4/2019 at 1:39 AM, ECmaj7 said:

    Oh man, I'm hooked on LF Raw now. 




    Wow same here plugged in my strat with Helix and Powercab and the tones are awesome....  Very content with the stock cabs esp the Vintage 30 and the Greenback but also great having the option of LF Raw speaker mode which also bring out all the true nuances in both the amps and effects .....    

  7. I also purchased the Power cab + and love it!! The speaker models that come pre-installed with the powercab are great and paired up with Helix sound awesome! Also the  plus is expandable with future updates!. The unit is also very well built  to line 6's high standards and specs! 

  8. 8 hours ago, jaredstanfield said:

    Forgive me if I'm missing something, but what would then be the benefit to the plus if the stock models give the best "amp in the room sound"? Even if you have other IR's, you could just load them on your HELIX, right? Granted the ability to remotely change from a built in IR to another IR or to just the FRFR speaker setting is a nice bonus, but I don't know that I'll really have to switch speakers that often for my application. And if I need to, I'll just use the IR's that have been mentioned in the post you replied to. 


    Thank you for your insight though! Looking forward to getting my new cabinet soon!


    I really can't tell you what to purchase that's  your choice   : ))  .... I purchased the Plus because of the extra features and IR loading. and  Speaker expandability. But what I meant to say is that if you purchased the Powercab it's also great because the stock cabs sound great!  

  9. 13 hours ago, ak4ray said:

    I received my PowerCab Plus Saturday and I'm finding I really like the 6 speaker emulations for that "Amp in the room" experience.

    I played around with the Alure IR's and they sounded great as well, I'm looking forward to loading my 3 Sigma & Celestion IR's.

    I was on the fence before purchasing the PowerCab Plus but I'm glad I did now.


    I'm also loving my Powercab + It sounds awesome and is a keeper for me a well . The 6 stock speakers models are excellent!     

  10. It may be the usb port on the helix, although sometimes when i plug in my Helix it doesn't make a beep or sound but is connected.. Also make sure you have the latest Line 6 updater installed and see if the Line 6 installer will recognize your Helix.  

  11. I highly recommend everyone do this periodically/now but particularly before and after updating firmware, and making backups for firmware updates. Go into the Editor's 'Help/About' section (upper left hand corner of the Editor) and confirm that your Editor version is the same as the firmware version indicated below it in the Editor screen. Do not update your firmware until you have backups from a version of the Editor that matches your current firmware. The Editor version should also match the firmware version that comes up when you first start your Helix. This may seem unnecessary but I think some will be surprised to find that their Editor version does not match their firmware version, even though they executed all the right steps (or didn't ;) ) during upgrading.  Sometimes the Helix software must be uninstalled first and reinstalled to get the software to install properly or get rid of stale registry entries or links. You may be using an older mismatched version of the Editor and not even realize it. Especially in cases where the difference between the Editor versions is subtle as in the change between 2.10 and 2.11. Having a version of the Editor that does not match your current firmware can cause problems with your loads from backups in future firmware versions as well as a number of random issues with using the Editor. I wager some users will be surprised to find that their firmware and Editor versions are not the same after doing this check.



    Thanks @HonestOpinion great advice .. Even though some updates say they include the latest software version and applications, they don't always get updated and need to be installed individually depending on your computer/.  .. You can check the current line 6 updater it in the file location under properties / details to see if it's the current version. It's not always displayed on the desktop shortcut..  current Line 6 updater is 1.14 

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