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  1. It looks like the 2.53 version of the firmware just dropped so theoretically you could use the version of the Line6 Updater contained in the latest HX Edit (2.52) package to upgrade to the 2.53 firmware.


    Yessss Aewsome just got in thank you @HonestOpinion ...Even though it's not my Helix trhe LT will do just fine  :)....


    Going to re-install Helix Edit 2.52 first just to be on the safe side  B)

  2. Just got a Helix LT on loan  :)  needed to fix my USB port on my Helix ... The LT sounds sweet! It came loaded with  2.30 and want to update to 2.50. I already Have the new Helix edit 2.52 and the most recent updater that came with the Helix Edit 2.52..


    Can I update to 2.50 on the LT with the same Helix updater 2.52??  :rolleyes: 

  3. I admit, I do find it exceedingly odd that so many L6 employees frequent other forums, yet largely ignore their own...I'm not gonna lose sleep over it, but it is a little weird.


    The again, what do I know? Maybe the dudes at Ford can't get enough of the Chevy forums...is that a "thing"?


    I think it might be a work related phenomenon.... 


    Personally I think Line 6 has been great in regards to support with their products   ;)   

  4. Just re-downloaded the IR s  from 3 Sigma which now include the Ace wav format. From the short time that I have worked with them they sound much better and are a definite improvement!!   

  5. Just tried the 1983 Marshal pack  with the G-12 / 80 s yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised! and you get quite a bang for the buck /..   Great cleans and crunch tones and quite a few awesome mics used as well! These ir s have a great feel to them sound better than many other IRs out there which cost much more!! 


    Definitely worth trying them....

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  6. I purchased the Redbacks ( 2 x 12 open-backs) a few weeks ago they are ok. They are quite loud and good for cleans but I also find the Cellestions a bit to similar and difficult to tweak!  The Redwirez have a lot more options and easier to tweak a tone with the Helix!  / JM2C

  7. Mine rarely has to rebuild the presets, I always save my presets two times mostly out of habit but I like saving presets with the amp model highlighted.                                                                    

  8. I'm really loving a lot of amp models Vox. Plexi Brit,. Litigator.. But i'm thinking the Fender Twin Vib and the Archetype Cln are underrated. Both amp models sound amazing and have exceptional clean brilliant tones!

  9. My big one is always always always separate the amp from the cab so that you can put stuff like spring reverb and tremolo there where it sounds best.


    - I also always use separate amp and cabs 

    - I don't like turning the guitar pad on

    - Rarely use global EQ. 

    - I also love the Helix compressors 3 Band comp and the Red Squeeze/Mxr.

    - If I ever do any cuts it's usually in the cab block

    - Also Leave the Guitar in-Z on Auto or 1 m ohm

  10. Hey folks,


    Brand new LT owner here as of a couple days ago. Still getting used to moving around in it, etc, and have a couple questions:


    1. I'm currently using the Helix manual which is close but not exact. Is there (or is there going to be) a specific Helix LT manual?


    2. Is there any reference list for telling which songs/artists the built-in presets were modeled after? Some are obvious, but a lot are not (to me, anyway). And it would help to know what they were mimicking so I can determine if that might be a good starting place for one of my own tones.


    Thanks in advance.


    Here;s a few links that may help / Factory Presets 





  11. I use XLR cables to monitors. I tried to change them to TRS cables but I could not hear anything. Now I cant hear anything with the XLR cables either. Power was always on in Helix and in monitor. I still can hear guitar trough headphones and I can hear PC voices trough Helix and monitors but I just cant get any guitar sound from monitors via XLR cables.


    Could I have broke something?



    Try rebooting your Helix and monitors!

  12. I doubt if there was any difference at all because the second he imported that 48/24 file into the Helix, it was converted to 48/16, therefore when doing his analysis he would have been comparing two identical files, and any difference in sound was most likely caused by placebo ,the positioning of his head - even an inch, or something similar..

    Thanks for the reply willjrock your probably correct to many variables to dispute over!  

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  13. The 16-bit probably only sounded better because it wasn't being re-sampled or anything. Good test, though! Surprised you could hear a difference at all.

    Thanks Peter! Yes just a slight difference, my set-up is through studio monitors. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this directly through an amplifier.

  14. It's super easy to compare a 1024 and 2048 IR with a footswitch and decide if you can hear the difference.


    When I did this test with an acoustic guitar IR (I don't use 3rd party IRs for cabinets, preferring what is built in to the unit), I discovered that in the room I play in, I can NOT hear any difference at all.


    Yet I still use the 2048 sample ones since I have the CPU power available.


    As far as bit rate, Helix changes whatever you throw in to 16-bit 48K. There's no benefit to using higher bit rate/depth ones as they get converted, and it could be argued that it's best to just use 16-bit 48K so they don't get changed at all.

    Agreed I tried this test with my Redwirez IR s which come in samples of  48 khz / 16 bit and also  48 khz  / 24 bit. I Loaded both samples 16 & 24 and saved them to the exact same patch side by side. One loaded with 16 bit  and one loaded with 24 bit. To me the 16 bit sound a bit better and closer to the real speakers. Which by the way sound awesome!  The 24 bit sound slightly boomier. 

  15. With every update there are variables to contend with  global reset / rebuild presets new cabs/ new amp models / new effects and even additions to and improvements to existing factory presets! You would hope that this would lead to a better tone and overall progress!

    I'm am definitely loving the new 2.20 update! 

  16. Line 6 HELIX 2.20 update is awesome! After installing the new update I found that the stock presets are now WAY

    better. I was disappointed with the new Amp model (was expecting an awesome modern high gain distortion amp)

    so not exactly what i was expecting. Other than that, personally found everything else to sound much better than

    it previously did. Stock presets were not really so inspiring but they sound way better now!


    Great job Line 6 keep em coming!


    Totally agree!  Love the new update imo Helix has a better overall feel, more responsive and a great overall tone!


    Thanks Line 6....   B)  

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