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  1. if it is just a new amp i can't imagine they would model and release it so quickly apart from pis*ing off the amp manufacturer they would have to get one and model everything.. it would take a bit of time

    Yes I would agree with you Shane, Guess any blues boutique anp model will do!  ;)

  2. No worries.  I didn't take it negatively at all.  You made a great test suggestion and I was the one making the claim.  I really didn't want to spread inaccuracies and have others going out of their way to test and scrutinize.


    Honestly, it has been a while since I had tried just a straight Helix amp and cab.  I've been so obsessed and immersed in IR's this year (trying, buying, creating, etc.).  Maybe there was an improvement in an older update or something I missed, but I'm not about to go witch hunting, rolling back to each one until I shake it out.  It's probably just me.


    Maybe it's a good example of how your ear and tastes can change in a year going from being a live player with traditional tube rig to working with Helix and learning the engineering side of things.  Seems like it's a common evolution though.  Next thing you know, I'll be playing through an FRFR rig...or not  ;)

    Guess I was wrong too thanks Roscoe, although the cabs could have sounded better because of the general stability improvements /minor bug fixes and optimizations!   

  3. Could make a nice Helix accessory :)


    100W Nanotube amp pedal.  Looks like it is Class D power with a Nanotube driver.  Any better than my 150W Crate Powerblock?  Hmm...





    $799 at Sweetwater.







    Really excited for NAMM!!!  C'mon Line 6, show us whatcha got!!!

    German engineering eh!! If it last as long as my Mercedes it might be a good pedal..IMO Helix has way more to offer....

  4. The 59 Brit Plexi Brt and Jump is one of my favorite amp models in the Helix! But I also like the JCM 800 / 2204 and the 65 Brit JTM 45...

    Alot of amps are sounding great in the Helix lately Soldano, Matchles Dr Z Litigator PRS,,,Fenders :)  

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  5. it would be good to have official word on whether there has been changes made there.. i haven't updated yet, as i'vd had no problems since the update with archon/litigator amps included.. but i probably would if there really have been some sound enhancements made to the amp/cabs

    IMO 2.12 sounds much better! Better cabs and amp tone/matching, Better overall volume and clarity! I woulds definitely do the update!    

  6. Ok, I was on v2.11 this morning messing with the Helix HX 412 Cali V30 cab and the Redwirez Speaker Impedance Curve IR's and/or parametric eq blocks to get closer to the Ownhamer California Duo 412 cab.  I updated to v2.12 and I swear the HX Cali 412 and other HX 412 cabs are livelier and more resonant on their own now.  


    They are sounding and feeling closer to the Ownhammer free demo Mesa 412 V30 cab.




    Is this a possible v2.12 improvement/optimization or am I imagining this?

    Yes for sure Roscoe5 I agree after i updated to 2.12 everything sounded better more pristine really close to the real amp models..

    I played for 4 hours straight  lol.... Couldn't get enough.... 

  7. Quite a nice line up of amp models!! Thanks Dshow and H O.. Really loving the amp models in the Helix after my last update 2.12 and the improvements my Helix never sounded better!! Im  sure some tweaking was done with the Factory cabs and amps and pedals in the Helix.. Seriously Helix is amazing and its been a great investment and IMO its getting better and better..The tones im getting from the patches is amazing..I use a FrFr setup, the Marshal plexi amp sounds amazing not to mention Fenders, Matchless. Soldano and Line 6 Originals, The list just keeps going.. Really happy with my Helix..

    " Thanks Line 6.... D I and Staff  

  8. Back to my initially topic:

    I rolled back to firmware 2.10 today. I know many of you told me it's a placebo but I'm pretty sure my patches feel tighter with firmware 2.10 playing with my headphones.

    It seems to me almost like there was some tiny bit of increased delay in firmware 2.11 so that playing didn't feel as tight.


    Call me crazy but I'm staying with 2.10


    @Dshow did you have to install the 2.10 editor to roll back as well or can you use the ( 2.11 editor)... 

  9. Hi guys! Having lots of fun using Helix Rack with an amp in the studio!




    Ok so he is using 2 sets of aux Send/Rtn pairs (one pair set to instrument and the other to line lvls) to do this...



    Edited: Nevermind. I just found out that the 1/4" outs can be set to either line level, or instrument level out.



    Something like this... 







    So he's guitar in, 1/4" instrument lvl out into amp, Speaker out to Load Box, Line out of load box into aux 1 return of Helix set to Line, and then adding post effects... Im using a separate Audio Interface (not Helix), thats the reason for the stereo outs from Helix into the Apollo/MOTU/etc etc.


    Sometimes I need a hammer to beat it into my thick skull lol  :P

    Great video Pete and diagram Spikey! 

    Here's a link to an article from premier guitar with the lowdown on load boxes, attenuators and reamps.  





  10. The stock cabs use less DSP than a 2048 sample IR - about half as much, actually - and offer the same resolution.

    Hey Phil I really like the stock cabs but I think they can be tweaked a bit to sound even better... Do you know if there are any future updates in regards to the stock cabs or if there are any plans to add new cabs? 

  11. This sounds like the it should be a Global Settings, User Preference Item. Sort of like the fsw configuration layout options.


    Why couldn't Global Settings allow users to designate their default preference EXP1/EXP2 options, such as: Vol/Wah, Wah/Vol, Off (until otherwise Model/Block Controller assigned), etc?

    Yes have to agree with you Music Law and H O with why EXP 2 is the default. but there may be a reason why it;s set up this way...

    Thanks for all the feedback( pardon the pun) B)  much appreciated!

  12. 'EXP 2' is the default for the floor Helix's internal expression pedal assignment for the Volume block. You have to set 'EXP 2' to 'Global' in the global settings if you want the pedal position for volume to be global for all your presets. Unless of course you have a preset where you have reassigned the default for the volume block to an alternate EXP input.

    Thanks H O just noticed your post on the other thread regarding 2.11 update.. I'm amusing the wah pedals default to EXP 1 and volume pedal defaults to EXP 2..

  13. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone noticed a change of the sound when updating from 2.10 to 2.11.

    I'm playing through headphones and I'm hearing a noticable increase of highs after the update (which I wouldn' like at all). Also some loss of dynamics.


    I did't change anything an globals set to the values I had before (alwas make some notes before updating). Global EQ is off.


    I'm not sure if it's just me or has there been some changes that affect the sound?



    Same here not sounding as good as 2.10 .. last update the amp sounded better and more clarity. after I updated the amp and presets sound lower and muddier going to try and re install 2.11..

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