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  1. Try doing a foot-switch 6-12 safe boot mode update...


    Turn off the Helix and then hold down foot switches 6 and 12 both are on the far right top and bottom and while holding down turn on the Helix...

    Should start up in safe mode then follow the update instructions and re-install the update..


    Hope this helps!

  2. Great pedal, agreed!


    FYI, it's modeled after an original boutique pedal by Ben Adrian, the same guy who does most of the modeling in Helix.

    Ahh interesting thanks for the info Zooey! Great pedal @benadrian, love the KWB has a sweet distortion tone! 

  3. I'm really very happy with the new update 2.10 and the new amp models Line 6 Litigator and the Archetype Clean , based on the clean channel of the PRS Archon.. But I am so loving the KWB distortion pedal. The tone's from this pedal are amazing and have a distinct rock/ tone and many options, fits in so nice with the new amp models!! Also sounds great with the Red Squeeze/Mxr-Dyna comp in front of the chain some added EQ s and sometimes the LA Comp at the end of the chain...etc etc.. Really having a blast with this pedal and the Helix in general.  Had to post amazing ..  :)


  4. No there aren't.


    Proof: I wrote the manual.

    LoL .. Great to hear D I makes me feel so much better and more at ease!  :P


    By the way D I after this last update (2.10) Helix sounds so much better to me. The amp models ie  the Brit Plexi the Marshal 2204 the new Litigator/ S D-1 overdrive to name a few and the cabs as well sound amazing.. I can keep going but nevertheless great work  D I, Ben and staff! ....

  5. CS is in the process of collecting all the old presets and uploading them to CustomTone. There will probably be a knowledge base article with links.


    Great to hear D I  awesome work with the new 2.10 update, love the new Litigator Line 6 original amp model it has a great Dumble tone best I've heard yet!  And not to mention the Stupor Boss SD-1 Overdrive pedal. is smokin hot!

  6. Haven't had much of a chance to play with the new firmware yet. Are other folks noticing an overall improvement to the sound? Not sure whether they tweaked the amps/cabs but new firmware does seem to make everything sound better, even the neighbors' dog who keeps barking next door...  :)

    Yeah for sure the sound is way better now with the new update!! even the 2204 sounds way better..

  7. WoW..... just downloaded the new firmware 2.10 and started from the first presets and the Helix sounds so much better!! Im sure the cabs/ stock IRs  have been upgraded to me the amp models so so much better and distinctive...Cant wait to dig in some more might be up all night lol !!


    THANKS LINE 6 staff... You guys Rock! 

  8. LOL, we better get this update soon, things are degenerating remarkably quickly on the forum. I'd hate to see it get shut down on a public indecency charge before the new firmware gets here. :D

    Im sure our date oops I mean update will come in the morning say 9 am-  ish    :P    ( est.)


    If you're using the Mesa amp models, let me know what you think of the CV4 fig-8 IRs.

    Lots of nuance/detail... and a bit of the "cab in the room" vibe.  Also a little scoop...

    The CV4 is an amazing mic.  

    If you like the CV4 cardiod positions (but want less bottom), try the CV4 card-1 positions.  It's a looser cardiod pattern (less proximity effect).

    Thanks for the post Jim, will definitely check out the CV4 s..... 

  10. I dont know but these boutique amps sound very weak to me like there is no volume ! I did try these quickly via headphones but it doesn´t sound promising. All my other presets sound very good far better than these boutique presets and IR´s...I have to try it to direct out to cab or frfr in the future...


    Glen did respond to me very quickly and he did send me modded presets and these sound so much better !  :)  Very good service  ;)

    Awesome great to hear Glenn's always been very helpful when it comes down to any community and forum questions!

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