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  1. Picked up the patches and they sound great. All the amps sound different and have they're own individual imprints and sound like the real amps. You can also tweaked the patches to your own needs. Glenn uses the Helix pre-amps And amp models with the stock Helix cabs and his own imprint Ir s that bring the everything together and sound amazing, Great job Glenn!

  2. Ownhammer quality is hard to beat and they sound sweet with the Helix amps. I've bought 3 packs so far to cover cleans and driven amps and have been liking the 'mixed mics' IRs best.

    Yeah they sound awesome with the Helix esp. the new EVH 5150... Ive been also using the mics mixes as well.. Using the same mic and changing the distance( ie EVH M20-PR 57-00 with EVH M20-PR 57-04) give s a sweet fuller tone.

  3. http://www.3sigmaaudio.com/acoustic-impulses/


    Been using my own homebrewed out of Mama Bear, as well as the Taylor (Aura) and Wes Hunter ones that are out there.


    These are so good I'll never use those ones again, guys. No... Lie...


    If you use your acoustic with Helix, pony up the 30 bucks right now!


    I paid my own money for these, they didn't give them to me.





    I purchased the Mart 45 and got some really nice tones .. Best Acoustic IR s i"ve yet to hear! They come with files for acoustic, electric and Piezo pick ups!

  4. I purchased new cables that sounded great through my Marshal JCM Super lead so I figured they would sound just as good in my Helix and through my FR FR speakers and didn't think twice!! Little did I know just plugged in a different older cable I had purchased a while back and the sound in my Helix just popped!!!  Way better sound and way more tonal range with my Helix with every amp models, cabs, ir s etc .. I"m really getting amazing tone's through the Helix!! Sweet....

  5. Question regarding re-installing  Fw   2.01 because I want to update from my main USB port on my laptop which I figured out which one it was although not sure if it will make any difference.. But would i have to re-install from version  2.00 or can i install from 2.01?



  6. You can load v2.01 directly - no need to go through v2.0. Windows 10 vs. 8 should make no difference.


    Just make sure you follow the instructions as described on the Downloads page.

    Thanks so much for the help!!

  7. The 3 sigma IR s sound great but I also think the built in  I R s in the Helix are great as well ,  a lot of different ways of getting great sound by using different mic s and distance from the cab a long with all the effects  eq and dynamic pedals there are so many combinations available...

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