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  1. Is it just the up/down action of the joystick?  Does rotating it still work?


    Hey Darrel,

    I can move the -Joystick- button left or right and up and down on existing presets that does work, but when I push down to  select an effect with the Joystick  to edit nothing happens.. - ( the screen to change  amps, cabs  or effects nothing come"s up)

  2. Need some help with my Helix, yesterday I was editing and changing my amp models and was working fine, and now my edit screen doesn't come up so I cant change any Amp models, effects cabs etc.. The Joystick button is just to the left of the volume button! Number 7 on the owners manual  ( page 6)...

    The Joystick doesn't look damaged, I keep it on the stand at all times!





  3. This is also, btw, why I find that built-in cabs, especially if you do dual cabs, are way way way better than third party IRs. Yes. Better.


    I agree, the dual cabs on the Helix are excellent and sound way better than most 3rd party ir"s I've tried as we"ll!

    Would be nice to get a few more cab options to choose from directly from the Helix....

  4. Hey everybody. Latest composition, done completely with Helix, has taken form. It's called Aphotic Yâ‚“. Soundcloud or Bandcamp.


    Thanks for listening. Especially if you can get through the whole 6:22. I know my music is not exactly easy listening.


    I gotta say I absolutely love the sweep echo delay. It's certainly in the top three for my favorite delays. Probably number one. Bravo to Line 6 for this.

    Sounds Great man, really like the sweep echo and delay at 1:44 - 2:00 and the chord progressions/dynamics right after that well done  B)   

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  5. Just tried the Hiwatt preamp and use it as a overdrive pedal in front of engl, marshal, uber, and it is hell!

    Also the Champ gves a nice old overdrive sound a a pedal, and the 45 marshall gives a nice fuzz pedal sound .


    Try it guys it is workng.

    Hey Arislaf just tried the Hiwatt pre  in front of the j45 gives a nice tone and boost thanks for the tip!

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  6. First off I confess that I have never used a looper during live play. I have often thought it would be fun to do but never invested in an external looper pedal. I have experimented with the looper in the POD HD series but found it unwieldy for live play for two main reasons:

    - the max loop length was too short for many of my desired loops

    - the 'mode' design made it virtually impossible to keep the song temp while switching presets, or even turning FX on/off, to play a lead solo over a loop. The necessary foot tapping was too cumbersome.


    Now I've been experimenting again with Helix and I've found a setup that seems to eliminate all but one of the above issues (FX on/off). I am finding that the main hurdle now is just the practice required to operate a looper properly when using it live (no pre-recorded loops), whether an external looper pedal or the onboard Helix looper.


    Here's the setup I use:


    Helix Global Settings -> Footswitches

    - Stomp Mode: 8 switches

    - Up/Down Switches: Presets



    - organize so that the desired presets during looping are in sequential order, so that you can navigate between them using the Up/Down footswitches

    - include the same type of Looper (mono/stereo) in each preset to be used, positioned at the end of the chain. For max loop length use a mono looper and half-speed. See the manual for available loop lengths at various settings (30 seconds to 2 minutes).

    - assign the looper to a footswitch in each preset

    - choose full or half speed depending on desired loop length.



    - Enter Looper mode and STAY THERE! All the footswitch controls you need are and will remain available.

    - get familiar with the switch operations, particularly the difference between PLAY and OVERDUB modes.

    - Use the UP/DOWN footswitches to change presets as desired. The Looper controls remain available.

    - the ONCE switch is your very good friend. Use it early during the last repetition of your loop so that you have plenty of time to switch presets and be ready to go at the instant the loop ends (e.g.from the lead solo preset back to your rhythm preset, in which the original loop was recorded).


    Note: you will be able to switch presets but not turn FX on/off unless you exit Looper mode which, for me, complicates the timing too much, rendering the looper unuseable for live play. You may have to use virtually duplicate presets (one with FX on, the other with it/them OFF) if you need to control FX while looping.


    Now just practice the Playing section above. You'll need to figure out, and practice, the most suitable sequence and timing of footswitch tapping for each song in order to manage loop recording and playback operations as well as switching presets. But I think this would be required to learn how to use any external looper pedal as well.


    Hope this helps anyone who wants to experiment with using the looper for live performances.

    Thanks again for your help!!

  7. Some additional things to note - you need to make sure that you're using the same version of the looper in each preset. If you're using the stereo version in one preset, you have to use it in the other as well. Also, the looper has to be in the same tone path in each preset.



    Thank you Phil...

  8. Place the looper in POST position in both presets. Assign the looper in both presets to a footswitch. Pressing the footswitch in either preset will cause Helix to enter Looper mode. When switching to the next preset, configured as just stated, the Looper will continue to be active (e.g. will continue to play back the loop).

    Great thank you ...

  9. It is always a good idea to backup presets individually, at least the ones you love, in case you end up with a bad export from a setlist (backup twice). However, I find that exporting using the "Export Setlist" link from the Helix App is much more efficient and less time consuming than trying to restore my presets one by one. That is why I keep all my customized presets in the User lists instead of the Factory lists. I never overwrite the Factory lists after an update, only the User lists. I restore/import my exported/saved "Setlists" to a User list using the "Import Setlist" link, which overwrites only the list you have selected from the pulldown menu's entire contents and loads all of my saved presets at one time. Just be careful to select the User list you want to load to in the Helix app before you run an "Import Setlist" or you may end up overwriting a Factory list. Exporting/Importing Setlists is the best way to easily restore your custom presets that I am aware of.


    I guess the important distinction to keep in mind is the following, this Helix App behavior is what currently dictates what list I keep my presets in and how I do backups and restores :

    1. "Import Bundle" overwrites all lists (Factory, User, and I believe Templates as well)
    2. "Import Setlist" overwrites only the list selected in the Helix App's pulldown menu.
    3. Using the "Import" link overwrites whatever single preset you have selected in the Helix app.


    Note: Remember that you can also backup of all your presets individually at once by highlighting them all and hitting the "Export" link.


    Ahh got it, thank you for your help makes things much easier ( hopefully)...  ;)

  10. This is a really good point to bring up. A bundle seems to includes a backup of ALL presets on the Helix, factory, user, and template.  If you want to restore a bundle from an old firmware version, that means any tweaks, additions, or changes to the factory presets in the new firmware will be overwritten. It is a bad plan to restore bundles from old firmware versions. Instead, you want to save your customized presets to the User lists, back them up before a firmware update using the "Export Setlist" function, and then restore them using the "Import Setlist" function to a User list after your firmware upgrade.


    Thanks you for the help , so basically need to save/export the presets individually and then after the update import them back to the user list again! 

    1. Backup presets and IRs with Helix App 1.03

    Download and install the Line6 Driver2 ver. 1.77 (If you are a Windows user)

    Download and install Line6 Updater 1.07  (some users reported issues installing this version without uninstalling the old version first, you can ignore the "certificate not signed" message)

    Download and install Helix App 1.04

    Upgrade to 1.06.5 version of the firmware using the Line6 Updater

    Run the 9&10 global reset procedure

    Restore presets with the Helix App 1.04


    Got a question on saving bundles and new update..


    I did this update and saved my user bundles ( User 1 then 2 then 3 ) but when I try and import a bundle all the Factory bundles get changed to the previous version as we"ll.   <_<



    Helix Firmware v1.06.0 Release Notes


    Helix v1.06.0 is a firmware update that includes new models, features, fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Helix users perform this update!

    It is also recommended that you back up your current presets by using the Helix application to create a preset bundle, allowing you to install new presets as part of the update process.

    The easiest way to perform the update process is by installing the latest version of Line 6 Updater. Once you've connected Helix to your computer via its USB port (hubs are not supported), Line 6 Updater will recognize the unit and take you through the update process. Both the Helix application and Line 6 Updater may be downloaded here: http://line6.com/software/


    New Amp Models

    • Matchstick Ch1, based on* Channel 1 of the MatchlessTM DC30
    • Matchstick Ch2, based on* Channel 2 of the MatchlessTM DC30
    • Matchstick Jump, based on* jumping Channels 1 and 2 of the MatchlessTM DC30

    New Effects Models

    • Distortion > Teemah! (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Paul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive
    • Distortion > KWB (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Benadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion
    • Distortion > Bitcrusher (Mono, Stereo)
    • Modulation > Dynamix Flanger (Mono, Stereo)
    • Modulation > Deluxe Phaser (Mono, Stereo)
    • Modulation > Tremolo (Mono) and Tremolo/Autopan (Stereo), based on* the BOSS® PN-2
    • Pitch/Synth > Simple Pitch (Mono, Stereo)
    • Pitch/Synth > Dual Pitch (Mono, Stereo)
    • Filter > Autofilter (Mono, Stereo)

    * All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6.


    New Features

    • Swap Footswitch Assignments—This feature makes organizing Stomp footswitch mode a lot easier, especially when footswitches have multiple-assigned items or custom labels/LED ring colors. Touch and hold (but don’t press) any two stomp mode footswitches for one second. A dialog box appears, asking if you want to swap all assignments. Press Knob 6 (OK)
    • When touch-holding a footswitch to invoke Quick Footswitch Assign (or touch holding two footswitches to swap their assignments), the dialog panel automatically closes after four seconds

    Bug Fixes

    • In rare cases, assigning a parameter to a footswitch may briefly display the parameter’s value above Knob 1 (Parameter) on the Controller Assign page —FIXED
    • After returning to a preset while the looper is active, the Looper block and/or half-speed footswitch’s LED may not properly reflect its state(s) —FIXED
    • In some cases, a Command Center > CC Toggle footswitch’s LED may not properly reflect its state —FIXED
    • Helix may fail to respond when receiving a huge string of MIDI PC messages while on the Setlist view —FIXED
    • After customizing the name of an auto-assigned EXP 1 block (Wah or Pitch Wham), the Volume Pedal may become unassigned —FIXED
    • General stability improvements
    • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

    Other Improvements

    • When selecting banks by pressing FS1 (BANK UP) or FS7 (BANK DOWN), FS6 now appears as CANCEL, letting you dismiss bank queue without changing footswitch modes
    • Expression Pedal 2 and 3 can now adjust values in Pedal Edit mode
    • Factory presets leveled
    • Additional improvements made to the factory preset bundle

    Resetting Helix Globals / Loading the Newest Factory Presets

    IMPORTANT! This procedure will completely overwrite all existing presets and setlists, as well as clear all user IRs and reset all global settings! Back up your presets and IRs before proceeding!

    1. Turn off Helix.
    2. While holding footswitches 9 and 10 (middle two switches on the bottom row), turn on Helix. Wait for the message “Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets, Setlists and IRs…†to appear and let go.

    Known Issues

    • Minor pops and clicks may be present when Helix is streaming audio from a Mac® running OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
    • Minor pops and clicks may be present when Helix is streaming audio from an iOS® device running iOS 9.1 or 9.2 with Apple® Camera Kit
    • Importing a Helix bundle while streaming audio over USB may cause the Helix application to disconnect


    This update 106.0  is da Best!!  Just updated from 104 and the tones are amazing all the amp models sound great, pretty much just like the real amps!!  Thanks line 6 gonna dig in....  :P

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