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  1. The purchase of the Helix has represented for me a financial effort.

    I had a lot of HOPE on this new pedal

    When I bought the helix, I thought I could use this pedal as a USB interface.


    So I decided to sell my helix to buy at another company a more expensive product that works as a true USB audio interface.

    For me, finished the loss of time to post my comments on my discontent.

    I will now be able to really work with my new equipment.



    This is not a new debate, but the feeling of a ex-user and ex-client, frustrated and disappointed.

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  2. As  I reported in another thread, exact same problem with Cubase/Helix/ElCapitan.

    The only workaround almost working but not satisfactory is to push the buffer size to the max 2048.

    It's VERY annoying... 

    I also use this solution but it is not satisfactory. 

    The real solution is Line 6 which should provide it.

  3. I get a very similar problem on Windows 7 - lots of crackles and pops while playing and recording - it makes the Helix pretty much unusable as an audio card, I only use it when I want to record my variax so I can get the mags and the emulated dry sound.


    Now I've noticed that it works fine right after a reboot, but if you leave the computer and switch off (did not unplug first) the Helix then turn it back on (while the computer is running) that's when it happens. The only workaround (if you can call it that) is to reboot - and *then* it works fine. I rarely reboot my computer, next time I do I'll run more tests (like try to switch to another audio device before turning off the Helix) and report what I find.

    It must open a ticket on the Line 6 website.
    Many of us have the same problem on Mac or Windows.
    The more we are to report this problem, faster, Line 6, will be less indifférend the problem of usb on the helix.
  4. Hello,

    I'm on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11
    I have two problems with the helix firmware 1.03.3:
    It is not possible to select another frequency 48 kHz, for recording with the helix connected via USB.
    I have to choose a minimum buffer size of 1024 samples, for, record and play back audio without clicks or saturation with Live 9.
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