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  1. So I encountered a weird issue on a gig yesterday. My Variax bass (700) have been working flawlessly, but all of a sudden the bass did not power up using Line 6 the DI-box with stereo-jack - the lights didn't turn green as well (and obviously it then didn't produce any sound). We checked the jack-cable and that worked and we did quick check for any loose cables inside the bass but couldn't see any. Upon testing with the Cat-5 cable the bass came alive as luckily the guitarists use Line 6 gear as well. Find it so weird as I would have understood it more if none of the connecting methods didn't work. Any others who have experienced the same issue?
  2. Thanks a lot bjnette :) I've decided for the Pro HD then, as I mainly will use it for standard cover. After all I shouldn't be a problem selling it again if they come up with a new Pro product, or another HD board in some way, that is a bit more powerful than some 20% more as the Pro X is.
  3. I agree too. I've never understood the pricing policy from Line 6 in terms of features and such. E.g The HD 300 with 50 effects and 8 amps, and further on the HD 400 75 effects and 12 amps and in the end HD 500 with 100 effects and 16 amps, will have underlined more the difference in price. The same goes on and on in the Line 6 history. E.g When the Vetta came I never understood the difference between the simulation v the pod and that alone wouldn't explain the price as it's the same really. However it's great products and it's ridiculous the amount of stick Line 6 have got considering what you actually got. As long as you know how to handle it you can get great result for little money. Will definitive try the set-up if I buy the Pod Hd pro (Well in some time I will have one either way). I hope though they'll release an upgraded shortboard as well with the same buttons as the pod X. And not to mention a new longboard. That's also one thing i don't understand, how that they didn't invest more time with the longboard. It could have been one of the best board out there with e.g added midi features and instrument input. Would have been a killer to use with other "non-Line6-gear".
  4. Thanks a lot. Yes I've been thinking it doesn't actually has to be just as necessary in the pod hd line-up, as the X3, as imo most of the one amp signal path in the X3 Live is thin sounding. After all it's a good deal and I've have the M9 also so I could use some of the reverbs and delays from that unit (I see most of the people post issues when adding reverbs and delays in the HD) Btw do you know any people controlling the HD or other pro models with the M-series? (MIDI) Cheers :)
  5. Got an offer for an used HD pro. I currently have the X3 Live and I think it's good when you do the dual amp feature. However it has become a bit unreliable in live situations and I need to upgrade as well (However it will cost me nearly 3 times to buy a new HD pro X) Will I get any DSP problems when running Dual amp and I normally use only one signal chain for 1-3 effects (in rare circumstances I use dist on both channels)? Or is it also dependable of which amps you choose?
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