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  1. You can always use Reason 8 and below to get the Line6 amps.  They will only disappear, or rather NOT appear in versions of Reason after October 2016.  The Softube amps are pretty good actually, and Kuassa makes pretty good amps as well so you will be able to get quality guitar amp emulations still in Reason.  I use Softube's amps, along with Vermillion, Creme and Cerberus (Kuassa's Rack Extensions) along with Line 6 all the time myself.  They all have their place IMHO.  The thing for me about Line 6 amps is that I also have the POD Farm Plat which means I get ALL of those amps available in Reason (and SONAR).  Hope this helps.


    Thank you very much for this post I really appreciated it. It is GREAT to know that the Line 6 amp wont be going anywhere and I'd still be able to use it in reason 8 after October 2016.


    Don't get me wrong, I really like softube and kuassa's amps I think they are awesome, but I'm simply in love with the result I am getting with Line 6.



    So, would pod farm still work for reason releases later than version 8? Because for Reason 9 and above, I am considering the POD Studio GX, and I read that it comes with POD Farm 2.5 standard. I know there's a mesa boogie amp model on there but do you know if it is the 2001 treadplate dual or just an earlier model? I know 2001 exists on the 2.5 Platinum but its not clear whether its provided with the standard farm.


    Thanks again for your post really made mu day!

  2. I'm using Reason, got very attached to the Line 6 guitar amp, and specifically its 2001 tread plate dual patch...


    I heard about Line 6 leaving reason in less than a year and am frantically looking for a solution because of rumors that the Line 6 amp could simply vanish from existence???


    Could anyone please shed light on this matter, I'm concerned and I'm sure many others would be too if they knew this were happening.


    IF -god forbid- the Line 6 amp is truly going to simply disappear in October 2016, does anyone have advice as to how I can get the 2001 treadplate dual back in reason, hopefully without having to pay money. (I've looked at pod farm and pod studio etc, first I'm not sure that would run with reason, second why am I compelled to pay more money when I've already purchased a DAW that supposedly features this amp!)


    I've suggested on Line 6's Ideascale to provide their beloved guitar amp as a Rack Extension but it doesn't seem like that will get any attention, either people don't care, or they are unaware of the situation.


    please help

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