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  1. 10 hours ago, Kilrahi said:


    I love mine. Ultimately, when it comes to the guitar modelling (the reason you buy a Variax) the two guitars sound identical despite how different they look, and they can both sound like a strat, which is pretty cool.


    You'll have to let us know what you think of it. 

    I will for sure. It’s supposed to be here tomorrow. I forgot to order the VDI cable, so I’ll have to wait for that before I can fully use it with my Helix.

  2. Thank you for all of your help, guys! I just took the leap and ordered a JTV-59 from AMS. They knocked some money off too, which sweetened the deal even more. As much as I wanted the Strat style, I couldn’t bring myself to go with a standard or pay significantly more for a JTV-69. I’m super excited to try this out. I think it’s going to make a huge difference in my live performances!

  3. I’ve been shopping for a variax and am a bit confused about the JTV-59 pricing and availability. Sweetwater has them listed for $1199, but the website says “new item” and they’re out of stock. AMS has them for $999. Was there a recent change in these that would warrant a $200 price difference? Also, I’m considering a standard as well. Is the build quality much different in the two? I would rather have the Strat style, but it seems that with only a $100 price difference in the two that I might be better off with the JTV. Any JTV-69’s I can find are $1199.

  4. wrong!




    above here are the real default FX LOOP settings..


    if you have the SEND at zero, no signal can pass through the SEND output, thus you can't have any signal with the FX LOOP turned on..


    Zero is the minimum value for the SEND output, not the maximum




    Sorry, I was wrong, I just checked on my device and I saw that the SEND maximum value is zero, like you said before..


    but if you look at the advanced manual (from where cames the picture) the SEND max value is 100..

    therefore there is a clear discrepancy between the manual instructions and the device behavior which L6 should fix IMO..


    so I deduce that if zero is the SEND maximum value then the FX LOOP should work, and on my device does (just checked)..


    try a global reset procedure, which however should be done every time after you install the firmware


    instructions here: After POD HD500X/500 Flash/Re-Flash/Update: MANDATORY Global Settings Reset!

    I tried the reset procedure both during the update and manaually (holding down/left while booting up). I know it has to have something to do with the firmware since it was working perfectly before I updated. The POD works fine as long as I don’t turn on the effects loop. When I do, it’s like a mute switch.

  5. did you check if the SEND and MIX parameters of the FX LOOP block are both set at 100%?..

    if any of them is set at zero, you get no sound with the FX LOOP turned on

    The settings on the FX block are its defaults...send-0 (its max value), mix-100%, return-0 (max is 24, which I’ve also tried). Any other thoughts?
  6. I picked up a used HD 500 a couple of days ago to run 4 CM with my amp. Tonight I finally had a chance to get it hooked up. After I did, I played through it a bit, and it worked perfectly. I then noticed that the firmware needed to be updated, so I installed the latest version using Line 6 Monkey. After that, the effects loop completely stopped working. The unit works fine when the FX loop block is turned off, but it mutes the signal when it is turned on. I’ve tried rolling back the firmware, but that doesn’t help either. I have double and triple checked all of my connections, the cables, and my amp’s effects loop. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  7. Do what you wish, but don't think for a minute those used springs on the bottom of your feet helping you jump out are worth what you paid for them new... Welcome to reality.

    With all due respect, hopefully I put my faith in a spring manufacturer that doesn't repease a "Spring LT". Thank you for the reality check though!
  8. This is a bunch of nonsense... Really don't know what else to add, but your whole premise is wrong. How on earth does releasing the LT affect the used prices of the Helix all that much? You think there's going to be a glut of people selling Helix's just so they can go buy an LT? That would seem to really irrational, as you might be left with a little cash in your pocket (by the time you pad fees and shipping for selling online, not much though), and you'd be left with a processor that does less than the one you originally had...

    I'm not sure how you think my argument is nonsense. It sounds like you either didn't read or misinterpreted what I said. I never said that Helix owners would sell their existing device for an LT. That would be ridiculous, and I don't begin the understand why you thought that I said or insinuated that. The issue here is that the used market is where one would turn to buy an item that he/she couldn't afford to buy new. Now a used Helix, at say $1100-$1200, has much less if any appeal to those buyers. After all, they can now buy new for $1000 and get a full warranty. Some will still want all the features of the original, but the two are so close that a huge amount of these buyers will go for an LT instead of used. Value is determined by supply and demand, and the demand for used Helixes will be dramatically decreased with Helix LT in the picture.
  9. If the concern is that Line 6—a business, after all—priorities existing and future users of the Helix platform over those few who've given up on it and left... Guilty as charged.

    Interesting...To say that you don't care about the resale of your products is absurd. How does Helix LT show that you priority your existing customers? What about your consumers who may have to sell their Helix for let's say financial reasons or something out of their control? I guess you don't care about them either because they have "given up and left"? After all, they'll never buy one of your products again anyway, right? I would expect a more well thought out rebuttal from someone so highly regarded within the company. For what it's worth, DI, I think Helix is a great product. I've said that several times and never questioned it's value. I could understand your response a bit better if I was saying that I hated the product and wanted to sell it. I simply prefer a real amp and am going that direction. My budget does not allow me rebuild an analog rig without the sale of my Helix. I'd love to be able to have both, but that's out of the question for me. Maybe I can add the Helix Super LT to my rig when it's released. That should only be $500 and probably only be missing the expression pedal. I could also pick up a used Helix for about that price in about 6 months. Looks like I'll have some choices!
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  10. I get that you're a bit disappointed - I probably would have gone for the Lite version if it was out at the time when I purchased my Helix, and I'd have had an extra $500 to blow on some gear. More actually, because I have the Rack+Control. Or I may have just gone for the plugin, and saved even more money.


    However, I don't believe that Line 6 should take the value of their products on the used market into account when developing and releasing new products. Clearly you thought the Helix was worth the money when you bought it. If you only bought it because you assumed that you could sell it for $X in the future, that's too bad, but ultimately not Line 6's responsibility, and that assumption was a bit of a gamble to begin with. Another company could have also released a much cheaper Helix killer, and that could have devaluated the Helix a bit as well.

    I agree with a lot if what you're saying here. However, let's remember that Helix LT is not a new product. If it was, I would have zero complaints. Let's be honest here and admit that it's the same product produced for less so it can be sold for less. Yes, I believe that Helix is worth the money. It's an amazing product for the money, and that has never been a question in my mind. It's definitely not Line 6's responsibility to guarantee resale value for their products, but what they are doing here shows that they have no regard for it at all. That is unfortunate...
  11. I just bought a new pickup truck. I am not upset that there is a stripped down version for a portion of the cost, because I didn't want the stripped down version.


    Same for Helix. I would pay the extra $500 for scribble strips and extra connections/controls. Some wouldn't pay the extra $. That's why there are options, the same as car shopping.

    Do you really believe that this is the same as car shopping? That's an interesting viewpoint but completely unrelated to guitar gear. It's not like they gave me an options list when I bought my Helix to pick and choose what I wanted. It would also be more similar had they brought both out at the same time.
  12. I am sorry if I misinterpreted Your words.

    I just felt like saying that every product or service has it's price nominated by seller or service provider, and the buyer buys the product not a product plus its lifetime support (and, man, we're speaking OS upgrades, not service tasks like broken input jacks).

    I get it, really I do. I certainly expect Line 6 to release new products and even make more affordable ones. This type of move is something that's done when a product has reached the end of its lifespan, not a year after release. The product gets repackaged and marked down shortly before the release of the next thing. Sometimes a couple of small features are removed, sometimes they are not. Generally, the original is discontinued. Again, my point is that there needs to be a bigger difference in the products in this strategy. If that were the case, the two would have clear separation and there would be a decisive market for both. That's not the case here, and the consumers that bought the original are the ones the suffer the market repercussions. I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of Helix sales now go to Helix LT. It's a win for Line 6 and future buyers but not for us. Sorry, but that's how I see it.
  13. do you indeed sincerely believe that Line6 would announce Helix like this: "hey, we have awesome new product. but wait, don't buy this one, because we have stripped down more affordable version coming in near future"... Really ?

    I don't really think that's what I said is it? I said that they didn't announce Helix LT at all until it was in stock at retailers. Please don't put words in my mouth. You are entitled to your opinion of the situation, but then again, you're not selling yours. I sincerely hope that you don't plan on it now unless you like losing money.
  14. Well guys, see it how you will. New products are just products. They usually have new features and something different to offer. Helix LT is not a stripped down product, but the same product with very minor differences for a third less. Not a couple of hundred dollars, but a third less of the cost of it's predecessor! If you're not interested in selling yours, I'm sure you don't care. The things that they cut out, with the exception of the scribble strips, are things that most guitarists do not care about. So, that said, I think most would be willing to go without scribble strips to save $500. There needs to be a bigger difference between the two products to warrant the price difference, and that is my point. This move by Line 6 does nothing more than show their greed and complete disregard for those who not only purchased their product, but sat on waiting lists for months to get one. Funny how there wasn't a word of this product even breathed until they were in stock and available everywhere. Why? They didn't want to lose Helix sales while they were producing and shipping these to retailers. They sure didn't waste any time hyping up Helix prior to release though, did they? I can say that this move has made me officially done with Line 6. Sad, because I have a Helix and Firehawk 1500 as my rig right now. Both are for sale, and I'll lose whatever I must to move them. Ok, rant over.

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  15. Does anyone else feel cheated with the release of the LT?


    Why - The Helix has stuff I don't use (which are not present in the LT). Could've saved myself 400 USD?

    Absolutely! I don't feel cheated about the $1500 that I spent on Helix, however. It's a fantastic product and worth the money. The resale value on Helix is going to absolutely nose dive though. I'll admit that I haven't been entirely happy in the modeling world, and I had made the decision to sell it. Again, not because Helix isn't a great product, but because I miss playing out of a real amp. So, a couple of days ago I listed it on Craigslist and had a buyer pretty quickly. Guess what happened? He found out about Helix LT and backed out. Helix LT is nothing more than greed on Line 6's part. They're using the technology that they put into the product that they sold us for $1500, cramming it into cheaper packaging, and selling it for a third less than what we paid. $500 is a lot of money to most musicians, and most of them are going to go for the new product, not the used one. I'm glad that I'm jumping out now. Wait until Helix LT's hit the used market, and it's going to get way worse.
  16. Yeah I'm pretty sure.


    I did the test feeding a continuous white noise signal going into the back monitor in L/R and then changing speaker scheme in the app.


    The exit compressor seems working for both mono and wide stereo. In wide stereo it does probably use a different crossover setting to drive less highs on the exit compressor, probably to create that "wide" feeling.


    If you have the amp you can test yourself. Just remove the front cover and check. :)

    Thank you for replying. I have the amp but it's not at my house to test. Your answer explains why it only really works in mono...very frustrating.
  17. Monitor In, L/R (this is what I get, over here):


    Mono; Top Horn, Center Speaker - No limiters as small Coaxial are not engaged. It does work basically as a standard single FRFR speaker.

    Stereo; Left Coaxial, Center Speaker, Right Coaxial - Limiters kick in to protect Coaxial

    Stereo Wide; Left Coaxial, Center Speaker, Top Horn, Right Coaxial - Limiters kick in to protect Coaxial



    Are you sure about this? Everything that I have read so far has said that the only way to engage the center horn is to plug into the input of the Firehawk as opposed to the monitor inputs.
  18. This is the quote that I saw. Can anyone tell me if this is the case?.........



    In Stereo mode the monitor inputs only power the smaller coax speakers, this is why the limiter kicks in early, because you're only using the smaller speakers and you don't want to blow them. Stereo Wide utilizes the center speaker for full power. Mono mode also uses all the speakers for full power.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    Will - Line 6 Support


  19. The stereo wide speaker mode uses an algorithm that gives a wider stereo spread perception. You will realize the difference only with strong stereo effects.

    So is this the only difference? I read a quote on another thread from Will from Line 6 stating that the only way to enable the center speaker using the monitor inputs in stereo was to use stereo wide. I haven't been able to try it yet, but the Firehawk has been useless to me at high volumes in stereo with my Helix. The sound is mufflied and clips at volumes over about 50%. Is the answer simply to switch to stereo wide?
  20. Just FYI, the short video I posted above, it's just the amp. I kept the Helix turned OFF to avoid that one adding more hiss on top.


    I believe the hiss are limiters compressing the signal as soon as its needed to avoid damages on speakers.


    I also have hiss on the L2m, but it's barely audible and go totally buried as soon as you play. Something I can't achieve with the FH1500, as the hiss goes stronger as you push more signal into it. Does sound like a reaction.


    But in general, I could even manage the hiss (pushing more on helix block amps levels and using less volume on the FH1500), if only the amp didn't work that muffled in stereo at high volumes.

    Yes to this. Hiss has not been a problem for me, but Firehawk is completely unusable in stereo due the muffling and lack of volume. However, I may have never noticed the hiss issue because the lack of clarity and volume in a live band situation made me switch to mono immediately. Nothing like only getting partial use out of a $1000 piece of gear. Line 6 needs to address this and offer some support for this problem. Again, it sounds great in mono, but so do a lot of other much less expensive options.
  21. I have to say that I've never noticed any hiss with mine, but I can't say that I'm happy with it. It sounds great in mono, but don't try to use it in stereo. The sound becomes completely muffled, and there is no volume. This is an issue that I've searched for a solution to since a discovered it, but haven't been able to answer. I would buy something else if I had to do it over again. The stereo situation is extremely frustrating.

  22. I'm having this exact same problem. If I plug my Helix into the Firehawk with left and right XLR cables, the sound varies between muffled and normal across all volumes. Additionally, it is not very loud at all. If I run in mono, the problem disappears completely. The amp sounds as if it's possibly attenuating the signal due to clipping, but I have adjusted everything from the gain on the Firehawk to the volume of the Helix to the output level of the cab I'm using. The problem occurs no matter what unless I run it in mono. 

  23. I'm having this exact same problem. If I plug my Helix into the Firehawk with left and right XLR cables, the sound varies between muffled and normal across all volumes. Additionally, it is not very loud at all. If I run in mono, the problem disappears completely. The amp sounds as if it's possibly attenuating the signal due to clipping, but I have adjusted everything from the gain on the Firehawk to the volume of the Helix to the output level of the cab I'm using. The problem occurs no matter what unless I run it in mono. 

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