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  1. I know this is an add on to an old thread, but this is kinda weird - I just checked this an moment ago - download arrow worked fine for me on a MacBook Pro running Firefox.


    Yesterday, in another thread, a guy was having issues adding a comment to his uploaded tone.


    Siverhead posted a note that there is problem with the Customtone site.


    When I checked that out - everything worked fine for me using my iMac Retina and Safari.


    I don't understand!


    Is this a problem for Windows users only?


    Could it be a bug that is only happening on the US servers and not an issue on the UK and European sites?


    Just a thought.

    I'm that guy and this is the thread you refer to. http://line6.com/support/topic/21282-customtone-upload-assistance-please/


    I own the Helix Rack, run Win 7 and have a similar issue in Chrome, IE and Firefox. It certainly seems like a Windows issue. I have been driving myself bonkers trying to figure this out, thinking it was a problem on my end. Please fix this Line 6. Being able to share our tones and interact as a community is vital.

  2. I can upload my presets to Customtone but I can not edit or even access the comments section of the uploaded tone. What am I doing wrong? A month ago this was a simple possess. I have tried 3 different browsers on two different computers without success.

  3. I have a huge amount of IRs (1000s) that i shot myself in my studio last year. I will do a few youtube videos in a few weeks and share some of my IRs for free. 



    Looking forward to this!

  4. This is quite common with the early rounds of a new product. Line 6 has shown exemplary customer service as stated above. As long as they continue to fix the issues as they arise I see no issue whatsoever. They are a fine company, coupled with Yamaha, I see only bright skies ahead.

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