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  1. So, I have bought a mobile keys 49 one year ago to learn that its fabrication was discontinued (as midi mobilizer). Thank you Line6 :-)

    I found some tips that can help owners of this little keyboard that I like.


    1) Using IOS 9

    When I had made the updates of IOS9, I had the suprise to see that the keyboard was not working anymore. Here is what I have done :

    - if necessary, use your computer USB connection to update the firmware with line6monkey (you will find it on the line6 software page if you check archive)

    - on your ipad (not connected to your mobile keys), remove the app midi memo

    - switch off and on your ipad and reinstall the app

    - connect your mobile keys, midi memo should work now. Play any midi out (it seems midi out wakes up midi I/O)


    I would like to thank c. degardin from the european support team who gave me this tip.


    2) Lightning connection

    Well, you changed your ipad/iPhone and you are with this old 30 pin cable. Don't try the lighting to 30pin apple adaptor, it would not work.

    In fact, you do not need the ipad/iPhone cable. Your usb cable works always well. Just buy a lightning to USB camera adapter (yes, I know : 29$) and the job is done. It works perfectly.