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  1. For some reason the Helix S/PDIF output keeps dropping and coming back in. The drop is only a second or so. It is the only device that I have had drop out using S/PDIF. I have seen others with the same issue as well. I believe the clock must just drop or something as the clock source is actually the Helix. Any clue if this is going to be remedied with an update at some point? Thanks.


    I suggest opening up a ticket with customer support, they may be able to help you resolve the issue. 

  2. hi all

    i've put an ernie ball volume pedal as an expression pedal, to do volume control.  Into EXP2,  using just the pedal's output jack as i'm supposed to.


    it works perfectly fine.. however, the calibration keeps changing.


    it'll work for a short while, 0 to 100 all good as expected... but if i do a few sweeps in quick succession over and over a couple of times, the pedal works fine, but the maximum value (toe down) will start to alter.  In other words, it'll change from being 100% at toe down to 95% and then maybe as low as 85% at full toe down.  Then the only way to rectify it is to unplug from EXP2 and plug it back in.  And without changing anything else, the values will go back to 100% at toe down.  Therefore i know it's not the pedal's pot.


    It's as if the auto calibration is getting mucked up ?


    i've had to resort to plugging it in as a real volume pedal in an FX loop instead of a non-audio expression for the time being.


    And before anyone asks, yes I know the internal pedal does volume.. but as I sit down in an orchestra pit a lot, I don't like the raised height off the floor of the internal pedal. It's not comfortable for having my foot on full time when seated, the angle is just a bit off.





    I would suggest opening up a ticket with customer support to further explore this issue. 


  3. NEVER plug in the Variax with the Cat 5 AND a guitar cord at the same time. I don't understand why, but apparently you can damage the Variax if you do.

    He is correct, we do not recommend plugging in both the Cat 5 and guitar cable. 

  4. I have the latest firmware, no issues with installing it.  While creating my own effects routing to run the 4cm with my pt100, I noticed some random freezing issues that required a reboot.


    I set the layout up like on pg 18 in the manual doing the Super Serial layout...the first one.  The unit was freezing intermittently 


    messing around with the pedal layout, especially when I would click on the Merge Mixer right before the 2nd output.  IDK, it was random and definitely when I'd click on the Merge Mixer.


    My temporary solution is to not click on the Merge  Anybody else have something like this happen? 


    Please open a ticket with customer support so that we can track this and help you resolve the issue. 


  5. Hi, looking for a little help...


    I have had the Helix for about week (love how it sounds!!!), but I cannot update to the new firmware. I have installed the Helix app (1.04); the latest drivers (1.77); the updater (1.07).    


    In my "Devices and Printer" Helix is recognized.  When I open the app, I get "Helix Device not connected."  When I open the the updater, I get a black box and "Select device to update." But there is nothing to select.


    I have used 2 different USB cables; 2 different computers; and several hours installing, uninstalling, reinstalling software. To no this point I'm stuck.


    Windows 7 machine.  

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I would suggest opening up a ticket with customer support, they have access to a little more information via your Line 6 account that may help find the source of the issue. 


  6. Hello

    I have one footswitch (lower row, second after the preset footswitch), which some times does not react to the foot pressing.

    After waiting some time or rebooting  it's working again.

    Any experience ?

    Could this be a bug or could it be a hardware failure ?


    Thank you

    I would recommend opening up a ticket with customer service. Regardless of whether it is a bug, or hardware issue we will help you resolve the issue.


  7. That's not the latest update.


    Anyway, the issue seems to be Customtones with IR's. The new JTM 145 doesn't work either.

  I missing something with downloading Customtones with IR's?


    I reset the whole Helix, downloaded the latest update and still can't load these Customtones

    1.04 is definitely the latest version of the Helix application. To be clear, this is not the same as the Helix firmware, which is at 1.06.5 or the Line 6 updater which is at 1.07. 


    Can someone help me with this Customtone please? I can't get it to load on my helix. I downloaded the IR (I think) but it doesn't seem to work. says something about not having the amp or cab. It's been downloaded some 200x times, so there has to be a solution out there.
    Bonamassa 1959LP
    Bonamassa Modern Blues
    Joe Bonamassa humbucker


    I would suggest making sure you are also using the latest version of the Helix app version 1.04. 


    Download link:



    If you still have an issue after that, please feel free to open up a ticket with customer support.


  9. Guys I love this thing but last night at Church Rehearsal the Helix Ready Failed. Should I open a Service ticket? here is the Story:


    Yesterday- finished dialing in all tones needed for this weeks setlist in my studio, nothing different that I've done since getting the Helix, started to shut everything down as normal, the helix, computer, lights and so on :)


    loaded everything into my truck.... got to the Church 45 min later... started setting up everything, turned the Helix on and ALL OF MY PRESET were gone!!! only Presets in the machine was the Factory.... Weird thing was that there were presets that looked like "factory" preset in User 1.... in the place of my preset that I use?????


    Help please! play every week and Gig out live...this can't happen! 



    Anyway going back to your original question, yes It'd preferable to open a new ticket to the support,

    they need to track down those bugs as they come, it sounds like a regression softwarewise.

    Yes, please open a ticket. Even if the issue resolves itself, tickets are indeed helpful for us in tracking potential bugs. 

  10. Hi,


    To my great astonishment when I switched off the Helix (after 1 hour use) yesterday,

    the power button came unsoldered from the inside, as a result it just fell out of the unit... 


    I got the unit in November, I'm not an usual complainer but I have never had this kind of problems with way less expensive units (even from Line6, I've had Pods). Until then I was so satisfied with the unit that I regularly annoyed my friends and musicians talking about how good it was.. now they can have a good laugh !


    I just mailed the distributor in France (Woodbrass) from which I bought the unit, we'll see how it goes... bit this is very disappointing on a 3month unit at this price tag, and I sincerely hope for Line 6 that this is not a defect present on a mass of units.



    Please open up a ticket with customer support so that we can resolve this issue for you. We deal with every issue on a case to case basis, so it is best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can get you taken care of.


  11. Well... now mine has started to squeak.

    I've read the other posts on this but I haven't seen a definitive answer from Line 6 Staff about the appropriate way to de squeak it.


    Anyone get an answer from either a ticket or from some official source?


    I'm a bit leary about applying anything to these components without word from on high.



    Same here. Mine is getting very loud.   What should we do Line 6?

    Hey Guys,

    If you are experiencing a squeaky pedal, please open up a ticket with our customer support.

  12. One month on and still no solution/no Helix ..... pissed off is an understatement. Come on Line 6 sort it out!!!!

    I just checked up on your ticket and it appears we gave you a list of service centers to take your Helix to, did you receive that list? 

  13. Issue:


    Turned on Helix and scribble strips got all wonky.  


    1:  Strips were either blank or way out of order (eg Bank was on FS8, Tap on FS2)

    2:  Strips were doing the Fade In/Out of Death

    3:  Labels were superimposing and switching on individual strips.


    I did a FS9/10 reset and tried to import my slaved-upon User setlists


    1:  Several of my saved and imported presets were blank. 

    2:  All of them were contiguous.  I keep blank 'New Preset' patches in every set of 4 for future tweaks.

    3:  Reimports of custom presets were blank or several iterations earlier


    I figured out that I can drag new presets in to place.  Hence the edit of this post.




    1:  How can I straight up DELETE a preset off the unit so I can start from scratch?


    Not a happy Pi right now :(

    Would you mind opening up a ticket for this issue? 


  14. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?  I downloaded the latest software and installed on Helix, I then opened the software and went to the 1.06 firmware download.  when I downloaded nothing happened.  The instructions said that when you downloaded the firmware that it would recognize Helix and prompt me on what to do next, but this is not happening.  Any help would be appreciated.


    If you are still having trouble installing the update, please open up a ticket with customer support. 


  15. help: my helix app always crashes when i try to import a custom ir...i´m using win10 and the latest firmware...

    anybody also got this...? 

    it says "the program isn´t working correctly due to a problem. it´s beeing shut down and you´ll be informed when a solution is available..."


    Try importing each custom IR one by one, then reinstall the latest firmware. This may solve your issue. 

  16. hi all thinking of diving in with the helix in a nutshell what id like is for helix to controll everthing on Gsystem banks presets effects on/off andf loops on/off both units have cat 5 port not sure if anything could be done here im sure theres stuff i can do midi wise maybe sync banks or presets i think ill still have to programme the G systems effects from the board unless i could do it from helix which would be fab but if not hopefully i can sync up presets and turn things on and off the Gsystem from helix then i can just have one controll board except when editing presets on the Gsystem as helix is awsome i can have any number of effects anywhere in tne signal chain also the send and return anywhere in the signal path which is where the Gsystem would be  thanks in advance sorry if i double posted

    Unfortunately, the Helix will not be able to control everything on the G-system. For more information on the midi capabilities on the Helix, you can find that info toward the end of the user manual.


  17. Does anyone know if they are planning on making these two products work together like the original "dream rig"? I read that their has been some issues? 


    I haven't tried it my self.... Thought I'd check with you all before dragging the DT50 out of Storage!

    Helix is compatible with the DT50, but at the moment it doesn't change the topology of the tubes like the Pod HD500x. 

  18. Here's an audio-example:



    I first recorded a dry-track and then tried to reamp that dry-track via helix using 4CM to my tube-head. For this audio example I turned the drytrack on mute from DAW to show you the NOISE which is the problem. In the end I switched from crunch channel to lead channel which makes the noise even worse (yes, I understand that is due to the amount of gain in the distortion but still, how am I supposed to reamp when mixing heavier tones?)


    Please help me!

    That noise is nonexistent when I use a laptop but my laptop doesn't run as fast as my desktop.

    This is not ground loop, not the AC-cycle hum. I had that before but it is gone now, thanks to fixing the power supply in my studio and using isolators. This is some crazy digital jitter :C

    If you open up a ticket, we will have access to a little more information on your set up, which would help trouble shoot this issue.


  19. Plugged in headphones last night to just mess with some patches.  First time use.  Has a latency, delay and any distorted sounds are expanded.  Clean tones sound clean but have a lag/delay.  All other output works fine.  I did plug the headphones into the left 1/4" out, all the patches sound fine.


    Went into Global Settings to see if I missed something?

    I would suggest opening a ticket to get some assistance in resolving this issue. 


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