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  1. When i try to import patches from customtone into Helix, the first patch i import sometimes works, but any others will show the correct name but will have the same parameters as the first one i dialed in.  I am loading them into the user banks.  I tried loading them one at a time and a group at once with the same results.   Any suggestions?



    I would suggest opening a ticket for this issue:


  2. I'm using all the default settings

    No plug ins and a i7 MacBook Pro

    It's not a resource issue it sounds like wordclock drift

    I'm not sure what it used as a master or how it syncs up (I find macs very oblique when it comes to this kind of stuff)

    One thing I should try is a decent usb cable

    To be fair I used the one from the focus rite interface that was already there

    I got round the whole issue by just plugging the outputs into the focus rite. I wonder what I'm missing then

    I'll try a higher spec cable

    If the cable upgrade doesn't do the trick, please open up a ticket with customer support. We can try and help you resolve the issue.  


  3. Anyone else having an issue with your Line 6 Updater window and the Helix App window being very small when you open it? It works, but the window is so small I can barely read it and I can't figure out how to make it larger. (Ha, ha, that's what she said...)

    Would you mind opening up a ticket with customer support and sending us a screen shot? 


  4. I'm not sure if this has been answered or not, but I have a question about the looper and using an external midi controller.  If I were to use an external controller to trigger the looper functions with midi commands, will the Helix (control section) go into looper mode or will it remain in preset/footswitch mode?


    The unit stays in preset/stomp mode when used via external MIDI commands.

  5. I did keep everything at line level.  Those were my settings since the beginning so I made sure to get that set right.  The symptom I'm having is similar to line vs mic level from a sound standpoint.  I'll do some more digging on the mic settings part as well. 

    We haven't heard of anybody else having this issue. If you would like to open up a ticket, we could try and resolve the issue with our Customer Service.


  6. I received my long awaited Helix on Christmas eve.However I've only given it a very breif two hours of use but yesterday I removed the protective clear tape from the scribble strips. Two of the displays have faults, drop out in the panels. These are so clearly visible a vertical black lines right through the two displays.

    Kind of imagine faults so clear as this should have been seen by the manufacturing team. Or are these type of faults appearing on other Helix's. Has anyone else got these annoying problems as well.



    Yes me too.. Just received it today... Same lollipop...for a top high end device it is pretty failure huh?



    Mine has the vertical lines dropped out on a couple of scribble strips as well.  Took too long for me to get it to do a return.


    I'll live with it for now.


    Hey guys,


    Sorry you are having issues with your scribble strips. I would recommend opening up tickets with Customer Service so we can get these issues looked into.


  7. I know these units aren't fully integrated, but, I have my Helix connected to my DT-25 via Line 6 link, and after I power down and restart the Helix, I'll have no sound until I unplug and then replug the Line 6 link cable.


    Is this expected behavior? Is there a global setting I'm missing?


    Thanks for any insight.



    I see the same behavior and have the same question. 



    This sounds like it might be a weird bug. Would you mind opening up a ticket so we can investigate further?



  8. I backed up.  I updated successfully and I restarted but held the buttons to keep my IRs and Global settings intact.


    I was working on presets and testing some from Customtone.  I'm not exactly sure what I did at the time, but shortly after going from one preset to another and while changing some of the settings, my screen went black.  This is the first time it's done this.  I still heard sound, but had to turn off the Helix and turn it back on to get the screen back.  It also rebuilt the presets when I turned it back on (it had already rebuilt the presets when I restarted after the update).  


    I thought the black screen issues were all fixed??? 



    Same thing happened to me! Hope for å permanent fix for this issue.




    If this issue persists, please open up a ticket with customer support. The information we get from these tickets helps quantify the issue and and gather information on these issues.


  9. Got Helix today.

    So, to get at fresh start I decided to update the firmware to the latest one, having in mind that Line 6 should have added reverse delay, which I aim to use.

    The update failed, and kept failing.

    The Helic update window kept asking "Try again" - and nothing else.

    Since i did'nt work, I disconnected the Helix.

    But now it was stuck with update-failure business,

    Restarting holding 7-8 down or anything else, had no effect.

    It is dead, and I must live with that.

    But I can't, so first monday after christmas, I'm returning it. 

    So many things went wrong, starting with a very bad Line 6 support page with wrong links to software

    and not-very-helpfull messages.

    So, I kind-of lost enthusaism and I think I'll switch to HD 500X which I know will do the job.

    Sad, because I could absolutley use a more sophisticated devise. 

    And that might be a version XX bug-free Helix in af year or 2.




    I am sorry you had a bad experience with our support system. I would suggest opening a ticket with our support team in order to help you resolve the issue.



    However, to add to what Phil_M mentioned, the problem is most likely your updater. Make sure you are using Line 6 Updater for the Helix and not Monkey. Here is a link for the download, select Line 6 Updater from the "All Software" drop down:

  10. Since updating to 1.04.3, I've noticed exiting from the Looper sometimes (actually quite often) doesn't return to the footswitches but instead displays the two rows of bank patches. I've used the Looper a lot and never noticed this behavior before. This make it require multiple presses of the Exit switch to get back to the normal patch footswitch operation. It doesn't happen all the time, and seems to depend on what other footswitches might have been on when you entered the looper. I'm using 10 footswitch mode, and it seems if footswitch 1 is on, this seems to cause the Looper Exit to fail more often.

    As far as we know 1.04.03 should have no effect to the Looper. If it is possible to record a video of this issue and open a ticket, we would greatly appreciate it. Also, if this happens on a specific patch, it would be helpful to send us the patch.





  11. Greetings!


    The problem is when streaming audio to/from the Mac via USB. It's very aggravating. I have an active support ticket on this topic.

    We are still working on resolving the issue and will let you know as soon as we have an update. Your current ticket is still open, we have not forgotten about you. 



    Same problem for me.
    I reported this problem in the bug report helix forum.
    Line 6 No response on this shameful problem.


    I would suggest you open a ticket with our customer support so that we can gather a little more info and keep you up to date on this issue. While we appreciate you posting in the bug report forum, it is also very helpful if you open a ticket.

  12. I wanted to weigh in on the "Hiss" problem.  I used my Helix for church worship.  This was the 1st time for live use.  I went out mono XLR (set to mic level) direct into the house sound system.  I was emphatic about phantom power being turned off for my channel.  The extreme Hiss made using the Helix XLR output impossible.  I tried pressing the ground lift and that made no difference.  The Helix internal phantom power was turned off (not that that would make any difference at all).  My main output volume was turned all the way up, but interestingly enough, it did not make any difference where the volume knob was the extreme hiss was the same.  Same goes for volume pedal position.  With volume pedal heel down or heel up the extreme hiss was the same.  The work around was to go 1/4" mono out to DI which completely cured the problem.  After rehearsal the paid sound tech and myself spent an hour trouble shooting to only discover #1. Phantom power was off  #2. There were no bad cables. #3. There was no problem with the stage snake. #4. There was no bad channel on the mixing board.  #5 The only way to get rid of the extreme hiss was to go with 1/4" out into DI.  Very disappointing for the first time live experience. The funny thing about this situation is that at home I go stereo XLR out into CH1 & Ch2 of my Yamaha MG16 inexpensive mixing board.  There is a small amount of hiss but nothing like what I experienced at church.  So, in my case, it doesn't appear that the hiss is caused by phantom power at all.  Maybe power is the culprit here.  It would be nice for Line 6 to weigh in on this problem.    

    It sounds like somehow there is still phantom power being sent from the mixing board to the Helix itself, especially because the 14" output workaround cured the problem. If you are totally sure that no phantom power was being sent to the Helix, please open up a support ticket so that we can further examine your issue.


  13. If you read my replies in those happened to me without using the toe switch. Like when using a footswitch for a lead break or a patch change. I think it happens after you use any switch x number of times.


    EDIT: I didn't notice it until I played it live at a gig. At home I don't do a whole lot of switching. But at a gig I'll do a lead in every song or change patches for clean sounds and crunch, etc.   And under that situation (THE most important one) Helix lost audio from the XLR output a couple of times per set (we played 3 sets).

    Can't get ANY audio to come out of the XLR until you reboot the Helix. Which meant the band is up their playing rock music with no guitar while I waited for The Helix to reboot. :(


    I do have a wah pedal assigned to the toe switch in my patches. But I didn't use it at all that evening except on one song in the last set for a lead.



    The problem we have experienced is exclusively with the toe switch and no other footswitch. Would you mind opening a ticket so that we can examine your issue further?




    Basically, the run rate of Helix manufacturing isn't based on how many people Line 6 believed would buy Helix; it was based on initial dealer orders (all taken before the big market launch this past June).
    So if we're convinced people will buy 6, but dealers only order 3, we might build 4 just to be safe.
    Then when 10 preorders come in months before the thing even ships... (!!!)
    FWIU, we haven't stopped building Helixs since June. The trick is that these are sophisticated, expensive boxes with tight tolerances and a pretty elaborate test procedure, so we're not able to crank them out like MIDI Mobilizers. We'll get to everyone as soon as we can, but we're not willing to skimp on manufacturing procedures or testing to speed things up. If there's an upside, it's that Helix will continue to get new features and models, so by the time yours comes in, it'll be even better.
    Okay, so that's a total cop out. Sorry.

    - Digital_Igloo 



    I understand this was in a different forum, but the Helix Product Manager, Digital_Igloo chimed in to explain a little about the shipping delays and the reasons for them. Hope it clears some things up. 

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  15. Does anyone else find it kind of annoying that there is a large dead zone with the onboard expression pedal?


    To see what I mean, just assign any parameter with a lot of values from min to max to either EXP 1 or EXP 2. Put the pedal in the heel position, start moving the pedal with your hand and watch closely to how much travel the pedal has before the value starts changing. I measured this from the top of the pedal (at the highest point when the pedal is in the heel position) to the top of Helix's housing, and it's 13mm, give or take a millimeter.


    I realize this may be by design, and if so, perhaps they could add a global option to make use of the entire physical sweep range of the pedal. Also, if this is the case, does anyone know the reason for a dead zone? The pod's expression pedal never had this problem, or feature, depending on how you look at it.


    Or maybe the auto-calibration feature is broken, or there may be something wrong with my specific device. Wondering if other's are like this.



    If you feel there may be a problem with your device, please feel free to open up a support ticket. From there they can determine exactly what you are dealing with and hopefully resolve the issue. They may ask you for a video in order to get a better idea of how large this "dead zone" is. 


  16. Greetings!


    Have you guys had a chance to check out Ideascale? It's a community where you can post your ideas for our products or vote on other peoples ideas that you would want to see implemented as well. It is actually an invaluable resource for us here at Line 6, in fact over 100 different ideas posted there made it into the current version of Helix. Honestly, it is pretty much a direct route to development, so feel free to pitch your ideas and vote on the changes you want to see. 



  17. Why can't you just stop loop recording instead off press play and then again to make it stop...... I play as a solo guitar player so I need to record maybe a pice of a song and the later play solo over it ......... But I don't seem to can do that....




    Unfortunately there isn't a specific stop/mute loop switch on the Helix. I would recommend checking out our ideacale page and up-voting this specific thread. I believe it covers what you are asking about. The more votes it gets, the more attention it will receive from the Line 6 team. 


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