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  1. Well I guess here is the end of my little Zoom FP02M saga ;-)


    I did the soldering as mentioned above : Connecting the ring cable to the Tip part of the TS plug, and keep the S to the S. Result this time --> 100-0-100% LOL


    And as I was a bit fed up with my many unfortunate attempts to fight with the electronic laws in nature, I ended up with playing with the start orientation of the inside little plastic wheel (it has two blue dots on it to fine tune I guess


    Go figure...., I have a great pedal that 'seems' to throw 100% OK now, without any soldering necessary and by just using a TS-TS cable ?!?! There is a slight 'slip' at the extremes, heel down and up, but so much less cumbersome for me now. (I use this pedal mostly to dial in the delays and reverbs on my patches)


    The pot is 100K by the way ;-)


    Thanks for all your inputs.


  2. Just to be sure I'm explaining right. This is what I did to use the Zoom pedals.




    OK! That changes things for me. In my case I should connect the R of the TSR part to the T of the TS and leave the T of the TRS unconnected (S-S as usual) Didn't tried that one yet :-) Will try this first time, tomorrow morning! Thanks to you all :) Wil let you know ;-)

  3. Hmmm.


    My custom cables, which I'm using with FV500H Exp pedals, are leaving the Ring out of the circuit. It's tip to tip and sleeve to sleeve, and TRS into the Pedal and TS into the Helix EXP. As side note; if I connect the TRS to the Helix EXP, and the TS on the pedal, I get that 50% @ 100% issue.


    It's number 9 in this scheme;




    Isn't that nr9 the same as pluggin in a TS cable?


    I guess for me the point is that I cut the TRS cable and used a TS plug on the Helix side, where the ring-wire is soldered with the sleeve on the S-part (so sleeve of TRS wire is also connected) Will try out the nr 11 in this scheme, when I'll have a TRS plug. Hopefully this will work finally.

  4. Before you do that, try this.


    Take an ordinary guitar cable, TS -> TS.


    Plug it in, but don't go all the way into the exp. Just enough for the first click.


    If that works, then my custom cable will, because it's essentially the same thing.


    Nope.. , the same thing.., it works, but it is at 100% half way

    maybe they changed some specs (they don't mention specs on their site :-() It's a brand new fp02M?


    Oh well.., I guess I have to live with it then .. ;-)


    Thanks again Peter.

  5. Not sure what is happening. When I take an ordinary TS cable and replace one end with a TRS plug and solder the "R" connection to the "S" connection and leave the rest alone, my Zoom pedals work perfectly normally with Helix Rack.


    OK, I might try that than, as the difference is that I start of with a TRS cable (the one that came with the paddle) and soldered a TS plug on it! I might try to start with a TS cable and solder a TRS plug, like you did !? Will give it a try once, as for the moment no TRS plug in my drawers ;-)


    Thanks for your help Pete!

  6. I have two of the metal ones if you mean this one. http://www.zzounds.com/item--ZOMFP02M?siid=122303


    It's TRS. There are two ways it works. One, simply use a TS plug and change the polarity in globals, but then it doesn't work "full travel" but takes you to full about half way up (for the record, I like this). The other way is to create a custom TS to TRS cable where the "R" on the pedal end connects to the "S" on the Helix end. That works perfectly.


    Hi Peter,


    Just wanted to know if there's something I did wrong with my 'home made' TRS to TS cable, as it's still working at 50% throw?

    I like the pedal and the halfway of the throw is not a deal breaker, but I wanted to shorten the original TRS cable anyway and as I'm not too afraid of soldering, I gave it a go.


    With a TS plug on the original TRS cable, that came with the FP02M, I tested : 

    • R to S:-> Works same as a TS (or TRS) cable but with the 50% throw
    • R to T:-> Works but with Inverted polarity (seems logical) and still with 50% throw
    • T to S : -> Works but, like some have in this group, with full throw going from 0 - 100 - 0%

    I must have missed something? Maybe there is some internal modification to apply to get the 100% throw? Do you know my error?


    Anyway, like I said, it's not a biggie, but it would be nice if I can get it working, in case it's something simple I missed (I'm not exactly an electronics techie ;-) ) 

  7. This made my day !!!!    I have been struggling because I can't get out of "studio" mode.  I play in the "play" room and I record and mix in my "control" room.  My work-around was put a laptop in the the "play" (some people call is live) room.  And while I have nice monitors in the live room, that's not the optimal place to mix, or create patches.  It's for playing.  It's not a dead room, it's a pleasantly alive room.


    The control room is the dead room, designed to sit for hours and mix listening only to what comes out of the monitors.


    Also...  I'm to freak'n old to sit in EITHER room to audition patches..   how nice to finally be able to record a dry track, transfer it to my Laptop, and sit in the comfort of my living room with headsets and just casually audition amps or effects... or just tweak different aspects of an amp or effect or cap to learn the effect completely.  


    For folks on the road... they can setup their Helix for the next gig while on the buss or plane.   For that matter, even if you're in a local cover band, you don't have to break out your helix hardware to setup for the next gig.  You can do it at your leisure, in a comfy setting on a laptop, then when at your destination or setting up at the gig, plug in the laptop for a few seconds to make the transfer and you're done.


    Of course, this begs the request now more than ever for better file management, especially regarding IR's, but WOW just the same !!!!!!


    I'm afraid you're forgetting the fact that while switching monitor systems (studio monitors/headphones with native , to Helix and stage volume/FOH will definately NOT transfer 1 on 1, unless you use the same monitor system! The patches will need proper tuning/eq, sometimes little, sometimes more, to adapt to the new situation. So many threads already with people having problems to adapt their 'at home' created patches to the live situation ;-) But with that taken into mind, Helix Native can make live easier for us guitarists! Always good :-)

  8. I have two of the metal ones if you mean this one. http://www.zzounds.com/item--ZOMFP02M?siid=122303


    It's TRS. There are two ways it works. One, simply use a TS plug and change the polarity in globals, but then it doesn't work "full travel" but takes you to full about half way up (for the record, I like this). The other way is to create a custom TS to TRS cable where the "R" on the pedal end connects to the "S" on the Helix end. That works perfectly.



    That's exactly the pedal i'm interested in! Thank you Peter for your response. I will order it next week, I do think just a TS will do fine for me too ;-) 

  9. I use this stereo trick very often in my DAW, and the helix!

    A very short mono delay (+-0.2 ms) in one of the signal chains.

    For the Helix, this will work best using a parallel path with two mono cabinets (2 cabs or cab + ext. IR, or two IR's etc) panned L & R ( can do that in the merge block. Put a mono single delay with about 0.2 ms on one of the single path's (not both of course) and the stereo image will be greatly enhanced!! It's a classical studio trick, nothing special, but very efficient ;-)


    You can hear an example on one of my tunes :



    A similar effect can be achieved by using different eq settings for the L and R channel.

    These tricks "widen" your normal LR panned stereo spread.


    Try it!!

  10. When I want a jazz sound, I gravitate to the Gibson amp. It works really well with my semihollow. It also gives the best jazz tone with my super strat with EMGs. I don't particularly like the Jazz Chorus.


    Oh.., have to try that amp, still looking for tweeks ;-) 

    I just did a quick patch with the US Double Nrm, switchable to the JC120, but the recording was the US Double Nrm. 


    Thanks for the info!

  11. I'm working with Cubase pro 8.5 (64bit) on W10 with the Helix for about 6 month's now and never had a problem like yours?!

    Check your USB asio driver and try changing USB port. Don't use a hub, but choose a port on the back of your PC.


    Hope this helps for you. Normally all should work OK.

  12. After having my Helix for 6month's now and jammed and recorder so far only with my godin lgxt, I decided to make a patch for my good old Epiphone Emperor AB Archtop. I must confess that I don't play this lady much anymore. The lady is heavy, voluminous and the strings feel like cables. Also, the thick boxy sound is often a p.i.t.a. to have it sit nice in a mix, but Helix did the job remarkably well!! Piece of cake :-)


    Just some slight eq after recording (cut away some 500hz boxiness) Helix does some jazz, maybe I should play 'her' more often :-)




  13. I've owned and used the Axe-FX II XL+, AX-8, Kemper, and Helix (in addition to quality tube amps).  


    I've done exhausting side-by-side comparisons between these units.

    They're all excellent/capable products capable of producing good (or poor) sounds.


    When dealing with any of these devices, the first thing you need to do is plug them into a FRFR speaker and tweak/audition with it.

    You don't want to tweak in headphones or crap speakers... (this is a common mistake)


    If the OP made this judgement based on time playing a Helix at a friend's place or at a store... that's not a good way to judge gear (IMO).

    You need to get the device setup with your guitar/s and the rest of your gear.

    You need to spend the time to learn the details about Helix.

    It's no different than a novice buying a full studio's worth of gear (in one fell swoop)... then wondering why his first attempts at recordings don't sound like records.

    Having the gear is but the first step.  Learning how to best use it is an acquired skill.


    The more time I spend with Helix, the better the results.

    I'm in no way disappointed.  The recent 2.0 firmware took an already good product to the next level.

    Helix makes recording guitar/bass a breeze... and has really simplified my live setup.

    For what it is/does, I think the price of Helix is very reasonable.

    I'll go so far as to say Helix is one of the best musical purchases I've made.



    1000+ with you man!! Nothing to add except :-) :-)

  14. I had the Helix for about a week and tried running it into my PA direct, then into the front of a clean Marshall JVM head and finally into the direct amp in lines for the left and right channels on a Roland GS-212. The Roland is one of the few amps that can do stereo with direct inputs bypassing all tone circuits.  The sound was best with the Roland setup but just not the "blow me away" sound you can get running a Helix direct into a computer. But I gig and I needed a live application.  And I didnt want to depend on crappy FOH systems at some of the clubs we play.  I  like to play direct; guitar to amp to cab to ears! So I was ready to pull the trigger on a couple QSC speakers and was on the phone with Sweetwater and the guy said you need to try the Mission Engineering Gemini 2. True stereo with a typical woofer/tweeter configuration. 220 watts of Class D power. So I ordered one and it arrived today. Plugged into the Helix and it was amazing!  The sound is huge and rich and the stereo separation on the stereo patches is incredible. It fills the practice studio with 3D like sound.  I believe the key is the frequency response on the speakers which is far greater than typical 12" guitar speakers.  But the amazing thing is even the PA where I have 15" lows and horn tweeter did not sound even close to this unit.  Maybe its the solid wood cabinet but whatever it is I am very happy. It brought my Helix to life! I


    Thanks for sharing your experience, sounds really interesting this Gemini 2!! 

  15. Yes me too, I've to say that the Helix completely changed my 'players fun' and I can't stop playing, enjoying & loving the beauty   :wub:

    Never had a line 6 product before, but I would really like to put some big thumbs up, not only for the outstanding product, but also for the best and most transparent customer service and company implication, I've seen till today!!


    Thanks Line 6 and their employees!!

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