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  1. Whow!! That certainly is something you hope, will never happen to U!!

    I use mine only in the studio and yes he freezes up sometime, but is always connected by USB (and that's a known issue, although quite annoying)


    Good luck man, hope it was a onetime in a life helix quirk ;-)

  2. Conversely, I also don't like that the Preset knob ISN'T a joystick, because then I can't switch between my setlists with that knob, which is very unintuitive to me. It seems like a completely superfluous knob.


    :)  :) Agree with this! I have exactly the same reflexes. 

  3. No this definitely doesn't sound right at all!


    Try your ART -450 speakers direct to the outs (xlr or tsf) of your helix (you don't need your mixer to test).

    Record using the helix asio driver (check your frequencies and bitrates on both the helix and asio panel sonar, 48khz, 32bit will do fine)

    Record via your usb1/2 and play it back over the standard usb stereo out 1/2. Must be all ok that way. (I'm sorry as I don't have sonar, but cubase, so I can't give you too much asio and other routing details for your DAW, but this must work)

    Also check if all your outs are set to 'line' in your helix globals.


    Hope you'll get it sorted out.

  4. the title is ironic but it's a real story.


    Yes I believe you Paolo!!

    Thought your story was kinda funny. It's the kind of patch tail, some people dream of having on their Helix. (although this one is kind of excessive :) )

  5. Sunday  i was tweaking several times a preset and i changed the adriatic delay, to a simple delay, i worked on it some more then i changed preset but the simple delay i put in there became a ghost and it was always present also in the other preset.

    I though, what's going on?

    I switched on and off the delay of the second preset...the delay was always there.

    I changed the time of the delay but  that i was hearing didn't change

    i canceled the delay block in the preset but the ghost delay was always there.

    then i realize that what i was hearing was the delay of the first preset...a ghost delay.

    I switched off and on helix

    Everything ok.


    the title is ironic.


    LOL!! And people still complain about the patch gap when switching?! :-) Tailes are definitely there in your case!  :D  :D

  6. Changing the 1-st cab in dual cab block resets the second cab to default.

    So after you've decided what you want to use for the second cab, don't go changing the first, or you have to choose the second one again.


    Thanks man.., TBH, I wasn't even aware of this?! 

  7. You could temporarily set something up to toggle between two cab blocks. Assuming the cab blocks are being used on their own path, set a switch to toggle the route to parameter of an A/B split. A dual cab block is a parallel setup I think.Then when you want to see what both cabs sound like together, have the A/B split selected and just press the route to encoder, assuming you want each cab to have the same amount of input signal.


    Anyway, good idea to have a convenient one-half bypass on a dual cab block.


    Thanks for the tip Duncan! 

    Yes I do something like that too in a seperate 'play around' set, where i tweek the cabs separately and then after manually copy all their settings into the target track with the dual cab block. Works, but could be so more convenient with just a 'one-half' bypass, as jou'd mentioned. 

    Anyway..., its just an idea .., no deal breaker for me. Helix is so inspiring.. love it :-)

  8. Hi all,
    It seems like the dual cabs are hot item this week. ;-) Wel I agree you should give them a go as they can make a great sound!!
    But for tweeking these dual cab blocks, I missed a function to quickly bypass one of the cabs, to isolate tweeking for 1cab?! (I know you can turn down the volumes every time you switch cab, but it's a bit of a pita.
    I put up an ideascale for this one, and invite you to vote if you agree on implementation.





    Thanks ;-)

  9. It's a known issue that the Helix can freeze up when working on patches, while connected to the computer by the USB! Happend a couple of times with mine too. Just take out the USB connection of your Helix to your computer, solved it in all cases. Maybe this helps for you ;-)

  10. Actually I had quite some problems with this spdif (dropout, weard noises, one time a geting louder and louder and louder distortion.., so I had to cut my monitors urgently :-( ) Just went back to record directly via the analogue in on my Motu Ultralite, or by using the Helix USB! Both work very well.

  11. I just opened this. I wish that would be implemented. What do you think?




    I wish I could send 2 PC commands assigned to a footswitch. First PC when press a switch and ligth it and a second PC command when I turn off the switch as is done with the CC commands. I tougth the feature would be great to control my JVM based rig but it comes short as it is now and I have to step dance for nothing. Thanks.


    For me exactly the same wish to be able to switch between 2 patches on my GR-55 with 1 helix switch on/off!! 

    So voted!! Thanks Pilottes ;-)

  12. Geez.., this really is a bummer for you man!! Scares the hell out of me too. I guess I don't even want to try my mic (don't use it anyway) too scared it'll let me down :-( Really, really digging my Helix too much..., keep fingers crossed and touch wood every day now ;-)  I do hope better times are ahead of you!

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  13. just got my helix.  i have downlaoded the Helix  and line 6 updater apps.  I have had an account with L6 for years - but when i login to the website to register my helix i get error codes.  also, i think i need to register it before I can proceed to updating to the latest firmware.  The updater app wont let me login - it says invalid login.  its the sam eas libe 6 web site correct?


    dead in the water until i get this sorted.




    Just a noob answer, did you have cap lock on by accident? (Happened to me sometimes ;-)

  14. Really diggin' the sounds! Just ordered my Helix tonight, to replace a stolen Axe-FX. I loved the ambient sounds in the Fractal processor, and will probably get another one eventually, but for now i'm looking forward to creating voices like this with Helix.


    You'll not regret it Nigel. Helix is so cool, you'll love it!! 

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  15. That's sounds amazing :)


    What is your connect configuration between the Helix and the GR-55 (I also have both of them)?


    Thanks for listening! 

    Normally I connect my gr55 via the stereo line outs from the gr to the return3/4 of the Helix and I go guitar out gr, to guitar in Helix. This time I went guitar in Helix directly from my guitar, as I had to use the piezzo out too! I use 3 sounds in the first patch.., synth, magnetic and piezzo. I can easilly do that with my godin lgxt, but i'm tied to my boards with 3 cables ;-)


    Both machines are linked with midi out from Helix to Midi in on GR. Every Helix patch that uses GR sends a CC message to the GR to go to the right patch. Be sure to not send Helix PC messages, turned off in globalmsettings.. That's it... And just jamm after and do my usual studio work (mix, produce etc..) 

    I didn't use much after processing on guitar patches in my DAW, just mixing and mastering.

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