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  1. Nope, sorry—no scenes. The good news is that the next firmware update is probably early next week. Pretty much all bug fixes.


    Indeed great news DI! Nice work :-)

    (i can wait till the next fw update for a new 'scene/stage/snapshot, or whatever name you like' .., I'm a very patient man lol)

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  2. It looks like the 'spill over' question will be solved! Rumours (on the helix facebook group) say that SCENES will be part of the next firmware update ;-) X fingers this'll be true :-) :-)

  3. I ran into similar problem. I resolved by uninstalling > rebooting > reinstalling by right clicking and choose run as administrator on the installer file.


    OK, did tried the install as admin, but didn't uninstall the previous version and nether rebooted. Will try that, thanks. (Anyway line six, fix this little quirk ;-))

  4. Well, I have to say that we should be thankful that the Helix has enough lows that they can be cut. Some modelers I've used can be so wimpy in that department and although some have global EQs, there isn't much low end information to boost or cut. I prefer a device that has enough of the entire spectrum so that I can cut where I need to cut.


    I don't have my own Helix yet but I certainly hope its EQs are more capable and effective than the last Line 6 modeler I had. 


    The Helix gives you lots of possibilities to EQ your sounds. Its very versatile, great sounds and workflow. You'll love it ;-)

  5. Apart from playing guitar, I'm a producer (TV, film instrumentals, ambient, fusion), and in my studio I took the habit to cut all that's not a kick or bass at 120 minimum (medium slopes, 24db/oct). Same strategy for my guitar patches. If my patch is for a sound that has to sit in with drums and bass and other instruments, I cut it around 250hz-450hz, depending on de overdrive level (more noise, more cut off ;-) , less instruments in the band to compete with, you can go with a bit less)

    For guitar alone or guitar and ambient spaces, I cut off around 150! I do this almost instantly on EVERY amp, cabinet or FX that allows me to cut low frequencies!! Of course always use our ears and keep in mind the effect wanted for your sound.


    The global EQ, I personally only touch when I need to make adjustment for the room frequencies. But in that case only, as I use other sounds (mostly synths) that passes with my guitar sound through the Helix and want to keep the global outputs as much FRFR as possible.


    Hope this helps your EQ strategy?

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  6. I wondered about this too, hoped that recording the dry signal through SPDIF would be possible, as people seem to have problems using the Helix as an audio interface (crackles etc).


    I have a stereo instrument. Is it possible to record the stereo dry signal through USB?

    Plugged into guitar input and aux. Thinking about buying Helix, but lots of things to consider.


    I recording the dry signal via spdif is possible, but only if you put in a seperate signal chain with no fx and set the output to spdif. USB let you record the dry, without sacrificing a signal chain ;-)


    Is it possible to record a dry signal in stereo via the USB, I'm not sure, I guess not, but maybe someone else can answer that for you.

  7. Thanks Lulu. One more question - does the Helix send out a dry signal as well or only wet? Would be great to record both dry and wet signals simultaneously via SPDIF if possible.


    Helix send out only a wet signal via SPDIF, but does send out wet & dry via the USB! 

    One can choose the wet signal (USB 1/2, 3/4 or 5/6) and the dry mono signal on USB7 or 8. 

    I personally prefer using the USB (so have to switch ASIO in my Cubase under windows, but that's not such a big deal as I can easily switch between my MOTU and Helix, without messing up the routings)

  8. Hey Folks,


    I've got a question pertaining to recording via SPDIF. I have my Helix running into an Focusrite Clarett interface via SPDIF and I notice that I hear audio signal from the Helix on both input 9 & 10 in Logic Pro X. Does this indicate that the Helix is sending a stereo signal out, one channel being left mono and the other right? Also, I'm assuming I should set the internal clock source on my interface to SPDIF as it should be receiving SPDIF clock information from the Helix, correct? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


    Yes both questions are correct :-)

  9. Today, I couldn't reproduce the noise?! Nothing changed in my studio, just used my helix after a night sleep!?


    So I've to apologize for having alerted maybe too early about an issue that's not always an issue ;-) Didn't wanted to start a paranoia. Definitely nothing to do with some sort of internal battery, sorry.


    Will keep an ear though next couple of days, if poltergeist is back ;-)

  10. Anyway, this is not at all a deal breaker for me, as i can easily use the analog outs on the Helix as i did before. I just made the vid, because it's something I can't explain for the moment. I thought about the audio dropout issue that some people have, this might help bring in another piece of the puzzle ;-) putting the same coax cable in my old Boss gt6 (yeh can you imagine.., the pour guy), no noises whatsoever ;-)

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  11. That's really strange.


    I wonder if Helix is acting like an antenna? Have you tried moving Helix to a different location, even a little, to see if it changes? Or even if possible to a completely different room.


    No I didn't tried that yet. Will try tomorrow as its getting late here in france. But it's true it sounded like a morse kind of noise. Personally I do think that there is something in the Helix (battery for flash memory?!) Thats 'alive' even when powered off ;-) But it's just guessing.

  12. Hi,


    Love my new Helix and just starting to discover it's richness and sound palets.

    Today I discovered something strange. I went spdif out for the first time, just because I wanted to check if this was working for me, or that I had the famous dropouts. Well no dropouts here for the moment, but strange noises coming out of my beauty! Even when the Helix was shut off ?!? Did a quick research of course where this could coming from. Check out....... weird...



  13. Really enjoying your videos and and insight. Nothing wrong with wearing your t-shirt for 2 days if you use deodorant. You can also get 4 days out of underwear, forwards then backwards then the same inside out!


    Man you've made my day...lol!! Thanks for sharing this. Now i can save some money normally spend on underwear, for a proper FRFR!! 


    Sminchk67.., love your vids and humour too.. Your channel rocks!

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  14. Well mine is underway!! Ordered it on 11-1-2016 (in France) and was originally scheduled for wk21 but got the wonderful news it was shipping this morning :-) Unnecessary to say that I'm in an ecstatic state of mind, so to speak.

    It wlil be hard to have a good sleep tonight ;-)

    Thanks line 6.

  15. It's gonna be a while before anyone can hit Bob's Music Emporium and walk out with Helix the same day. AFAIK, dealers filled all initial (read: last summer) preorders; it's just that more preorders keep filling the gaps in availability. So far, we've shipped way more Helices than expected.


    TL;DR: Get your preorder in.

    Ok you've convinced me, placed the order. (I guess I'm lost already and became a helix addict)

  16. Yep, unfortunately the same for me :-(

    Still waiting for the helix to be in stock at Thomann or Baxshop. (I Live in France)

    Don't feel much for preordering the unit, while no certainty about the delivery date.

    A bummer, as I desperately want this beautiful machine!

    Pop up the production, please... :-)

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