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    Best speakers for Helix at home

    I can only get a great sound from my Helix LT when using studio headphones. It is not the patches as I have downloaded patches and used the factory presets, but no matter what sound output I select the sound is never as good as my headphones. To date I have tried: Guitar amps:Marshall DSL20 and Blackstar HT5, using various cabinets and going through both the power amp as well as bypassing it. This gave a booming, flat sound. Monitors: KRK RP3: This came closest as it was warm but very contained. An Alto powered speaker: This was very poor. It sounded exactly like it is, a PA speaker. Creative Labs active speakers for use with a computer: These gave a great sound but the sound was breaking up. I am now considering whether to try a Headrush FRFR, Yamaha HS8 monitors or just more powerful active speakers even though they do not provide a flat response. Is anybody else having these problems and found a solution?
  2. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Thanks to everybody that responded. I found a solution. I moved the Helix and the KRK monitors to a smaller room and found the sound was enormously improved. The previous room was not just larger but had a glass roof and French window doors, so the acoustics were very different and probably required more powerful monitors such as HS8s.
  3. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Thanks for that. I meant pre-amp and not power amp. I will try turning the cabs off on the Helix but I tried this with another multi-effects processor (The Mooer GE300) and it didn't work well. Thanks again.
  4. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    I only use my Helix at home but I am disappointed at the sound going through my power am + cab, and my KRK RP5s are a little disappointing too, especially on the power level. Anybody any recommendations? I want a good stereo sound.
  5. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Thanks so much for that. I spoke to a guitar shop here in the UK that has a digital music department and the guy there recommended Alto TS310s. I find the response of studio monitors to be a little inadequate so I am going to check out FRFRs.
  6. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    I have been using stock, downloaded and my own edited presets.
  7. Bradsuth

    Editing a preset on a PC

    Does anybody know if presets on software such as Pod Fram or Helix can be downloaded to the Spider V amps?