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  1. I know the routing options are crazy good. But for a true W/D/W with three physical amps...how else would this be accomplished? Path 1 to dry and path 2 in stereo to 2 wet amps?? So many options I'm trying to figure out the best way. 

  2. So aux in would be a hotter signal than return 3. Im using a Marshall with 2 Laney irt-x and all the routing options are driving me crazy...sounds incredible so far...glad I'm just a basement guitarist..thanks again

  3. Is AUX input the same as say return one?? I am playing around with wet dry wet and the video I watched has routing from right output to AUX in for wet effects...then out through 3/4 sends. Why AUX ...why not return 3...or 4....thanks anyone!!

  4. Just thought I'd chime in here... I bought a usb isolator from a web site hifimeDIY. Works great and ellinated noise from usb. The bite in the lollipop is that you need the really expensive one because of Helix 8 channel usb capability. The cheaper ones aren't capable of seeing the 8 channel's. Computer sees helix 95% of the time...sometimes I need to unplug usb and then plug it back in. Good luck

  5. ...had fun with this yesterday for a while...still not exactly sure what the Rel Offset does. But with attack and decay set very low(fast) I was able to get a good VH Cathedral sound. Turned the attack up and got close to Metallica Damage inc. intro. I'm just a basement guitarist.... so perfection is only in my ears. Using a lot of palm muting seems to help individual notes.

  6. You took the words right out of my fingers...love to see different effects in there..especially for us 4 cable guys..amps aren't everything. Love to see more distortions (heavy). Mxr stereo chorus...another phaser and some type of mono rotary. Loving helix thus far!!

  7. Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator


    Very pricey at $79 but it works...All is well and quiet!! I needed the high speed one due to the 8 channels Helix can do. Thanks for the help guys.




  8. Hey guys ...just wondering if the HUM X thing will get rid of noise from USB... I get a very annoying static...white noise, when connected to PC. Mouse movements...anything on PC creates noise through guitar amp. Even if helix is off. Is this the same as ground loop noise. Helix is off as playback device...so that's not the issue. I tried a USB issolater from amazon. PC didn't see helix anymore...so retuned it. Using a laptop stoped noise...so I'm thinking HUM X will work on PC. Any thoughts guys?? Thanks!!

  9. OK thanks ...I was curious cause I get noise through my amp when connected with USB. Computer static...mouse clicks...things like that. Ground loop I'm assuming...

  10. Hey guys...quick question... Can I use one of those midi to USB cables to use editor on PC? I am already using midi out to switch channels on my amp. I am using a Footsim...which has a midi through on it. Thanks so much

  11. Very easy to do...guitar to input of helix...send #1 of helix to amp input...send of amp to return #1 of helex...output of helix to return of amp. Done..leave all cables. If you want your real preamp...use send return block #1(single block) in your patch. Effects in front of the block will be pre..and effects after will be after the preamp..such as reverb and delays. If you want the helix preamp...just use a preamp block in the patch...no send #1 block...therefore bybassing the "real" preamp. Either way...your using the poweamp of your Marshall...I've done it this way with my jcm2000...and love it. Hope this helps. Please ask any questions...

  12. Has anyone here used the Laney IRT–X along with a tube amp for stereo separation. Wet effects through the Laney...How would that work 4 cable?? Would I need an amp and cab block with effects to the Laney??


    Thanks everyone!!

  13. So today I spent a good deal of time reading posts about analog pedals....and the FX8.....And contemplated about selling Helix. When I got home, I kranked up the Marshall (4 cable method) and was floored about how good my amp sounded using the real preamp, (you know, tubes). When I switched over to my 2204 mod preset (Helix preamp), I was blown away again!! Sounded F'ng incredible. A /B ing them was crazy good! My point is....when ever I try to not like Helix...I absolutely love it!  Damn these company's for making me want everything!! Anyway just my warped, crazy day of day dreaming. Just wanted to add...I am 45...been playing since 7th grade. I've had many amps and went back and forth from multi-effects to pedals at least a dozen times. Helix is the first one (multi) to satisfy my old ears! 


    Has anyone here used the  Laney IRT–X along with a tube amp for stereo separation. Wet effects through the Laney...How would that work 4 cable?? Would I need an amp and cab block with effects to the Laney?? 


    Thanks everyone!! 

  14. Just for fun I made a patch that has an amp on one path...and the Leslie on a parallel path. So the Leslie gets the clean guitar signal..which is blended with the amp (mild gain) signal. I put that trem/pan after the Leslie...sounds very swirly in stereo.

  15. Just have a crazy question for everyone.....When my helix is connected to my PC via USB, I hear digital noise....like static from mouse movements and mouse button clicking. Even if helix is off...It comes through my amp. Could this just be a ground loop thing...all for mentioned items are on the same circuit.  No other sound comes through...such as music because it is turned off from PC. Not using helix as a "speaker".                     Thanks so much guys...Love this forum....and the helix!!!

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