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  1. Just want to jump in here...could not for the life of my JCM2000 to change channels with Helix. So, I bought a FOOTSIM by Sound Sculpture. Absolutely amazing and easy to use. very plug and play...and has 4 channels. Fast channel and reverb switching. ....per patch or foot switch in the patch.

                        Thanks guys 

  2. This is probably a dumb question so forgive me.... When helix is connected to my PC (win 10 64bit) PC sounds come out my guitar amp. Where is this controlled?? Can I turn this option off?? Helix controlled or PC??  Thanks so much anyone.

  3. Just thought I'd jump in here....My expression pedal was squeaky...if you look with a flashlight down the left and inside of the exp pedal it seems to be like a rubber grommet kinda thing. Just a tad of dry lube with the little red extension thing to be more accurate... seems to help.

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