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  1. Just press one of the preset buttons in the lower row directly after switching a bank ;)

    If you only switch the bank without selecting a preset in that bank afterwards it resets to the former bank and preset.

  2. Sorry, but your headline is wrong: It works on my MBP mid 2014 with USB 3 (DAW and the Amplify 150 is shown in the Line 6 Updater).

    What kind of Mac (Model, Year) do you use? Perhaps it's a problem with Macs built after 2014 as yapruder also wrote above. It doesn't seem a problem having to do with USB3 and Macs in general.

  3. Ist not the absolute (overall) volume, just the blend-in of the guitar in the output-mix which is quite high.

    If you connect a device via bluetooth you can also adjust it's blend-in-level to get that even with the guitar's blend-in level. Works for me with my iPhone 6S if I set the volume-level on the iPhone at about 90-100 %. So you don't have to set the guitar's level each time you turn the Amplifi on.


    ​There is no way (at least with the actual firmware) to change the default-levels (master volume and guitar blend-in) when switching on the Amplifi. 


    Regarding the multi-color LEDS, here are my honest thoughts...


    An apology is "nice," even maybe "heart-warming."  But the box that the Line 6 FBV 3 comes in says exactly that, "MULTI-COLOR LEDS ILLUMINATE WITH THE ASSIGNED EFFECT TYPE."  And the Line 6 website includes the Line 6 AmpliFi 75 on the Line 6 FBV 3 "compatible" list.


    Thus, since the LEDs on my foot controller are not multi-colored, I find this to be false advertising, or at least deceptive at best.    I fully expect this feature to be implemented in a post-purchase firmware/software release ASAP!


    Signed! Besides this issue (which I'm sure can be fixed via update) I really like the FBV 3: It feels sturdy, looks good and switches presets much, much faster than the app.

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