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  1. WOW this turned ugly really quick......  Dude I was totally serious about a count down timer I think it would be a great Idea and if you had not suggested a clock I would have never thought of it. when the joke was made I just played along and took it as a friendly jab and laughed. even when the point was made about an internal battery was made I still thought, hey the countdown timer will still work. I love the idea but at the same time thought I don't want to sacrifice DSP to get it so a "count down block" would be great if you have enough room left to use it just like the other blocks.

    No harm done. I didn't know it was a joke until i was told. Im all about joking, trust me. It was the new to the forum, getting bashed is what I thought.  When I knew it was in fun, I understood.  I really would like a clock though!  lol  B)

  2. When you switch back to the preset, is the name, e.g. "Wah" grayed out of is it lit? If it is lit, does it correspond to the WAH being on or not? Mine always comes up lit even though the WAH is not engaged. Only after I click it twice does it start graying and lighting "properly. Thanks.

    when I come back the scribble is lit, but should be unlit, as it always reverts to the volume when i come back to the preset. If i activate the wah, it still stays lit until i deactivate the wah back to the volume, as it then dims down. So yes there is a bug of some sort there.

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  3. Thanks for testing this shawncooke1 but from the post you quoted it looks like an old bug with the expression switch scribble strip that got fixed in the 1.06.5 firmware. They introduced a new bug however which is in the self-quote right above this comment. If you feel so inclined please let me know if you have a fix for this "bug". Thanks!

    Im not having that problem. I am able to change the scribble strip to desired name, latch it to both volume and wah, save in command center, hit save on main screen to save the preset, change to a different preset, then come back to the edited preset with the expression scribble still edited.. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are saying, or your helix is having an issue.

  4. I like the clock idea—even if it doesn't end up in Helix, it very well could spark an idea that does. Ignore the haters, Shawn. B)

    Thank you my friend.  I really thought more people would agree.  Maybe I need to stop worrying about time.  My wife and kids seem to live just fine without it, lol.

  5. I reinstalled firmware version 1.03 and then reset the globals with the hold 9 & 10 and restart procedure. I am still seeing the same exact problem from a completely vanilla installation, all global parameters set to default. The "bug" is totally reproduceable and is immediately fixed when the custom label on the EXP toe switch scribble strip is removed. 


    Can anyone else reproduce this bug? Here is my exact method for recreating the problem. I could really use some help from some other users to see if they can recreate this. DI has not been able to reproduce this bug and I am wondering if my hardware is faulty. Could some other folks please test this.  Thanks!!!

    1. Select a preset with a wah and volume pedal block.  I chose 03A "Soup Pro" (I can select any preset with volume pedal and wah block and reproduce this bug)
    2. Press the "Home" button and use the joystick to select the volume pedal block. Make sure the expression toe switch is set to "Exp 2". When you move the expression pedal you should see the "Position" parameter move and your volume should change.
    3. Use the joystick to select the wah pedal block. Make sure the expression toe switch is set to "Exp 1". When you move the expression pedal you should see the "Position" parameter move and you should hear the wah effect.
    4. Press the "Global Settings" button and choose the "Command Center"
    5. Navigate to the EXP Toe Switch and press "Customize"
    6. Delete the first letter from the name displayed (if you are testing this on the 03A "Soup Pro" preset the name will be "Teardrop 310". Delete the "T" so it reads "eardrop 310"). You can rename it anything you want but I wanted to keep things as simple and repeatable as possible.
    7. Hit "OK" to save the custom name.
    8. Now hit the "Home" button again to exit the Command Center and return to the home screen.
    9. Repeat steps 2 & 3. (You should find that either the volume or the wah are no longer controlled by the expression pedal. That is the bug.)
    10. You can reverse the operation by going back into the Command Center and deleting your custom name. Normal operation is then restored to the expression pedal and it is once again able to control the wah and volume levels.


    I would point out that I have one of the Helix units that has the extra tab sensor on both the right and the left XLR ouputs. I know there are versions floating around with only one tab sensor, on the left XLR output. Don't know if this is pertinent unless other hardware was changed as well.

    I was able to recreate your issue.  But I also got it to work.  I highlighted the volume block, hit action, clicked the toe switch, then it works.

    I can switch between the two settings fine.  The name on the scribble pad lights up for wah and dims for volume. Hope this helps.

  6. Huh.  I guess it was a horrible idea, or maybe a few of you are just A-HOLES.  Give me some time to figure it out and I'll get back with you.  I don't wear a watch, nor do I plan to. Maybe you can see if Amazon has one big enough to fit around your neck, and have a friend see how tight he can get it.   Thank you davidb7170 for being the intelligent one here and letting me know "why" my idea wouldn't work.  That makes sense about the battery and eprom.  

  7. Ive had the Helix for about a week now, and have so many times wondered what time it was in a dark room with just the lights of the pedal.  I then have to turn the light on, or fumble for my phone to see.  As awesome as the Helix is, I think it would be great if they could incorporate a way of having a digital clock in the top right corner.  Nothing seems to be using that real-estate on the main screen.  It would help while playing live for too..when to end the set, when the club closes, etc..  I am still new to the forum and the way things work, but would like to recommend it to line 6.  How do I do that?  Thanks in advance.

  8. There are several things that could cause this.


    I checked the Randall site and it says that the FX Loop of your amp is instrument level, so my advise will take this into account.


    Please connect

    1. Your Guitar to the Guitar In

    2. Helix Loop 1 Send To your Amp front input

    3. Amp FX Send to Helix Loop 1 Return

    4. Helix Main Left Out to your Amp FX Return


    The critical connection for your amp's drive level is number 2. Here the level has to be same as before, so your amp drive behaves like without Helix.


    Now go to Global Input settings and make sure that all 4, Instrument In, FX Loop.1 as well as main out on Helix are set to Instrument level. Also check the impedance of the guitar input, which is most punchy and trebly at 1 MOhm (default setting).


    Use an empty preset. Let's set the upper Row for before the amp, so input set to guitar, output to Send 1. The lower row for post FX so let's set input to Return 1 and output to Main Left.


    Now go to both, upper and lower chains and set the Gate to Off. For a test also set the Gate on your amp to Off. Gates can cut off the first few milliseconds of your playing attack, which can make your overdrive tones seem mellow.


    Max the big Output dial on the Helix and do a test on all 3 channels of the amp. Do you still experience problems?


    If this works you can start experimenting with gates and FX.


    Inhope you'll figure it all out and your 4CM Setup will work as good as mine.


    When you say upper row and lower row, are you saying to create a drop down row off of row one, or are you talking about the bottom row that is already there when you start with a fresh patch?

  9. Ok, so I got it to set, and change channels.  The way I got it to work, and I'm not sure if this is the only way, or even the correct way, was to:


    (With midi cable connected from "out" of Helix to the "in" of the JVM)


    1. Go into to Command Center

    2. Highlight the button you wish to set

    3. Set "command" to Bank/Prog, "MIDI Ch" 1, "Bank CC00" 1, "Bank CC32" 1, "Program" 1

    4. Push midi program on JVM twice "till it flashes"

    5. Hold the button down that you just set up on the Helix.


    After that, to set up another channel, i went to step #2 to select a new button, then #3 and made all the 1's a 2.  For the third channel button changed the 2's to a 3, an so on..


    Where I'm now having a problem is, the LED won't stay lit when selected. So there is no way of visually seeing what channel the JVM is on without looking at the amp.  I can't for the life of me to get it to work any other way.  Hopefully I help some people with the setup, but its still a work in progress. 

  10. Hi, first time user/poster of Line 6.  I got the Helix today and was going to be using it with my Marshall JVM 210H, Marshal 412 cab with v30/25 watt greenbacks.  I would also be using it straight into my daw for recording purposes.  I was wondering, is there a way to quickly remove the cab simulations and put them back quickly, depending on what setup I'm using at the time?  I would like to, not use, the cabs with my live setup because it doesn't sound good, but would like them to be there when in daw mode, because of how well they sound.  I would like to do this without having to delete or change the patch. Thank you, Shawn.

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