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  1. I've already rebooted my computer a few times.  I'm running 2.30 on the floor unit.  Do I need to factory reset?  What about the floor unit being plugged in would cause either program to crash?  

  2. They both crash independently of one another.  I run only the updater and it crashes if the Helix is on and plugged in.  I run only the HX Edit and it crashes when the Helix is on and plugged in.  Not sure what else I'm doing wrong.  The USB is plugged directly and not through a hub.  

  3. I'm running OS 10.9 and I installed the 1.12 version of the updater and the 2.51 version of the HX Edit.  When the Helix floor unit is on and plugged in via USB, both programs crash.  The updater and Editor both open up when Helix isn't plugged in, but as soon as it's on and plugged in, both crash.  So I've yet to update to firmware 2.5.  Some people are saying they're having trouble because of the servers being overloaded, but I don't think that would cause both programs to keep crashing when the floor unit is plugged in.  Not quite sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I want in on the 2.50 fun!  Any suggestions?

  4. I'm having the same problem with the updater.  I installed the installer update and the HX Edit update and now they both crash if the Helix floor unit is connected and on.  If the unit is off, both the installer and HX Edit program run, but as soon as the floor unit turns on, they both crash.  I'm connected directly to the usb port and not through a hub.  What could I be doing wrong?

  5. Thanks for the responses, all.  


    Gunpointmetal, I think you're correct in assessment.  I usually use my amp as my monitor and let our sound guys worry about front of house.  I think because I was relying solely on the house system, I was experiencing some delayed bounce without the immediacy of having my amp behind me.  Hopefully, I can have our sound company provide an extra stage monitor so I can gig without an amp completely.  I've looked into getting an FRFR, but if I have to carry a speaker, I figure it might as well be an amp just in case something goes awry with the Helix.  

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  6. So I've proudly owned a Helix since March 2016.  I've gigged with it a ton and I've always forgone the amp and cab modelling route and instead, I've run the 4CM and used the unit more of a pedalboard.  I've dabbled in using some preamp models in front of my amp with pleasant results. I've gigged with this set up a TON.  Always happy with everything I've gotten out of it.  


    Recently I played a small club gig and ran the Helix straight into the board with an amp/cab model in place of my FX send/return block.  It sounded great, but I did experience some noticeable latency.  I've never noticed any latency running the 4CM without amp/cab models.  I'd really like to be able to run this rig without hauling an amp to these gigs,  but I find myself hesitant about not having an amp and relying solely on the modelling.  


    Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions or possible remedies?

  7. As far as I know, there's no way to bring up a preview display of a snapshots belonging to a patch other than the one currently selected.  I may be wrong, but I haven't seen that option in preferences.  Like Uber Guru said, when a patch is selected in snapshots mode, it will be on the snapshot that was engaged when last saved.  

  8. Which model of the Pedaltrain would that be?  I looked at their specs and while some are spec'd out to between 3 to 3.4 lbs., I don't think they're taking into account the hardcase. The one with a softcase comes in at 6 lbs. so I seriously doubt that the ones with the hardcase would be lighter.  I believe they'd be heavier.  Sorry, but for me, every little lb. or two adds up.  I do agree that a better angle on stage would help a lot but the way it is now, I can make do for the sake of lighter weight.


    I bought a used pedaltrain GC 1 with it's soft case. It's discontinued, but it's listed at 1lb. It also fits the Helix perfectly.

  9. And make it needlessly heavier than it already is? No thanks. I have enough gear to pack around.

    The pedal train weighs like 2lbs. I find the extra weight to be negligible and well worth the benefits of having it on a board. I like the height and angle it puts the Helix at. It also allows for neater cabling and is more stable on most stages.

  10. I recently picked up an old Pedal Train 1 with its case and the Helix fits perfectly on the board and quite snuggly in the case.  It's as if it was made to fit.  Only problem is that there's no room on the board if you use additional expression pedals or other stomps.  

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