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  1. I finally got up the nerve to upgrade to El Capitan 10.11.4.


    I tried to hook the Helix up to the Mac via USB and got the dreaded "can not connect to device" on the Helix application.


    So, while the Helix application was still open, I turned the Helix off, counted to 5, then turned it on again.


    That worked!  


    Sorry for the highly technical details and jargon.

    I have the same problem with the Helix app on Mac OSX. I will try your suggestions.


    I'm running 10.11.4 and I had the problem with Helix app 1.04 and also still with the new beta 1.10 (which is very cool btw). I have an iMac and I started running it in a USB port directly in the iMac. The Line 6 updater works fine, no problems there. However, both versions of the Helix app display the "can not connect to device " message after a while. The connection appears to remain in place longer when connected through a USB hub strangely.


    I also checked that in Preferences the audio input in/out is not through Helix and no other audio application is running. I hope this will be fixed soon, because I can't export "Setlist" let alone "Bundle" because the connection will be lost before the export is finished. It seems that it may be a problem of OSX though ...

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