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  1. The site looks Spectacular!!


    And, the firmware revision dates appearing beneath the amp models is really handy!


    A Filter "Clear" or "Reset" button to reset the filter choices would be handy. Currently, I ether refresh the page or simply re-click Models. 

  2. Jason, I just discovered that with the HelixHelp site set to Dark Theme, the Filter dropdown list does not display the additional items other than the currently selected one. When the site is changed to light theme, the dropdown's listed items are all visible. 

  3. Not anything specific. I have seen different versions at COSTCO, and Harbor Freight Tools. So long as the device is rated to supply 12v (w/ ample voltage), you'll be fine stepping it down to 9v (with the proper adapter cable); and many devices will happily run on a 12V source even though they only need 9v. Nonetheless, to be sure you do not damage your gear, be cautious what you connect to what. YMMV. And, to be clear, I have not connected my HX Stomp to a battery powered source. 

  4. The majority of the lithium powerbanks introduced over the past few years are designed to recharge smartphones, tablets, etc. The more recent higher capacity lithium powerbank units designed for the automotive market and sold to jump start vehicles have a much higher power capacity. These are typically set up for 12v output as the majority of vehicles are 12v. Many of the newer automotive lithium jump start units also offer alternative voltage and output jack formats (so you have alternatives to the also provided automotive alligator clamps).

  5. Your post neglected to state what you are intending to use to power your speaker. That answer, might resolve how to power the HX Stomp. Numerous portable and rugged automotive jump start devices can provide ample 12v power for busking. Some of these units have multiple format output jacks (12v, USB, 120V), and some use newer smaller and much lighter lithium batteries which are significantly more portable than the traditional 12v lead acid battery type. Most are available from automotive or large hardware shops: such as Nappa, Pep Boys, Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Costco, etc. from as low as $40 to $100 depending on brand and features. 

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  6. Consider uninstalling Helix Native. Then, download and install a fresh copy of Helix Native 1.92 to be certain that each of Helix Native's drivers are being installed -- particularly the appropriate VST format drivers! These are presented as check boxes during the installation process. 

  7. From what you depict, a pair of 5" studio monitors would be ideal! So long as they are on a desk (or on stands) so that the speaker cones are not exposed to floor activity, you'll enjoy a wide  sound stage and robust imaging to enjoy stereo playback and stereo FX. Should your music preferences include lots of low end, consider also getting a subwoofer. JBL's LSR305 Studio Monitors and the matching JBL LSR310S Subwoofer are very reasonably priced, and may be on sale for the Memorial Day Holiday. I have the LSR305 and LSR 301S Subwoofer as well as the LSR308 (amongst other studio monitors), and they work great with my Helix Floor and HX Stomp. YMMV.

  8. If your desk space permits, strongly consider going with two LSR305 rather than one LSR308. B&H Photo and likely other resellers just had the LSR spkrs on sale. Two LSR305 as compared to one LSR308 will give you a much fuller, wider and robust sound stage for backing tracks to play along to as well as for exploring HX Stomp's many stereo FX. FWIW, I have sets of both the LSR305 and LSR308 (amongst other spkrs) and they are outstanding near field studio monitors for their price. YMMV. 

  9. Does the Scarlett's line level setting at full scale bring the signal level to unity? FWIW, the Helix's main volume knob is an attenuator. When the Helix's Main Volume knob is set to Full clockwise the output signal level is at unity (presuming there are no other gain nor level boost previously in the Helix's signal chain (blocks).

  10. Do the update to 2.91! There's a vastly improved Helix Core at the heart of the update and now Helix Edit handles the process. Just follow the directions on the Line 6 site and don't worry. As you have a new unit, it may be that you have yet to create too many custom Presets. So you might as well start fresh with 2.91 and go from there. If you may have created any Presets that you don't wish to recreate from scratch, the installation and upgrade process of 2.91 offers you the ability to first do a Backup from which you may subsequently restore Presets, Globals Settings and more. Also, you can install and upgrade directly to 2.91 from the version you currently have. There is no reason to go incrementally version by version. Hope this helps. 

  11. Sorry, for the typo in the version number. Should have been 2.91. Earlier post is now corrected. 


    Sure do wish Line 6 would unify their customer facing version numbering for all inter-related software, so that all the Helix family related software and firmware (Helix Firmware, Helix Native, HX Edit and Line 6 Updater) would be identified by the same version number (currently 2.91 for Helix firmware) for each release.

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  12. Firmware 2.91 should remedy the issue. 


    After you install firmware 2.91 please post your findings. 

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