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  1. Nice! I'm looking forward to getting familar with HELIX once I start using it. It arrived, was unboxed, powered on and burned in Tuesday. Flashed it from fw 1.06.5 to 2.10 Wednesday, and it's been protected from all things Turkey since. It now awaits first use.... I'll most likely read through the User Manual again today and jump in this wknd :)

  2. Not opposed to this at all, but there is the Adriatic Delay. And the KWB is a model of his own boutique pedal.

    Didn't know that. I've yet to read through the models I'm unfamiliar with. Just got my HELIX this week. Was fascinated to see Ben's detailed design work during the Line 6 Open House in Aug! He still deserves an Amp bearing his name, as do you for everything you do for L6!
  3. Ben Adrian's work is terrific!


    If it has not already been suggested, I am glad to be the first to encourage Line 6 to consider naming a forthcoming Line 6 original amp model profile and/or FX model profile as the "Ben Adrian," "Adrian," or "BADrian!"

  4. As a brand new HELIX owner....


    Does the Snapshots feature, support the repositioning amongst Snapshots of Send and/or Return Blocks in the signal path? Or, are Snapshots limited to Enabled vs. Bypassed and different Value Settings of a Block's Parameters?

  5. That's strange. It installed Updater v1.10 for me (Windows 10).

    I bought a brand new HELIX Tuesday from Guitar Center. It was factory sealed and had fw 1.06.5.


    I nad no problems using a borrowed MS Surface Pro to install fw 2.10, following the 2.10 Install instructions.


    Granted, I do concur the Installation Instructions could be clarified, and Line 6's Updater firmware procedures could be improved. The absence of an integrated, well implement IR management tool creates plenty of headaches fir many. I am optimistic and confident that Line 6 recognizes this deficit, and that Line 6 is endeavoring to remedy this scenario.


    As a brand new HELIX owner, I am glad that I do not have any legacy version Presets, Patches, IRs, etc., to be concerned about.

  6. I have not encountered any (yet) with the G10 Transmitter.


    Nonetheless, with digital transmission in this frequency band it is not atypical to encounter signal artifacts distortion, fizzyness, digital garbling, etc., and very quick dropouts as a digital signal's transmission and range is compromised by decreased transmission power level. Usable range can shrink as ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of the transmitter drops.


    Perhaps most noticable may be a distinctly decreased operating duartion between full charge (Solid Green) and low charge state (Blonkng Red LED) indications. If this time frame shrinks noticably from the rated # hours of operation (8 hrs if I recollect correctly) the unit's battery may be faulty.

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  7. CS is in the process of collecting all the old presets and uploading them to CustomTone. There will probably be a knowledge base article with links.

    This could be an outstandingly awesome resource tool! Particularly for those of us new to the HELIX world learning what the gear can do.
  8. Thanks guys!

    Through decades of technology business and legal affairs, audio engineering, and computer IT experience, I've grown accustomed to the plain reality that with every new iteration of a product firmware upgrade there are quite likely to be issues. It is always a best approach to get input from those whom have already plowed the road!

    A new PC is in the works, for early 2017, if not sooner. Until then this HELIX will strictly be a stand alone device.


    It is truly unfortunate that for these sorts of firmware update houskeeping chores, Line 6 has not yet provided Android support for the HELIX. The several Android Tablets I currently use are quite adept at USB OTG chores for a panoply of other devices.

  9. I have a brand new HELIX with fw 1.06.05 that needs to be updated to 2.10.


    Can this be safely accomplished by following steps 1 and 5 through 7 of the Line 6 Official firmware installation instructions? (See except below) In otherwords using Line 6 Updater without having to install HELIX editor or other USB Audio drivers?


    I will be borrowing a PC solely for the firmware update. Thus, I presume, there is no need for Audio Interface USB drivers nor HELIX Editor stuff to be installed on the borrowed computer.


    Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of to streamline the process and avoid having the borrowed computer burdened with the installation of extraneous HELIX Editor or other software for USB Audio interface etc?



    1. Shut down <snip> any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, etc.

    2. <Snip>

    3. <Snip> download and install the NEW Helix editor application <snip>, available here: http://line6.com/software/ This also installs the newest version of Line 6 Updater <snip>.

    4. <Snip>

    5. Using the latest Line 6 Updater <snip>, update Helix/Helix Rack to the newest firmware <snip>. At the end of the update process, Helix/Helix Rack will reboot automatically and begin rebuilding presets. Wait for this process to complete.

    6. <Snip>.


    7. To reset globals and restore presets, turn off Helix/Helix Rack.

    HELIX FLOOR ONLY: While holding footswitches 9 and 10 (middle two switches on the bottom row), turn on Helix. Wait for the message “Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets, Setlists and IRs…†to appear and let go.​

  10. That's the idea behind all Line 6 original amp models (like Fatality and Litigator). An idealized, optimized amp model not beholden to the quirks, inconsistencies, and inadequacies of the real thing.

    Hallmarks of innovation and inspiration!
  11. As a brand new Helix owner, with a factory new Helix containing 1.06.5 firmware planning on installing 2.10 today or tomorrow, what is the procedure to install the two old deleted factory Preset groups after extracting (unzipping) the two downloaded zip file from your site?

  12. AlexKneivel and Malhavok, did each of your Helix's arrive with that cap inserted in the Variax jack?


    Oddly, a reply from Jim Roseberry on the TGP Forums, stated: "{t}hat rubber cap was originally over the XLR mic input."


    Anyone from Line 6 have a definitive answer? Tony, Frank. Andrew, Ben, Eric?

  13. I picked up a brand new HELIX today!


    A small (approx. finger tip sized) black rubber cap was loose inside the HELIX's sealed plastic bag. The cap was hanging on the Variax port's release latch.


    Is this cap for the Variax jack? Or, is it for the recessed Treadle's adjustment screw? It seems to be more suited for the latter, yet it does snugly fit the Variax jack.

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  14. I too avoid FB! As much as possible. FB is way too reminiscent of the old AOL mentality of attempting to keep the mentality of the herd inside their own bubble. Moreover, FB's method exposes users to far too much collateral white noise distractions from FB's universe. The very fact FB requires a login to view is absurd.


    These L6 Forums, L6's site knowledgebase resources, and the Threads on TGP and MLP are far more informative and well categorized. The best of the best can often be a well compiled and thriving Wiki-like site like the HelixHelp site or the Line6 Wikia site (if it were updated).

  15. Is there a new rev E version of the HELIX User Manual pdf? I found only 2.0's rev D on the HELIX Manuals dowload page. 


    I'm picking up a brand new HELIX today, and would like to have the latest docs. I've already read the 2.10 stickys and the Release Notes.

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