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  1. Seems that what you propose should work. Give it a try.

    You may need to adjust the level inputs to accommodate your Mic and Violin signal levels. 

    Are you also planning to connect a Guitar. 

    BTW, I do not have the XL. I have the HX Stomp.


    Post back your findings to share what works for you with others whom may be following this thread. 

  2. The only way to isolate the problem is begin with a very simple signal chain. Start with the Stomp and Pwr Supply. One by one add additional items. It will take some time and a bit of attention, but you will discover the problematic gear. Even a faulty cable or plug can be a culprit.


    Please post your findings to share with others whom may be following this thread. 

  3. @arte7590 There is nothing I have know of that would indicate that your unit is too old.


    My guess is that your scenario is a software conflict. My suggestion is that you entirely uninstall all Helix related software from your Mac, and perform a Hardware Factory Reset on your Helix. Then begin from scratch. 


    If you have not already tried doing so, perform a Factory Reset on your Helix Unit. Do this directly on the unit -- without it connected to your computer. The Factory Reset power up button sequence steps may be found on HelixHelp.com.


    Presuming you are able to accomplish the Factory Reset of your unit, then, uninstall all of the Helix Software from your computer.


    Once you are sure that all the Helix related software has been removed from your computer. Redownload clean copies of the software, beginning with the currently available latest version of HX Edit 3.01. Follow the installation instructions. This will install the latest versions of all the necessary and appropriate software and drivers to your computer. 


    Should the above not succeed, file a Support Ticket with Line 6 for their assistance to get you back up and running.


    Do post back with your results to help others whom may be following this thread. 

  4. I've got the Fender Mustang IV v2 and Fender Mustang III v2, which I kept even after I got a Helix Floor several years ago. I do not think that your Fender Mustang I V2 has a line in. Nonetheless, as it is a v2, it may have the Studio Preamp Preset. If it does, that Preset bypasses all the DSP (tone stack and speaker cab emulation) in the Mustang amp. It has been years since I looked at the feature set of the Mustang 1 v2 amp, so if that Studio Preamp Preset is not available, then there may be no way to disable the amp modeling and speaker cab modeling in your Mustang. Thus, if you were to use any Helix Presets containing amp blocks or cab blocks, those would be routed into the front end of your Mustang 1 and the Mustang would then layer it's selected Preset's amp and cab modeling too. The result may not be what you want. On the other hand, if it sounds good then go with it.


    Typically, when I run my Helix with either of my Mustang Amps (which I do not often do anymore, as I far more frequently use FRFR PA Speakers or Studio Monitors) I disable the Mustang's DSP and Spkr cab modeling, either, by using the Studio Cab Preset (mentioned above), or, simply by routing Helix's output to the Mustang's Line In or Aux In jacks. In the latter case, the Aux In jack automatically bypasses the Mustang's entire DSP modeling. But, again, I do not recollect if the Mustang I v2 offers an Aux In jack. If it does, simply use a 1/4" TRS from Helix's Headphone Output to a 1/8" TRS to the Mustang's Aux In, or, a 1/4" TS L and 1/4" TS R from Helix's L&R outputs to a 1/8" TRS to Mustang's Aux In. All of these cables are inexpensive and readily available, for instance, via Amazon. 


    Overall, the Helix gear is phenomenal! I concur that it will blow away any of the modeling the Fender Mustang's offer. However, I kept mine to use as powered cabs and they do serve that purpose, as well as being backups should the Helix gear fail.


    Hope this all helps in your considering your options.  

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  5. As you may already know, Helix units are capable of easily interfacing with HX Edit (running on a PC or Mac) to edit, backup and restore Presets. This may present a complication for your facility's managing the units, or a desirable marketing feature for those clients that may already be familiar with and have their own custom edited Helix Patches and Favorites. As powerful and capable as the Helix units are, they are no where as intuitively obvious to use as dedicated amps and most FX Units. The deeper features of Cab and Mic configurations, as compared to preamp or Amp model Block Selections can be a mass of confusion for those not otherwise familiar with Helix gear. For those who are, having an entire warehouse of musical gear self contained in the Helix gear is outstanding.


    Also, to consider is what your facility will be offering, if anything, for your Clients to monitor the Helix gear through? Will this be left entirely to Clients to bring? Or, will your facility offer Guitar Cabs, Line 6 Power Cabs, FRFR PA units, Floor Monitors?  

  6. The HX Stomp is awesome! Also know that Line 6 just released the HX Stomp XL, which is slightly larger and has a few more touch capacitive footswitches. The DSP engine is identical. The HX Stomp XL should be a consideration, regardless of what you will be using to listen to the audio signal. What will you be using to listen to the output?

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  7. Notwithstanding the Helix Owner discount, software licenses are typically transferrable.


    You would need to check Two (2) things. First, that there is nothing in Line 6's Helix Native Software End User License Agreement prohibiting transferability. Second, that if the original owner did use the Helix Native discount that the original owner no longer cares to use Helix Native and freely grants you the full transfer of the Helix Native license he originally purchased.

  8. The Helix has no problem powering headphones.


    The open back 300 Ohm HD600 are awesome! I use them interchangeably with a closed back pair of 250 Ohm BD DT770 Pro.


    Drop also sells their Sennheiser OEM special built version of the HD6xx which are purported to be sonically identical to the HD600. 


    Between the HD650 vs the HD600 (or HD6XX) I prefer the more neutral sound of the HD600. YMMV.


    Overall, it all comes down to what you prefer and the type of material you like.

  9. Agree with all the above. A good set of self powered near field studio monitors is a great way to go. Also, should your Helix Floor be finding its way into your other rooms or practice sessions away from your PC, the HX Stomp is an excellent stand in AI for to your PC.

  10. @A6wbu, you're best bet may be simply to buy the Stomp and check it out on your own terms. If you are dissatisfied, most vendors have a very reasonable return policy. That being said, from what I gather from your post, my guess is that you're likely to love using the Stomp. Also know that HX Edit is free and allows you to use your computer to interface and control almost everything on the Stomp. Additionally, owning the Stomp will entitle you to a discount on Helix Native plugin for use with your DAW or VST Host. Moreover, when it goes on sale, as it does several times a year, it's 30% off, and costs only about $69 USD!! And, if you care to do so, you can download and try Helix Native as a free trial for 2 weeks. Although your post did not directly concern using Helix Native, it works great with the Stomp acting as the Audio Interface to your computer. YMMV. 

  11. To help isolate the cause of the problem you may want to try another known good cable. Although it may not be likely, both of the two cables you mentioned you have tried might be suffering from the same (or similar) problems introducing noise.

  12. Not sure what might be causing what you are experiencing. Try connecting your HX Stomp to your computer to take a look at the settings in the current version of HX Edit. HX Edit also allows you to do an easy reset to factory settings should you need to do so to get back to square one. 

  13. On 12/29/2020 at 5:36 AM, amsdenj said:

    USB cables can create ground loops just like audio cables. 

    Ground loops don't care how they're conducted!!!! So long as there is a path to ground or a different potential to ground, there can be noises. 

  14. 6 hours ago, rosskoss said:


    c) Dynamic Sag Option - I wish there was an option for the sag levels to go up a little automatically when the master volume is cranked higher (or maybe that's already taken care of in the amp modeling?)

    You could use Snapshots to control changes to these parameter as you wish so that they adjust in unison as you change Snapshots. You could also use Controller Assignments for each of these parameters, assigning them to the same Expression Pedal controller assignment such that each parameter would be controlled by your Expression Pedal adjustment. And, you could assign each a Min and Max value as you wish. 

  15. As Snapshots (within each of your custom Presets) support dozens of parameter configurations as well as Bypass state of the Blocks in your Presets, you are likely to be able to do what you need. Post back so others can share in what you find works!

  16. @themetallikid, As a Helix owner, when Helix Native goes on 30% Discount Sale -- which it does several times a year --  you can get Helix Native for $69!!


    The HX Stomp is a really great piece of gear! Not only is it compact, as rd2rk replied, it's great and easy to use on the desktop. Moreover, it provides a Helix grade AI! So consider allocating the approx $100 you'd spend on a Focusrite Solo (or other AI) towards an HX Stomp. And, the $30 savings on Helix Native, would offset, a bit, the cost for an HX Stomp. And, HX Stomp's headphone out easily drives BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm headsets to DSP levels far higher than my Dell XPS 15 Laptop. ;) YMMV. 

  17. Sounds like the Helix Floor would solve all your issues and provide lots of additional flexibility, including double the DSP of your HX Stomp, ample I/O configurations, Scribble Strips, and an Expression pedal just to name a few.... Go for it! You may also find that the buy a Helix Floor and get the free Helix Backpack deal (while supplies last) may still be ongoing. Check with your dealer or Sweetwater, etc. Should the Helix Floor not suit you, most of the dealers accept returns. 

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