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  1. Hey specracer,   Came across a thread on your neck replacements for a 69.  Have you gotten that second Warmoth neck with the wizard profile yet?  Wondering how those are performing.  I’ve just gotten a 69 SSH and would love to swap necks. 

    1. specracer986


      I got it. It was my second Variax / Warmouth neck project. The first was a mahogany neck, with bubinga fret board. That is one special guitar. I can't believe how warm the tone of that one is. Unfortunately, the second one with the wizard profile was maple neck and maple fret board with a 24.75" scale length. I liked the wizard profile, but the tone was very bright and I was constantly fighting that in my Helix patches. I couldn't use the same patch for both guitars, they sounded that different. Plus, I decided the 24.75" scale length wasn't really working on a Strat style guitar. So I reluctantly sold that guitar. It looked great. I wish it sounded better. Here's a photo of the two of them together. The Sunburst Variax is my #1 guitar, and I have some pretty nice guitars that sit in their cases because of this one. Good luck with your transplant. I probably wouldn't be playing a Variax if not for the Warmouth neck.



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