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  1. I'm glad that your amp is back and sounds good. But a year to get repaired at a L6 service center is not an encouraging story. I just bought a DT50 a couple of days ago. I've had to reinstall the firmware twice already. I really want to keep this amp as it sounds pretty good. But it's scaring me a bit and knowing that I can't get it serviced in a timely manner makes it worse. I'm planning on making this amp part of my band rig with my Helix floor. I hope I'm not making a huge mistake.

  2. When I had the two JTV's at the same time, I was using my first FRFR with my Helix, a DXR12. This was before high and low cuts became common knowledge, and I was fighting high end sizzle and artifacts. The maple neck JTV seemed to exacerbate the problem more than the mahogany neck JTV did. It wasn't a huge difference, but every time I would A/B them back to back with the same patch and settings, the maple neck would seem a little brighter. This was always using the same strings and a Variax sim, not the mag pickups. The only other difference between the two guitars was the maple neck was a short Gibson 24 3/4" scale length. I don't know if the scale length had any effect on the tone. Anyway, I sold the maple neck JTV and kept the mahogany neck sunburst.  That neck is a standard thin profile and still feels really good in my hand. Plus I like the bubinga fretboard.  Before you change necks, you should experiment with strings, because they do make a difference, especially if you changed brands as well as gauge. I remember that the stock neck had very nice acoustic tone and good sustain. It was just a little too bulky for me. Good luck.

  3. On 9/18/2020 at 12:39 PM, guitarno said:

    I know this is an old post, but I recently picked up a JTV-69 myself. The neck isn't horrible but ideally I would like it more with a few changes and am thinking of swapping it out. Warmoth seems like the ideal place to get exactly what you want. I am still trying to decide on some options. I am curious how the neck with the short scale worked out for you. I'm not sure I will do that but I am considering it. Also, the Earvana nut. I put one of those on a previous guitar and I thought it did improve tuning on chords in the open position. Some people say it doesn't really do anything but I could hear a difference. How does that work for you with using the vibrato bar? any different that a standard nut in that regard?




    I had three JTV's at the same time. I only kept the JTV69 with the mahogany / bubinga neck. I sold the JTV69S with the short scale, maple neck. I decided the short scale wasn't doing anything for me. There was a noticeable difference in tone between the maple and mahogany neck, and I decided I liked the mahogany better. The earvana nut is something that doesn't make a huge difference, but every bit helps. So when ever I have the opportunity, I choose to use one. Both guitars that I now have with them are very stable. They both have a trem which I use a lot, but they hold their tune very well. My only negative on the Warmoth necks is I would never order a "Modern" again. I had the Gotoh side adjuster crack on one, which left me having to remove the neck to make truss rod adjustments. Not exactly modern. If I order another Warmoth neck it will be a "Vintage / Modern". Here's a photo of my two JTV 69's, while I had them.



  4. 1 hour ago, rsvette12 said:


    Under all software menu (top in the middle) native is there and then pick your operating system and hit go


    On the left column I was selecting Helix, middle column Helix Native, right column my OS. Only a link to Native 1.0 would come up. Seems a little screwy to me. But, thanks. I think I had the same problem last update. I'll try remember for next time.

  5. You'll never get confirmation of this from anyone. But sooner or later they will either release a new Variax model, or let the whole thing die. I'm guessing this is a good sign that they aren't going to let Variax die. But who knows how long it might be before we actually see a new model and whether it will shake up the segment or just be more of the same old? My JTV69 was my #1 guitar for about two years. It now hasn't been played for about a year. So I'm ripe to see a new model.

  6. You don't have to worry about the hole placement hitting anything. But, I bought two Warmoth necks with the side adjusting Gotoh box and I won't buy another. I managed to crack the one adjusting box, with very little effort, making it useless. So after that I had to remove the neck to make adjustments. The Gotoh box is made of pot metal and not very sturdy, IMO. My next Warmoth neck will have the truss rod adjustment at the headstock. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Tdonn25 said:

    Hello all! I just got the Powercab Plus 212. So far it is Awesome, especially in speaker mode! Im hoping someone can help me here though. My presets I had werent sounding right to me in speaker mode so I basically did them over, now I have them sounding great. However, If I add a Cabinet in the helix chain and go to FRFR mode on the Powercab...they sound really "ratty" and pretty horrible. I was hoping to use the cabinet for live shows in speaker mode like I normally would, but send the DI out to house, but now I am wrried the house signal will sound like crap even though the speakers sound great on stage?! Anyone run into similar problem? Also I was using L6 link and notice a "crackling" noise that bothered me so now Im just using XLR or 1/4". 

    There are a lot of cab options to play with and if you don't like any of the cabs then you can dive into IR's to send to FOH. I don't know why the cabs sound "ratty" to you. Are you sure you're not sending too strong of a signal to the PC? If the led is constantly flashing red, then you're overdriving the input. I don't get a "crackling" noise with the L6 cable.

  8. On 8/4/2019 at 7:05 AM, amsdenj said:

    If you're doing solo guitar, Variax might not cut it. If you're one of many performers in a 5+ group with a dense sound, Variax will probably sound just fine. Things in between could be good or bad depending on the context and instrument.

    I agree. My Variax acoustic results vary by the song. Sometimes it's passable. Other times I can't get a full mid based sound and it's either too boomy or too shrill. Worth having as an option, but not a great option.

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  9. 20 hours ago, eray said:

    I ordered a JTV69 a couple of months ago on a Line 6 special financing offer. All JTV models were out of stock at the time and my order was put in the backorder queue. Later I found out that the supplier hadn't had this model since Nov. 2018. My backordered guitar is not supposed to arrive until sometime in October, 2019. I understand they had to switch from rosewood fingerboards to ebony; maybe that's the delay. I would think that most of the next shipment of this model and the Les Paul model will be sold out. I wish Line 6 would let the world know what the status of these guitars is and is going to be in the future, and the reason for such a long delay.

    Interesting. I really thought they were done producing the JTV's. If you actually get the guitar, let us know. Having an ebony FB will make it pretty unique.

  10. Any Strat replacement neck will fit a JTV69. So regardless of whether Warmoth has a "deal" with Line 6 or not, you can buy one of their Strat necks and put it on a JTV69. Just don't have them drill the mounting holes because the spacing is a little different. They charge you $15 for not drilling the holes. If the link works, here's a photo of my Warmoth replacement neck on my JTV69. It's mahogany with Bubinga FB, SS frets, Earvana nut. 


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  11. When I started this thread my Helix was always connected to my computer via USB for patch tweaking, and to my DXR12 for monitoring. I have no idea if that affected the problem or not. I haven't used the XLR out in a long time. I did have a noise problem with the USB connected, that using XLR out fixed. My current situation has me back to a combo amp. So my Helix rig only gets sporadic use. 

  12. I don't have a definitive answer for you. I bought a PC+ and connect to that with the L6 cable and then out of the PC+ to FOH. I never chased down the cause of the problem that I started this thread about and never contacted Line 6 about it. It was only happening with XLR out and it was not a constant occurrence. Since there were ways to work around it, I just let it go. I'm not currently gigging the Helix rig, so ignorance is bliss here.

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