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  1. I have a '69 JTV. The stock neck was kind of chunky for me and the frets a little tall. I put a Warmouth Strat replacement neck on it and it's now a player, and my main guitar to use with my Helix. I ordered the Standard Thin profile, 6150 SS frets. I had no holes drilled, because my understanding was that two of the predrilled holes would have been off. So I had the luthier that did the install drill the holes.

    Here's a pic of the new neck. It's mahogany, with a Bubinga fretboard, compound radius, Earvana compensated nut. I had a Variax decal made because I don't like plain headstocks.


  2. I'm very happy with my 59. I've always played in groups/bands playing a really wide variety of material. The sort of thing where you need to swap guitars mid song rather than mid set! My Dream Rig allows me to do this with the press of a footswitch. It also allows me to change turnings or use a virtual capo without that embarrassing 'retuning gap'.



    Ok, it's not the most engaging guitar to play and you can argue till the cows come home that it 'doesn't sound like (insert guitar name here)' but I'm usually playing to a happy group of dancing punters, not to a bunch of beard stroking musos who are analysing my sound. In this domain having the ability to switch from a (very passable) acoustic sound to jangly tele to gutsy overdriven humbuckers as described means my '79 Strat and '00 Taylor invariably get left at home...

    Good point on the sounds. I think the average person couldn't tell the difference between certain model guitars. Let alone name each type that the Variax plays.

  3. So being new to the forum and buying my 69S about a month ago, I was curious why everyone bought a JTV. I'll tell you my reason.

    About 4 years ago I started playing guitar and I was lefty. I was single and I had bought a Telecaster, American Stratocaster, a acoustic and a Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Well during that time I also got engaged and move in with my future wife. I wasn't really playing anymore and we needed the money so I sold all my guitars.

    Since that time I always had that urge to start playing again. Three months ago I was able to talk my wife into getting me a 100 dollar no name Strat. Since I was starting over I decided to start playing right handed. The guitar wasn't horrible to play, but it had its issues.

    So I started looking at guitars and found the 69S. I was able to talk my wife into purchasing it by telling her that I would have all these guitars on one guitar. She was worried that since I started playing again I would "go crazy" and start buying a bunch of guitars again. So that is my reason with going with this guitar and I've really enjoyed it so far.

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