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  1. The Bad News: We more than likely won't be hitting the February cutoff for Helix FW 2.20. In creating Variax Workbench support and MIDI Clock, we realized there were fundamental code changes required to make future development of the platform faster, easier, and more stable.


    The Good News: 2.20 will now include three additional models we didn't announce at NAMM:

    • Dynamics > 3-Band Comp (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original multiband compressor
    • Modulation > PlastiChorus (Mono, Stereo), based on* the modded Arion SCH-Z chorus
    • Pitch/Synth > 3 Note Generator (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original—similar to 2.20's 4 OSC Generator, except you can select pitches via note instead of Hz (and even glide between two notes over time)

    For those keeping score, 2.20 will now include 6 new amps, 7 new Hybrid cabs, and 9 new effects. Ben and Sam have already begun creating models for 2.30.


    There's no official timeline for release but unless something totally blows up, March for sure.

    As long as the updates are free take your time! I'll take a quality update over a rushed one any day!

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  2. Sometime ago I watched a video on Periphery's live set rig and I learned that they used a DAW to send MIDI signals to their Axe-Fx to switch patches during their performance. I was curious if the Helix is capable of this and if there is a good tutorial to set it up. 

  3. Hi VIIyears,

    The one thing I don't understand is why you have Helix going into an interface and then into the Mac. Helix is an 8 channel USB audio interface. Your set up is just adding an extra layer of unneeded signal processing. Keep everything as clean as possible, then you have the option to re-amp with lots of different settings, amps, cabs, fx whatever. You still have your untouched original version that you can come back to anytime.

    Experiment - enjoy!

    Thanks for the tip man I'll do that from now on!


    Also here are some visuals for everyone to see how much I'm Compressing and EQ'ing in the Helix - http://imgur.com/a/f2jaS

  4. So the way I've been recording is I use the Helix into an interface which then goes into my Mac. On the Helix I have the guitar patch EQ'd and Compressed. I was wondering if I would get better mixing results by bypassing the EQ and Compression on the guitar patch for when I record, and then do the EQ'ing and Compression on my DAW. 

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